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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Frequently Asked Questions

 What is the different file types which I need to submit for publication of my manuscript?

Editable word file with A4 size page dimension and double spacing is the most common form of submitting the full text. Figures can be separately submitted as image files with good resolution. You may go to manuscript submission guidelines for detailed layout and checklist prior to submission.

Is there any specification for graphical content of my manuscript?

The minimum resolution of the image files should be 300 pixels per inch. Artwork should open with Microsoft word file.

How do I know that my article has been accepted and what are the subsequent steps?

The journal’s managing editorial team would contact you upon the acceptance of your article for publication. Standard copyediting and style sheet would be implemented along with assignment of the doi. The author proof in the pdf format would be sent to the corresponding author for verification. Authors are requested to pay one-time article processing charge prior to inclusion of the article in an issue and subsequent indexation and archiving.

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How to obtain reprints for the published article?

The corresponding author of the article, after making a requisition, will receive an electronic pdf version of the article. These e-prints can be used for personal archiving in scientific community, sharing, distribution and printing.

What are the different modes of payment of article processing charge?

Payment can be made over a credit card. Privacy policy applies to payment transaction. There are other modes of financial transaction which varies with the journal team, the information on which can be obtained from the handling assistant managing editor.

What is the average time for publication of an article?

The acknowledgement and manuscript ID will be received by the corresponding author within 3 working days. A window period of 21 days is allotted for the peer-review process. Once the manuscript has been accepted, copyediting and author proof generation takes place within 7 working days.  Therefore the time taken from the initial submission to publication and hosting on website would be approximately one month.

Will the publisher help me in marketing by publication?

Post-production services such as indexation, abstracting and archiving services are mediated by the publisher. In addition to this we also promote the articles on social media and search engines for gaining greater visibility.

How do I know which journal is suitable for my manuscript?

The authors are encouraged to refer to the subject guide for finalizing their journal of interest. Alternately the tile and abstract of the manuscript can be forwarded to us and we will be glad to help you in ascertaining the most suitable journal for you.

What is the procedure to obtain permission for the reuse of the published content?

The first author of the published article holds the copyright of the content. Since the articles are published under gold open access mode, the reuse of the content depends on the user license. The original contributor needs to be properly acknowledged by citing the article or hyperlinking. The content cannot be used for commercial purpose.

What high resolution images mean?

For the purpose of publication, the images need to be of good clarity even after conversion from word to pdf file. For this the resolution of the image needs to be high, atleast 300 pixels per inch. These are termed as high resolution images which are suitable for reusing in printed form.

Whether any taxes are applicable for financial transactions?

Generally value added tax (VAT) is applicable for all the payments made by the author. Your will receive e-mail confirmation of the details. Value Added Tax (VAT) refers to a tax imposed on the consumption of goods and services. 

Will the publisher assist me in finding co-guest editor?

Once the theme of the special issue and the special issue proposal is approved by the editor in chief, the publishing provides the required assistance for finding the co-editor and compilation of the special issue including the peer-review process.


Will I get assistance in calling for papers?

The editorial team of the journal will provide the templates for structuring the call for papers. Your will be assisted in soliciting the articles for the compilation of the special issues.

Can I claim discounts on payment?

We offer discounts and waivers in certain cases. The article processing charge can be waived completely if the article meets the eligibility criteria. Similarly discounts are also applicable depending upon the article editing involved, the length and type of the article and the potential impact of the research work and its relevance to the journal.

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