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  • The online access and usage of the Hilaris website is guided by definite terms and conditions. The users of the website comply with the terms and conditions of this website. Registration with the Hilaris publishers is complete only when the applicable terms and conditions are accepted.
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  • The services offered can be used for personal, non-commercial and scientific purposes only.
  • Reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling software in the webpage content, or extracting the source code is prohibited.
  • Automated softwares, devices or similar manual approaches should not be employed  for deriving the data, navigation through the website, search or linking to the content of the website.
  • Extraction of personal information or attempts to gain unauthorized access to the publisher domains and serves is prohibited.
  • The website content should not be translated any other language or reproduced or utilized by any means without written consent from the publisher.
  • The conditions of creative commons license are applicable.
  • Hilaris respects the right to privacy for the authors, reviewers and editors. We have a privacy policy in place that details the information secured from the website users. The collection of information is voluntary and includes user name, address, organization, contact details as well as publication profile.
  • For the purpose of internal administration, improvement of web site mapping, content and designing of the services, the navigation history through our websites and the source links are stored. Statistics of user logins, views, downloads and clicks are recorded for promotional and marketing purpose.
  • We do not carry forward or share the user information to third party.
  •  Hilaris publishers use cookies to identify the visitors. If the users reject the cookies, they may not be able to browse all the content.
  • Article processing charges are collected through the digital payment mode. The customer details are not stored or copied to our web servers and such data is not used for promotional activities.
  • Though the web site is designed to be accessible continuously, due to technical snag or for general maintenance, the web site may be unavailable for certain period of time for which the publisher is not responsible.
  • The interpretations, opinions, and the research data published in the Hilaris website belong to the authors and cannot be attributed to the publisher or the editor.
  • Hilaris does not endorse the advertisements for products or services taking place through the Hilaris website. The publisher does not claim responsibility for the consequences arising out of the information referred to in the issues and advertisements.
  • The drug usage and dose has to be verified by the reader for any changes in the indication, warnings and precautions.
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