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In this world of close knit networks where global economies operating on digital platforms, membership or affiliation with a scholarly publishing group offers unique identity, authenticity and assurance to the authors and researchers in of getting their scholarly works published on a reliable publication platform. Hilaris, with its diversified Clinical, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Managerial Science publications, offers unique membership opportunities to the individuals, institutions, societies and corporate entities.

Membership is now available for the scientific societies/corporate companies/universities/institutes/individuals/students. For more details and benefits, click on the links below:

  • Individual membership - for scientists, researchers, educators & industry professionals
  • Institutional membership - for universities, research/educational institutes, societies & associations
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  • Corporate membership - for industries, companies & corporations

Benefits of Availing HILARIS journal Membership

  1. Priority in getting their articles published in any of the HILARIS Journal of their choice.
  2. Availing the opportunity in presenting their studies and seminal research as papers in any of the HILARIS Science Conferences of their choice
  3. Attractive Membership Certificates in recognition of their membership with the publiosehr.
  4. Displaying the organizational logo of the organizations/institutes that avail membership in our journal website as ‘Institutional Partners’.
  5. Institutions/organizations can chose or nominate the authors/scholars of their choice for journal publication or conference participation.
  6. Organizations with 5 years membership can organize workshop in any of our HILARIS International conferences.
  7. Products and services of the organizations that avail 5 years membership will be displayed in our journal website of the member’s choice for 45 days.
  8. Organizations with 5 years membership can organize a small symposium/exhibit a stall with complimentary registration pass for any four HILARIS Conferences/events of the member’s choice.
  9. Registered Organization can avail 15% discount on exhibition stalls at all of our International conferences
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