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Cayley-Dickson algebras and loops

Lie-admissible coalgebras

On compact realifications of exceptional simple Kantor triple systems

Deformations of ternary algebras

Invitation to operadic dynamics

Dilatation structures I. Fundamentals

On irreducible weight representations of a new deformation Uq(sl2) of U(sl2)

An operadic approach to deformation quantization of compatible Poisson brackets, I

A canonical semi-classical star product

Non-associative slave-boson decomposition

On the occasion of his 85th birthday

Cohomology of the adjoint of Hopf algebras

Quantizations and classical non-commutative non-associative algebras

Moufang loops and generalized Lie-Cartan theorem1

Hom-algebra structures

Classical elliptic current algebras. I

Classical elliptic current algebras. II

Enveloping algebras of Hom-Lie algebras

Algebra, Geometry, and Mathematical Physics

Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

Connection on module over a graded q-differential algebra 1

The purpose of this note is to show that many of the examples of quantum vertex operators do not satisfy vertex operator associativity.

Gauge dependence in the nonlinearly realized massive SU(2) gauge theory 1

An algebraic approach to the center problem for ODEs 1

Ideals of the enveloping algebra U(osp(1, 2)) 1

A multiplicative product of distributions and a global formulation of the confined Schr ̈odinger equation 1

From the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation halfway to Ward’s chiral model 1

Hopf algebras, random walks and quantum master equations 1

An example of noncommutative deformations 1

A characterization of a class of 2-groups by their defining relations 1

Reflection equation algebra in braided geometry 1

Hypersurfaces of paraquaternionic space forms 1

Simplicial Hochschild cochains as an Amitsur complex 1

On triple systems and extended Dynkin diagrams of Lie superalgebras 1

Models solvable by Bethe Ansatz 1

Quasi-Lie deformations on the algebra F[t]/(tN) 1

A class of unitary irreducible representations of the Lie superalgebra osp(1|2n) 1

Weak topological functors 1

On a correspondence between ideals and commutativity in algebraic crossed products 1

Note on 2d binary operadic harmonic oscillator 1

A generalization of the Kantor-Koecher-Tits construction 1

A Horn type spectral problem 1

Local envelopes on CR manifolds 1

A non-abeliann nonlinear Schr ̈odinger equation and countable superposition of solitons 1

A standard example in noncommutative deformation theory 1

On constructing Hermitian unitary matrices with prescribed moduli 1

Generalized fuzzy Lie subalgebras

Observables and unobservables in a non-associative quantum theory

A Peirce decomposition for (-1,-1)-Freudenthal-Kantor triple systems

Commutativity and ideals in algebraic crossed products

First-order differential calculi over multi-braided quantum groups

Hidden structures in quantum mechanics

Time transformation and reversibility of Nambu–Poisson systems

Operadic representations of harmonic oscillator in some 3d algebras

On moduli spaces of 3d Lie algebras

Algebras with ternary law of composition and their realization by cubic matrices

Deforming K(1) superalgebra modules of symbols

Color Lie algebras and Lie algebras of order F

Cohomology and duality for coalgebras over a quadratic operad

Notes on cohomologies of ternary algebras of associative type

A special form of Rund's h-curvature tensor using R3-like Finsler space

Log-concavity of the cohomology of nilpotent Lie algebras in characteristic two

On anti-structurable algebras and extended Dynkin diagrams

Bruck decomposition for endomorphisms of quasigroups

On the structure of left and right F-, SM-, and E-quasigroups

Symmetric bundles and representations of Lie triple systems

Unital algebras of Hom-associative type and surjective or injective twistings

Arithmetic Witt-hom-Lie algebras

A connection whose curvature is the Lie bracket

On algebraic curves for commuting elements in q-Heisenberg algebras

Matrix Bosonic realizations of a Lie colour algebra with three generators and ve relations of Heisenberg Lie type

Quantization of the q-analog Virasoro-like algebras

Poisson structures on C[X1, . . . , Xn] associated with rigid Lie algebras

(α, β)-fuzzy Lie algebras over an (α, β)-fuzzy field

On the product of conjugacy classes in unitary group and singular connections

On jets, extensions and characteristic classes I

A formula for the number of Gelfand-Zetlin patterns

Polynomial k-ary operations, matrices, and k-mappings

Canonical endomorphism eld on a Lie algebra

Cheban loops

Classi cations of some classes of Zinbiel algebras

Double cross biproduct and bi-cycle bicrossproduct Lie bialgebras

(α, β)-fuzzy Lie algebras over an (α, β)-fuzzy field

Stability of the Generalized Polar Decomposition Method for the Approximation of the Matrix Exponential

Algebraic Structures Derived from Foams

An Approach to Omni-Lie Algebroids Using Quasi-Derivations

Some Properties of Intuitionistic Fuzzy Lie Algebras over a Fuzzy Field

On Graded Global Dimension of Color Hopf Algebras

Deformations of Complex 3-Dimensional Associative Algebras

Meanders and Frobenius Seaweed Lie Algebras

Phase Spaces and Deformation Theory

Cohomology and Formal Deformations of Alternative Algebras

Dynamical Yang-Baxter Maps Associated with Homogeneous Pre-Systems

Geometry of Noncommutative k-Algebras

Generalized Matric Massey Products for Graded Modules

The Generalized Burnside Theorem in Noncommutative Deformation Theory

Preface to the Special Issue on Deformation Theory and Applications

Contractions of 3-Dimensional Representations of the Lie Algebra sl(2)

Automorphism Groups of Cayley-Dickson Loops

Contractions of 3-Dimensional Representations of the Lie Algebra sl(2)

Solvable and Nilpotent Radicals of the Fuzzy Lie Algebras

Quantizations of Group Actions

On Derivations of Some Classes of Leibniz Algebras

Infinitesimal Deformations of the Model Z3-Filiform Lie Algebra

Generalized Lie Algebroids and Connections over Pair of Diffeomorphic Base Manifolds

Examples of Freudenthal-Kantor Triple Systems

Representations of Six-dimensional Mubarakazyanov Lie algebras

Constructive Approach to Three Dimensional Sklyanin Algebras

Modules Over Color Hom-Poisson Algebras

The Normal Ordering Procedure and Coherent State of the Q-Deformed Generalized Heisenberg Algebra

The m-Derivations of Distribution LieAlgebras

Four-Dimensional Nilpotent Diassociative Algebras

A-Algebras Derived from Associative Algebras with a Non-Derivation Differential

Helgason-Schiman Formula for Semisimple Lie Groups of Arbitrary Rank

Traffic Network and Optimization a Future Subscriber's Mobile Telecom Operator in Train

Noncommutative Geometry and Dynamical Models on U(u(2)) Background

On The Stability of Conditional Homomorphisms in Lie C*-algebras

Non-Commutative Ternary Nambu-Poisson Algebras and Ternary Hom-Nambu-Poisson Algebras

Complete Left-Invariant Affine Structures on Solvable Non-Unimodular Three-Dimensional Lie Groups

Locally Compact Homogeneous Spaces with Inner Metric

A Survey of My Recent Research

On Remarkable Relations and the Passage to the Limit in the Theory of Infinite Systems

Euler-Poincare Formalism of Peakon Equations with Cubic Nonlinearity

Some Generalized Hom-Algebra Structures

Meander Graphs and Frobenius Seaweed Lie Algebras II

Higher Bruhat and Tamari Orders and their Realizations

Verification of Some Properties of the C-nilpotent Multiplier in Lie Algebras

Eggert's Conjecture for 2-Generated Nilpotent Algebras

Kazhdan Lusztig Cells in Infinite Coxeter Groups

Jordan delta-Derivations of Associative Algebras

A Multivariate Weight Enumerator for Tail-biting Trellis Pseudocodewords

Hardy Spaces on Compact Riemann Surfaces with Boundary

N-Complex, Graded q-Differential Algebra and N-Connection on Modules

Orthogonal Matrix Invariants

Kaplansky's Type Constructions for Weak Bialgebras and Weak Hopf Algebras

On the Representation Spaces of the Jordanian Plane

Existence Theorems in Linear Chaos

Matrix Lie Groups: An Introduction

Algebra, Hyperalgebra and Lie-Santilli Theory

Lie Group Method for Studying the Heat Generation Effect on Freeconvection Laminar Boundary-layer Flow Over a Vertical Flat Plate

Loops in Noncompact Groups of Hermitian Symmetric Type and Factorization

Generalizing Two Structure Theorems of Lie Algebras to the Fuzzy Lie Algebras

A Class of Nonassociative Algebras Including Flexible and Alternative Algebras, Operads and Deformations

Lie Group Analysis for Solving the Problem of Diffusion of Drugs across a Biological Membrane

A Prime Radical of Weakly Artinian Ω-Groups with Finite Condition is Locally Nilpotent

Some Aspects of Semi-Abelian Homology and Protoadditive Functors

A Meeting of Great Minds, Sophus Lie and John Nash throughout their Works

Chief Factors of Lie Algebras

Jet Bundles on Projective Space II

The m-Derivations of Analytic Vector Fields Lie Algebras

The Generalization of the Stallings Theorem

Self-adjointness, Group Classification and Conservation Laws of an Extended Camassa-Holm Equation

On Representations of Bol Algebras

A Lie Algebraic and Numerical Investigation of the Black-Scholes Equation with Heston Volatility Model

Mathematical Aspects of Sikidy

Real Multiplication Revisited

Trying to Explicit Proofs of Some Veys Theorems in Linear Connections

Heat Conduction: Hyperbolic Self-similar Shock-waves in Solid Medium

The ABCs of the Mathematical Infinitology. Principles of the Modern Theory and Practice of Scientific-and-Mathematical Infinitology

Properties of Nilpotent Orbit Complexification

Lie Group Methods for Eigenvalue Function

To the Solution for Beal Conjecture

Classification of Canonical Bases for (n-2)-Dimensional Subspaces of n-Dimensional Vector Space

Hilbert-substructure of Real Measurable Spaces on Reductive Groups, I; Basic Theory

Canonical Bases for Subspaces of a Vector Space, and 5-Dimensional Subalgebras of Lie Algebra of Lorentz Group

Centralizers of Commuting Elements in Compact Lie Groups

Classification of Canonical Bases for (n−1)−Dimensional Subspaces of n-Dimensional Vector Space

Structure Theory of Rack-Bialgebras

Structures of Not-finitely Graded Lie Superalgebras

The Hypergeometrical Universe: Cosmogenesis, Cosmology and Standard Model

Reduction over Coset Spaces and Residual Gauge Symmetry

Studies of the Regular and Irregular Isorepresentations of the Lie-Santilli Isotheory

Invariant Tensor Product

Notes on the Chern-Character

Explicit Calculations of Tensor Product Coefficients for E7

On Poincare Polynomials of Hyperbolic Lie Algebras

The Boundary Value Problem for Laplacian on Differential Forms and Conformal Einstein Infinity

Continuous or Discrete

A Original Solution To The 4 Colours Theorem

Generalized Derivations of BiHom-Lie Algebras

Classification of 2-Dimensional Subalgebras and Corresponding Reductive Pairs of Lie Algebra of All Real 2 × 2 Matrices

The Universal Parametric Equation

Generalized Lie Theory and AT Math

Classification of Maximal Subalgebras and Corresponding Reductive Pairs of Lie Algebra of All 2 × 2 Real Matrices

On the Fundamental Theorem in Arithmetic Progression of Primes

Lie Triple Derivations of the Lie Algebra of Strictly Block Upper Triangular Matrices

How to Prove the Riemann Hypothesis

On the Consecutive Integers n+i-1=(i+1) Pi

Fuzzy n-Lie Algebras

On the First aff(1)-Relative Cohomology of the Lie Algebra of Vector Fields and Differential Operators

Orthogonal Left Derivations of Semi-Prime Rings

Analytic Solutions of the Madelung Equation

Solving Differential Equations by New Wavelet Type Transform Method Based on the Wavelets and Symmetry Groups

Soft Control Systems on Lie Groups

Self-Similar Solutions of the G-Equation - Analytic Description of the Flame Surface

Jordan Triple Derivation on Alternative Rings

Prime Distribution in Pythagorean Triples (1)

Polynomials Approximation Method for Solving Parabolic Partial Differential Equations

2-Dimensional Algebras Application to Jordan,G-Associative and Hom-Associative Algebras

Levitation is a Lie or the Truth

Santilli’s Prime Chains: Pj + 1=aPj ± b

Meander Graphs and Frobenius Seaweed Lie Algebras III

Cohomology and Deformations of Courant Pairs

On Contractions of Three-Dimensional Complex Associative Algebras

The Calculation of New Prime Number Theorem Formula

Directed*-topology and Scott*-topology on Transitive Binary Relational Sets

Riesz Triple Almost Lacunary χ3 Sequence Spaces Defined by a Orlicz Function-II

The Novel Lie-Algebraic Approach to Studying Integrable Heavenly Type Multi-Dimensional Dynamical Systems

Lie Group for MHD and Reaction Porosity Effects of Variable Viscosity on Heat Generation and Mass Transfer Fluid

Left Multiplicative Generalized Jordan Derivations of Semiprime Rings

Mathematics in Life

The Automorphism Groups and Derivation Algebras of Two-Dimensional Algebras

On Finite and Infinite Principal Door and Connected-Topologies

Geometric Formula for Prime form on a Sewn Riemann Surface

Symmetries of the Canonical Geodesic Equations of Five-Dimensional Nilpotent Lie Algebras

Generalizations in Improper Integral and Hard Problems Solved using it

Universality of Affine Semigroups on Supercyclicity of the Sequence Operators

On the Eight Dimensional Point Symmetries of Second Order Linear O.D.E's

Editorial Note for Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

Semi-Simplicity of a Lie Algebra of Isometries

Coefficient Bounds of Functions over the Quaternions

The Intersect Point Theorem

Prospects of Chain Rule of Differentiations and Inverse of Multiple Functions

Editorial Note for Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

Role of Mathematical Models in COVID-19 Study

Spruce Budworm Model With and Without Delay

On the Existence of a Riemannian Manifolds at a Given Connection

Maximal Order of NG-Transformation Group

Acknowledgement to Reviewers

Introduction of Combinatorial Geometry

Riemann Hypothesis

Introduction to Number System

Editorial Note for GLTA

Announcement about Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Application (GLTA)

Lie Theory: Historical review

Exterior Algebra: An Introduction

Announcement about Journal

Geometry Topology

Algebra: An Introduction

Notes on Semi-Simplicity of a Lie Algebra of Isometries

An Insight: Spruce budworm outbreak model

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Cordial welcome to participate as Editor for Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

Cordial welcome to participate as Reviewer for Journal Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

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