Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

ISSN: 1736-4337

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Volume 14, Issue 3 (2020)

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 6

    On the Existence of a Riemannian Manifolds at a Given Connection

    Manelo Anona* and Ratovoarimanana Hasina

    We give necessary and sufficient conditions for a linear connection without torsion to come from a Riemannian metric. The nullity space and the image space of the curvature are involved in the formulation of the results.

    Mathematics Subject Classification (2010) 53XX, 53C08, 53B05.

    Research Pages: 1 - 3

    Maximal Order of NG-Transformation Group

    Faraj A. Abdunbai

    In this paper, we consider the problem that the maximal order considers the groups that consist of transformations we called NG-Transformation on a nonempty set
    A has no bijection as its element. We found that the order of these groups is not greater than (n-1)!. In addition, we will prove our result by showing that any kind of
    NG-group in the theorem be isomorphic to a permutation group on a quotient set of A with respect to an equivalence relation on A.

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 9

    Spruce Budworm Model With and Without Delay

    Dipak Maji*

    Mathematical modeling is the art of translating problems from an application area into tractable mathematical formulations whose theoretical and numerical analysis provides insight, answers, and guidance useful for the originating application.

    Mathematical modeling:

    • is indispensable in many applications

    • gives direction for the problem solutions

    • prepares the way for better designing or control system

    Learning about mathematical modeling is an important step for a theoretical mathematical training to an application oriented mathematical expertise, and makes the student fit for mustering the challenges of our modern technological culture. One of the most important mathematical model is Spruce Budworm model for researchers as well as for students. Understanding the dynamic of spruce budworm is very important for the protection of spruce and fir trees of Canada and Northern Minnesota (also in recent time Indian Himalayan range forest). This model was designed to identify the (a) critical factors that affect the Budworm population dynamics (b) to evaluate the effect of budworm population on the growth and yield of wood industry and also the present loss claimed by irruptions done by Budworm (c) to formulate mathematical model and to find out the steady state and the existence of the steady state and steady state analysis. The bifurcation analysis and the hysteresis effect of the model has been discussed. Analysis of the equilibrium stability and examination of amplitudes and periodic oscillations are conducted, and the effect of Budworm control, immature population control and predation by the birds are assessed.

    Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

    Acknowledgement to Reviewers

    Lyla Bones

    On behalf of the editors of the Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the reviewers for assessing manuscripts. The editors greatly appreciate the contribution of reviewers who have dedicated their valuable time and efforts in reviewing the assigned manuscripts, which is crucial to the journal’s editorial decisionmaking process. The Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications follows a double-blind peer-review process, where the identities of both the
    authors and reviews are not disclosed, to avoid any biases. Committing to review is a diligent task, requiring not only careful reading, analysis, and commentary but also a willingness to continue with a manuscript through multiple revisions. The Journal has taken several steps to thank and acknowledge the reviewers. The Journal has an Editorial submission system that generates a unique id and password for their reviewers, who accept the reviewer invitation. By creating an account on the Editorial submission system, reviewers can submit their comments either on the journal’s email id or directly on the submission system. Also, they can access details of their past reviews and can download a letter of acknowledgment for their records. On successfully completing the reviewing of 5 manuscripts, by each reviewer, submitted to the Journal the reviewers are entitled to get an official reviewer certificate from the Editorial team. Feedback from reviewers shows that most see their task as voluntary and mostly unseen work in service to the scientific community.

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