Journal of Computer Science & Systems Biology

ISSN: 0974-7230

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Volume 13, Issue 7 (2020)

    Research Pages: 1 - 4

    Inhibitory Potential of Phyto-Constituents from Sorghum Stem on Neuro-modulatory Enzymes: A Computational Approach

    Damilola A Omoboyowa, Toheeb A Balogunand, and Oluwatosin A Saibu

    Vertebrate cholinesterases and monoamine oxidase (MOA) play key role in the regulation of the cholinergic system. Inhibitions of these enzymes have emerged as promising target for the management of neurological disorders. In the present study, cholinesterase (acetylcholinesterase (Ache) and butyrylcholinesterase (Bche)) and MOA inhibition potential of secondary metabolites from sorghum stem was elucidated using Glide (Schrodinger maestro 2017-1). The results showed that, the phyto-constituents from sorghum stem binds with higher affinity and lower free energy compared to the standard ligandwith quercetin, kaempferol and catechin having glide score of -11.667, -10.599 and -10.535respectively against Ache. Rutin, quercitrin and chlorogenic acid showed glide score of - 12.643, -10.124 and -9.043 against Bche while epicatech, quercetin and kaempferol showed glide score of -10.424, -9.830 and -9.804 against monoamine oxidase. Quercetin has lower glide score against the three enzymes compared to prostigmine (standard ligand). These secondary metabolites provide evidence as small molecules in management of neurodegenerative disorders.

    Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 2

    Artificial Intelligence Accurately Detects Lung Cancer in Scans

    Chinthala Mounica

    An artificial intelligence program called a neural organization surpasses radiologists' capacity to recognize malignancies; however all the more testing is required prior to utilizing the program clinically.A collaboration between programming engineers and clinical specialists has delivered a man-made reasoning system that utilizations pictures to anticipate with 94 percent precision which individuals will create cellular breakdown in the lungs

    Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 3

    Editorial on Advantages and Applications of Nano-computing

    Chinthala Mounica

    Nano-computing is a term utilized for the portrayal and control of information by PCs more modest than a microcomputer. Current gadgets are as of now using semiconductors with diverts under 100 nanometers long.

    Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 1

    Editorial on "On Going Research Information Technology"

    Chinthala Mounica

    Quicker, more modest, more brilliant and more energy-effective chips for everything from customer gadgets to large information to mind roused figuring could before long be in transit after architects at The University of Texas at Austin made the littlest memory gadget yet. What's more, simultaneously, they sorted out the material science dynamic that opens thick memory stockpiling abilities for these minuscule gadgets.

    Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 1

    Editorial on Learning to 'Internet of Things' Devices

    Chinthala Mounica

    Profound learning is all over. This part of man-made consciousness ministers your online media and serves your Google indexed lists. Before long, profound learning could likewise check your vitals or set your indoor regulator.

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