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Mycophenolate Mofetil Associated Molecular Profiles and Diseases

Circular Code Signal in Frameshift Genes

Molecular Docking Studies of Type III Secretion System Effector Sopb Homolog in Vibrio vulnificus

In Silico Pathway Analysis Predicts Metabolites that are Potential Antimicrobial Targets

Membrane Permeability in Biological Systems: A Systems Biology Perspective

Computational Analysis of SNPs in 10 kb Region of Human Chromosome 1

Symmetry of Metabolic Network

PCR Primer Design: DREB Genes

Quality Weighted Mean and T-test in Microarray Analysis Lead to Improved Accuracy in Gene Expression Measurements and Reduced Type I and II Errors in Differential Expression Detection

Computational Annotation for Hypothetical Proteins of Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Phylogenetic Analyses of the Loops in Elongation Factors EF1A: Stronger Support for the Grouping of Animal and Fungi

Docking Efficiency Comparison of Surflex, a Commercial Package and Arguslab, a Licensable Freeware

Bioinformatics Analysis of Distribution of Microsatellite Markers (SSRs) / Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs) in Expressed Transcripts of Prosopis Juliflora : Frequency and Distribution

The Genetic Equidistance Result of Molecular Evolution is Independent of Mutation Rates

Comparison of the Virulence Factors and Analysis of Hypothetical Sequences of the Strains TIGR4, D39, G54 and R6 of Streptococcus Pneumoniae

Prediction of Three Dimensional Model and Active Site Analysis of Inducible Serine Protease Inhibitor -2 (ISPI -2) in Galleria Mellonella

In Silico Prediction of the Tertiary Structure of M. leprae Hsp65 Protein Shows an Unusual Structure in Carboxy-terminal Region

Management of High-Throughput DNA Sequencing Projects: Alpheus

Modeling the Chain Entropy of Biopolymers: Unifying Two Different Random Walk Models under One Framework

Modeling Host-Cancer Genetic Interactions with Multilocus Sequence Data

A Probabilistic Approach to Study Yeast’s Gene Regulatory Network

Role of the Cation-π Interaction in Therapeutic Proteins: A Comparative Study with Conventional Stabilizing Forces

HLA Class I and II Binding Promiscuity of the T-cell Epitopes in Putative Proteins of Hepatitis B Virus

Exploring Microbial Diversity Using 16S rRNA High-Throughput Methods

Web Based Theoretical Protein pI, MW and 2DE Map

Performance Comparative in Classification Algorithms Using Real Datasets

The Atomic Genetic Code

Vectors and Integration in Gene Therapy: Statistical Considerations

OMICS Techniques and Identification of Pathogen Virulence Genes Application to the Analysis of Respiratory Pathogens

Predicting Type 1 Diabetes Candidate Genes using Human Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Structural Modeling, Evolution and Ligand Interaction of KMP11 Protein of Different Leishmania Strains

Matrix Frequency Analysis of Oryza Sativa (japonica cultivar-group) Complete Genomes

L1 Least Square for Cancer Diagnosis using Gene Expression Data

Does an Improved Understanding of the Nature and Structure of the Physiological Systems Lead to a Better Understanding of the Therapeutic Scope of Complementary & Conventional Medicine?

Mining the Association Rules of Transcription Factor Binding Sites in Human Tandem Repeats Using Aprior Algorithm

Combination of Ant Colony Optimization and Bayesian Classification for Feature Selection in a Bioinformatics Dataset

Analysis of the Sequence of ITS1-5.8S-ITS2 Regions of the Three Species of Fructus Evodiae in Guizhou Province of China and Identification of Main Ingredients of Their Medicinal Chemistry

Damages in Metabolic Pathways: Computational Approaches

Data Mining, a Tool for Systems Biology or a Systems Biology Tool

Data Mining Techniques in High Content Screening: A Survey

MicroRNA Set : A Novel Way to Uncover the Potential Black Box of Chronic Heart Failure in MicroRNA Microarray Analysis

Optimizing Number of Inputs to Classify Breast Cancer Using Artificial Neural Network

Subtractive Genomics Approach for in Silico Identification and Characterization of Novel Drug Targets in Neisseria Meningitides Serogroup B

Homology Modelling of Hypoxanthin–Guanine Phosphoribosyltransferase, Enzyme Involved in Salvage Pathway of Purine Metabolism

Glycomics Data Mining

Investigating Performance of XML Web Services in Real-Time Business Systems

Genetic Networks Described in Stochastic Pi Machine (SPiM) Programming Language: Compositional Design

VMD: Viral Microsatellite Database-A Comprehensive Resource for all Viral Microsatellites

A Theoretical Framework for Photosensitivity: Evidence of Systemic Regulation

Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Non-membrane Proteins have Biased Amino Acid Distribution

New Curriculum Design Model for Bioinformatics Postgraduate program using Systems Biology Approach

Comparative Modeling Study of the 3-D Structure of Small Delta Antigen Protein of Hepatitis Delta Virus

A Novel Algorithm to Design an Efficient siRNA by Combining the Pre Proposed Rules of siRNA Designing

Analysis of Regulatory Genomics and Gene Expression Pattern of Medicinal Importance Genes of Helicobacter Pylori

Screening and Docking Studies of 266 Compounds from 7 Plant Sources as Antihypertensive Agents

A Phylogenetic Approach for Assigning Function of Hypothetical Proteins in photorhabdus luminescens Subsp. laumondii TT01 Genome

Homeomorphic Matlab Model of Myopia Development

Challenges and Strategies for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Data Analysis

Systems Biotechnology: an Energing Trend in Metabolic Engineering of Industrial Microorganisms

Functional Annotation of Conserved Hypothetical Proteins in Rickettsia Massiliae MTU5

In Silico Homology Modeling and Epitope Prediction of Nucleocapsid Protein region from Japanese Encephalitis Virus

Homology Modelling of Lycopene Cleavage Oxygenase: The Key Enzyme of Bixin Production

In silico Analysis Metabolic Pathways for Identification of Putative Drug Targets for Staphylococcus aureus

Molecular Docking Studies of Antimalarial Drugs for Malaria

Computational Study of Viral Segments Inserted within the Regions of Human Genome

Study of Left Ventricle Pressure-Volume Loops in Renal Stenosis Case Using Equivalent Electrical Circuit

Effect of Flap Mutation I54L/M in Inhibition of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 Protease: Relationship to Drug Resistance

Solver Independent Modelling of Combinatorial and Optimization Problems

Bioinformatic Approach for the Identification of Hepatitis B Viral Insert in The Exon Region of Human Genome

Modularity and Distribution of Sulfur Metabolism Genes in Bacterial Populations: Search and Design

A Kinetic Model of the Monocarboxylate Transporter MCT1 and its Interaction with Carbonic Anhydrase II

Rendering for 3D Animation Based on Octree

Role of a Web-based Software Platform for Systems Biology

Robots with Biological Brain

SVM Model for Amino Acid Composition Based Prediction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Framework of M-Commerce using ID-Based Cryptography

Integration of Bioinformatics Tools for Proteomics Research

Metabolomics: The Future of Systems Biology

Modeling Dissemination of Pathogenic Fungi within a Host: A Cartoon for the Interactions of Two Complex Systems

Towards an Exact Reconstruction of a Time-Invariant Model from Time Series Data

Improving Scheduling Criteria of Preemptive Tasks Scheduled under Round Robin Algorithm using Changeable Time Quantum

Influenza Classification from Nucleotide Sequence Database

How to Build a DNA Search Engine like Google?

Metabolomics and its Value in Today's Era

Emerging Trends in Various Fields with Systems Biology Approach

Biological Databases- Integration of Life Science Data

Lipidomics: A Promising area in “OMICS” Research

Computer Aided Drug Designing Using Phytochemicals- Bacoside A3 and Myricetin and Nitric Oxide Donors-S-Nitroso N-Acetylpenicillamine and Nitroglycerin as a Potential Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer

Computer-Simulated Display to Advance the Understanding of Perceptual Motor Skills

Molecular -Docking Studies of Potent Anticancer Agent

Modeling Calcium Dependent Protein Kinase Isoform 1 from Cicer arietinum (chick pea)

Complexity in the Role of Noise in Stochastic Systems

A Formal Path Inference of Starch Biosynthesis via Mathematical Modelling of Metabolic Changes in Excess CO2

The Role of Arg157Ser in Improving the Compactness and Stability of ARM Lipase

Prommute – A Promoter Mutation Simulation for Modeling the Evolution of Genetic Regulatory Elements

Inhibition Studies of Naturally Occurring Terpene based Compounds with Cyclin-Dependent Kinase 2 Enzyme

Entropy Based Mean Clustering: An Enhanced Clustering Approach

Metabolic Modeling and Simulation Analysis of Thyroid Disorder Pathway

Secondary Structural Analysis of Families of Protein Sequences using Chaos Game Representation

Robotic Eye Surgery: Past, Present, and Future

Directions for Bio-Inspired Artificial Intelligence

Setting up a Meta-Threading Pipeline for High-Throughput Structural Bioinformatics: eThread Software Distribution, Walkthrough and Resource Profiling

Parameter Estimation for Stochastic Models of Biochemical Reactions

COM Port Based Distributed System

Inhibition Studies of Pyrimidine Class of Compounds on Enoyl-Acp Reductase Enzyme

k-Means Walk: Unveiling Operational Mechanism of a Popular Clustering Approach for Microarray Data

Grammatical Herding

To Study the Effect of Genetic Operators on Alignment of Multiple Sequences

Non Linear Flux Assessment Model for Endotoxin Neutralizing Pathways

Using Information Content for Expanding Human Protein Coding Gene Interaction Networks

In silico Analysis of Novel Mutation ala102pro Targeting pncA Gene of M. Tuberculosis

Functional Dynamics: From Biological Complexity to Translation and Impact in Healthcare Systems

Virtual Scanning: A New Medical Paradigm?

Computational Approach to Search for Plant Homologues of Human Heat Shock Protein

Fractal-Dimension-Based Method for Quantification of T-Wave Alternans Using Short Time Series

Designing and Binding Mode Prediction of Juvenile Hormone Analogues as Potential Inhibitor for Galleria mellonella

Multiple Worlds and Branching Time for Bio-inspired Computation

Rock-Paper-Scissors in the Chemostat

25th Anniversary of the First Control of a Robot Using EEG Signals

Homology Modelling and Docking Studies of Human α2-Adrenergic Receptor Subtypes

Sample Size Calculation for Microarray Studies with Survival Endpoints

A Leader Genes Approach-based Tool for Molecular Genomics: From Gene-ranking to Gene-network Systems Biology and Biotargets Predictions

Assessing Numerical Resolution Methods Performance for Kinetic Models of Receptors and Channels

Swarm Based Population Seeding of Grammatical Evolution

Computational Tools for Investigating RNA-Protein Interaction Partners

SAM-Profiler: A Graphical Tool for Qualitative Profiling of Next Generation Sequencing Alignment Data

Computational Modeling of Spermatozoa Signal Transduction Pathways: Just a Computer Game or a Reliable Tool in Studying Male Gametes Function?

An Exploratory Analysis of Conservation of Co-Expressed Genes across Alzheimer's disease Progression

Integration of Pro-Apoptosis and Pro-Survival Signalling Pathways: A Useful Approach to In silico Biomedical Research

Deciphering the Enigma of Human Creativity: Can a Digital Computer Think?

Data Adaptive Rule-based Classification System for Alzheimer Classification

SpADS: An R Script for Mass Spectrometry Data Preprocessing before Data Mining

Reconstruction of Dominant Gene Regulatory Network from Microarray Data Using Rough Set and Bayesian Approach

Nutrition Research and the Impact of Computational Systems Biology

Systems Biology Approaches Towards the Prediction of Prospective Novel Plant System-Derived Products or Services

Agentification of Individuals: A Multi-Agent Approach to Metaheuristics

Three-dimensional Planning in Orthognathic Surgery using Cone-beam Computed Tomography and Computer Software

Stress in the Patella Following Autologous Chondrocyte Implantation - A Finite Element Study

Swarm Robotics: Collective Behavior Inspired by Nature

Homeomorphic Model of the Effect of Impact Trauma on the Human Eye

Back Action on Neurotransmitters by Receptor Binding Reveals an Optimal Receptor Density Profile

An Approach towards Automated Disease Diagnosis & Drug Design Using Hybrid Rough-Decision Tree from Microarray Dataset

Functional Analysis of Hypothetical Proteins of Chlamydia Trachomatis: A Bioinformatics Based Approach for Prioritizing the Targets

Non-Parametric Bayesian Modelling of Digital Gene Expression Data

Aggregated Biomedical Information Browser (ABB): A Graphical User Interface for Clinicians and Scientists to Access a Clinical Data Warehouse

Natural Pupil Size and Ocular Aberration under Binocular and Monocular Conditions

The Protein-Protein Interaction Networks of Dendritic Spines in the Early Phase of Long-Term Potentiation

Efficient Methods for Selecting siRNA Sequences by Using the Average Silencing Probability and a Hidden Markov Model

Employing Numerical Methods to Computational Biological System Problems

Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of the First EOG Controlled Robot

Detection of Key Residues Involving Functional Divergence into the Translation Elongation Factor Tu/1A Family Using Quantitative Measurements for Specific Conservation of Protein Subfamilies

A Review of Disease Grading and Remote Diagnosis for Sight Threatening Eye Condition: Age Related Macular Degeneration

Total Hip Replacement: Tensile Stress in Bone Cement is influenced by Cement Mantle Thickness, Acetabular Size, Bone Quality, and Body Mass Index

Dominating Set Based Content Cloud Architecture for Video Distribution Services

Quantum Computing Based Technique for Cancer Disease Detection System

Software Size Estimation in Incremental Software Development Based on Improved Pairwise Comparison Matrices

Integration of Brassinosteroid Signal Transduction with the Transcription Network for Fiber Development and Drought Stress in Gossypium hirsutum L

Improve the Performance of the Work of the Restaurant Using PC Touch Screen

An Advanced Clustering Algorithm (ACA) for Clustering Large Data Set to Achieve High Dimensionality

The Sensor Network in Molecular Structures of PrP(113-120) AGAAAAGA Amyloid Fibrils

Can We Advance Macroscopic Quantum Systems Outside the Framework of Complex Decoherence Theory?

Augmentation of Patient Health Care Choices for Morbid Obesity by Use of Computer Decision Analysis

Fuzzy Implementation of Qubits Operators

Directions for Open Access Publishing

Assessment of Myocardial Function from Cine Cardiac MRI Using a Novel 4D Tracking Approach

Implementation of a Collaborative Document Processing in the Cloud

In Silico Mining of Simple Sequence Repeats in Whole Genome of Xanthomonas sp.

SQRestriction: Bio-Informatics Software for Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism of Batches of Sequences

A Systems Biology View of the Spliceosome Component Phf5a in Relation to Estrogen and Cancer

A Novel NMF Guided Level-set for DWI Prostate Segmentation

An Approach to Develop a Geographic Information Database Using Dot Spatial Open Source Platform and Google Search Engine

Development of Omnidirectional Collision-Detecting Bumper Using Noncontact Sensors

Detecting Foggy Images and Estimating the Haze Degree Factor

SQPrimer: The Utility of Designing Homologous Primers for the Genetic Analysis Based on the PCR

Threshnomics: An Introduction to Threshold Logic in Algorithms and Circuits

An Integrated Method for Detecting Micro RNA Target Proteins through Reverse-phase Protein Arrays

The JAEL System: A Joystick-Controlled Appliance for Exact Laboratory Procedures

Neon: An R Package to Estimate Human Effective Population Size and Divergence Time from Patterns of Linkage Disequilibrium between SNPS

A Novel Approach to Enhance the Efficiency of Distributed Cooperative Caching in SWNETs

Strategy for Exploring Metabolic Pathways: Generation of Hypothetical Metabolic Network

A Web-Based Farm 3D Visualization Management System

A One-Dimensional PCA Approach for Classifying Imbalanced Data

Molecular Modeling of Heat Shock Protein of 60-Kda from Paracoccidioides Brasiliensis: The First in silico Structural Model of a Fungal Hsp60

The Framework of a Mathematical Model of the Autonomic Nervous System and Physiological Systems: Using the Neuroregulation of Blood Glucose as an Example

Review of Optimization Methods for Cancer Chemotherapy Treatment Planning

Connection between Molecular Genetics and Robotics, Since 1985

ArchaeProfile: A Database of Archaea and their Origins of Replication

Freeform Lens Design for Illumination with Different Luminance Intensities

BMU Routing Algorithm through Smart Role of Intermediate Nodes in WSNs

Clinical Decision Support System based on Fuzzy Cognitive Maps

Technology, Inclusion and Ethics

Are Neural Networks Imitations of Mind?

A Survey of Data-Centric Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks

Modeling of a Cell-Free Synthetic System for Biohydrogen Production

Scapy–A Python Tool For Security Testing

Single-Cell Genome Sequencing for Viral-Host Interactions

Cognitive Radio With Software Defined Radio and Mimo for Future Generation Wireless Communication

Efficient Image Resolution Enhancement Using Edge-Directed Unsharp Masking Sharpening for Real-Time ASIC Applications

Diversity Study of Nitrate Reducing Bacteria from Soil Samples – A Metagenomics Approach

Novel Incremental Ranking Framework for Biomedical Data Analytics and Dimensionality Reduction: Big Data Challenges and Opportunities

Elastic Spring Constants for Running Shoes: A Mathematical Model

Web Attributes Offered by Websites of Universities of West Bengal to Run E-Learning System: A Hierarchical Clustering Based Study

Interactive Thresholding of Central Acuity under Contrast and Luminance Conditions Mimicking Real World Environments: 1. Evaluation against LogMAR Charts

Predicting Rare Disease of Patient by Using Infrequent Weighted Itemset

Workers and Machine Performance Modeling in Manufacturing System Using Arena Simulation

Development of a Relevant Image Processing Method to Characterize the Distribution of Tissue within a Bone Structure

A Web Navigation Frame Work to Identify the Influence of Faculty on Students using Data mining Techniques

Multiple MEG and Multiple TMS: Two New Electromagnetic Measurement and Induction Techniques

A Method to Select the Edges in the Minimum Hamiltonian Cycle

A Survey of Mathematical Models of Dengue Fever

Using Different Bioinformatics Software Tools for Determining the Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Dependence in Staphhylococcus aureus

Decoding Silent Speech in Japanese from Single Trial EEGS: Preliminary Results

Performance Evaluation of Zigbee Coordinator Fails Node with Different Topologies

Collaborative Complex Computing Environment (Com-Com)

Manipulator Arms by Using Infrared Collision Avoidance System to Replace Human Interface for an Automated Prescription Dispensing System

Stability Constraints of Markov State Kinetic Models Based on Routh- Hurwitz Criterion

Back to Basics: Limitations of Research Influencing the Human Brain Project

The Existance of the Liquid Area on the Cornea for Glaucoma Determination Using 3D-Haar Filter

Multi-Agent System and Events Plan Construction Using PDDL

Computer Measurement of Central Visual Acuity under Mesopic and Glare Conditions in Eyes with Nuclear Cataract

Data Mining Risk Score Models for Big Biomedical and Healthcare Data

Attractor-Based Obstructions to Growth in Homogeneous Cyclic Boolean Automata

Lean Philosophy for Global Competitiveness in Ethiopia Chemical Industries: Review

Simulation of Propagation of Action Potentials in Cardiac Tissue with an Inhomogeneous Distribution of Extracellular Potassium

Numerical Simulation of a Tumor Growth Dynamics Model Using Particle Swarm Optimization

Dynamics of the Large Progenitor Toxin Complex of Clostridium botulinum

Determinant Analysis to Detect the Singularity of the Extended Theo Jansen Mechanism in the Phase-Rotation-Amplitude Parameter Space

Improving Procedure Logging among Gastroenterology Trainees Using a Mobile Application

δ-Ideals in MS-Algebras

Proposal of a Cryptographic Application for Mobile Devices

Scalp-recorded-EEG-based BFCN for Diagnosing AD and FTD Patients and Observing their Prognoses: Preliminary Results

A Hybridized Chemotactic Genetic Algorithm for Optimization

Treatment of Missing Values in Data Mining

Therapeutic Effects of Bone Marrow Stem Cells in Diabetic Rats

Towards Massively Robotized Systems under Spatial Grasp Technology

A Brief Introduction to the Spatial Grasp Language (SGL)

Robust Search-Free Car Number Plate Localization Incorporating Hierarchical Saliency

Analogue Computer Model of Progressive Myopia-Refraction Stability Response to Reading Glasses

Towards Wholeness and Integrity of Distributed Dynamic Systems

A Novel Improved Genetic Algorithm Based on the Fixed Point Theorem and Triangulation Method

In Silico Approach to Find an Optimal Strategy in Selective Targeting of Cancer Cells

Effects of Wireless Devices on Human Body

Automatic Seizure Onset Detection in Long Term Pediatric EEG Signals

Human Rab8b Protein as a Cancer Target - An In Silico Study

Predicting Virus Evolution for Improved Influenza Vaccine Decision

S2 Diode Model of Muscle Crossbridge Dynamics

Multi-Agent Systems and Distributed Constraint Satisfaction for Decision Support in Marine Ecosystem Management

Simulation Study on Effects of Order and Step Size of Runge-Kutta Methods that Solve Contagious Disease and Tumor Models

Impact of Excessive Mobile Phone Usage on Human

Modeling Location Preferences in Service Composition Using Distributed Knowledgebase

MOOC as a Tool for Computer Sciences Academic Staff, Continued Professional Development (CPD) in Hail University, Saudi Arabia

Barcode Currency Notes in Future - Necessity and its Benefits

Concepts and Insights on Systems Biology

Compression of Image with Different File Formats

A Proposed Lower Computational Complexity Secret Key Mirroring System on GSM

Quantum-Chemical Study of the Propensity of the Amino Acid Pairs for the Peptide Bond Formation

Data Compression Based Accelerated Evolution

Fourier Transform using Spring-Mass System

Defensive Strategies May Stabilize Unstable Competitive Systems: A Model of “Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock” in the Chemostat.

Comparison between Linear and Reverse Linear K-Space Order with Partial Fourier Fractions for Modulation Transfer Function in Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Simulation Study

Genome-Wide Identification and Analysis of bZIP Family and their Expression in Response to Multiple Abiotic Stresses in Malus domestica

An Automatic Changeable Edge Detection Model for Digital Images

Adaptive Learning in Computing for Non-English Speakers

Segmentation of Experimental Curves Distorted by Noise

Integration of Requirement Engineering and Artificial Intelligence: Agile Practices and Case Based Reasoning

Comparative Analysis between a Variational Method and Wavelet Method PURE-LET to Remove Poisson Noise Corrupting CT Images

The Ethical Implications of an Artificially Intelligent Controlled Defence System

Development of Algorithm for Lorenz Equation using Different Open Source Softwares

Spatio-Temporal Approaches for Handling Occlusions Based on Object Tracking

B-WSD Approach and Validation: Use Satisfaction Survey

Automatic Fire Detecting System: FLAMES (Fire Location and Management E-System)

Connectier (Home Appliances Controlling System)

Challenges in Transcriptome Applications Using Oxford Nanopore Sequencing Technology

Blast-i2b2: Blast for Biological Sequence Comparison in i2b2 Platform

Comparative Analysis of Automatic Parallelization Techniques

In Search for the Definition of Life

Cloud-Based Electronic Health Record Applications are Essential to Expeditionary Patient Care

Computer Science and Systems Biology: Integration towards Improvement

Acoustic Signal Classification for Deforestation Monitoring: Tree Cutting Problem

Algorithm to Calculate Heart Rate and Comparison of Butterworth IIR and Savitzky-Golay FIR Filter

Identification of Novel Therapeutic Targets in Myelodysplastic Syndrome Using Protein-Protein Interaction Approach and Neural Networks

They See you and yet you Don't See them: Privacy in the Multilayered National Surveillance State Realm: A Dystopian Digital Society?

Implementation of a Reproducible, Accessible and Transparent RNA-seq Bioinformatics Pipeline within the Galaxy Platform

Biometric Jewelry to Rule Digital Life

The Use of Honeynets to Detect Exploited Systems Across the Wireless Networks

An Efficient Approach to Preserve the Network Connectivity of WSN by Cautiously Removing the Crossing Edges Using COLS

Conservation and Recombinational Contexts in Apoptosis Pathway in Aspergillus fumigatus

Sentiment Analysis of Pharmaceutical Products Evaluation Based on Customer Review Mining

Evaluation of the Efficacy of Cancer Drugs by Using the Second Largest Eigenvalue of Metabolic Cancer Pathways

Self-Diagnosis of Diabetes Using CBR Algorithm

Binary Transition Pattern (BTP) for Erythropoietic DNA Methylation Data

Analysing Big Data in VANET via HADOOP Framework

Network Security and Ethical Hacking

Survey on Dynamic Concept Drift

Comprehensive Analysis of Word Sensing Tool and Techniques for Enhancing Classification Accuracy of Query String

Influence of Mood on Saccadic Eye Movement Parameters in Different Age Groups

A Review on Fingerprints Recognition System

The Regulation of AI: An Investigation on the Development of AI and its Effects on the Transportation Industry

Motif Discovery in DNA Sequences Using an Improved Gibbs (i Gibbs) Sampling Algorithm

Holistic Analysis and Management of Distributed Social Systems

Machine Learning: Object Recognition Web Platform

Biometric Monitoring Using Facial Recognition, Data Collection, and Storage: Safety and Privacy Perceptions of High School Students

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) Database: Genomics of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) Biosynthesis

A Novel Method for the Integration of Stochastic Petri Net Simulation and Transcriptomic Data Applied to a Metabolic Pathway

Machine Learning Programs Predict Saguaro Cactus Death

Faster Detection of Abnormal Electrocardiogram (ECG) Signals Using Fewer Features of Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Cloud Computing-Positive Impacts and Challenges in Business Perspective

Design and Implementation of Prototype System for Industrial Warehouse Using Predix (Iiot)

Mapping Chromosome Sequences of Several Primate on Variant Maps

16S rRNA Sequences of Soil Microbial Diversity on Variant Maps

Automating the Computational Analysis of Exome Sequencing Data: A Prototype Methodology to Overcome Bottlenecks Observed with Operator Driven Clinical Interpretation for Known Pathogenic Mutations

Do Microbial Fuel Cells have Antipathogenic Properties?

A Study on the Analysis of Personal Gut Microbiomes

Use of Artificial Intelligence for Improving Patient Flow and Healthcare Delivery

Selection Pressure Benefits Low-Fitness Individuals and Mitigates the Costs of Sex and Recombination

Math Modeling of Cancer Angiogenesis and its Treatments

A Prediction Model of a Lung Tumor Growth and Chemotherapy Treatment: Equilibrium Points and Stability

In silico Molecular Studies of Selected Compounds as Novel Inhibitors for Phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE5) in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction

Editorial Note for Journal of Computer Science and Systems Biology

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Based on Eccentricities

Evolutionary Dynamics of Microbial Communities in Bioelectrochemical Systems

A Study of Using Custom-Clustering Algorithm for a New Treatment of COVID-19

How to Use a Journal’s Aims and Scope to Find the Right Fit for Your Research

Remarkable Discoveries and Scientific Breakthroughs in the Fields of Computer Science and Systems Biology

Editorial Note on Computer Science

The Helpful Advancement for COVID-19

Editorial Note on Bioinformatics

Editorial Note on Robotics

Editorial Note on Artificial Intelligence

Editorial Note on Trend of Cloud Computing

Past Conference Report on Data Mining 2020

E-BABE- A comprehensive framework of gene prioritization for flooding tolerance in soybean

Investigating the association between the flooding tolerance genes of soybean by pathway analysis and network analysis

Analytical Focus and Contextuality, Exploiting Resolution Scale, Addressing Bias

Optimization inside the General Efficiency

E-BABE- Data mining: seasonal and temperature fluctuations in thyroid-stimulating hormone

Using Blockchain for Verifying GDPR Rules in Cloud Ecosystems

Establishing thresholds and effects of gender, age, and season for thyroglobulin and thyroid peroxidase antibodies by mining real-world big data

Cumbersome task: data science in the old industry

AI-based data analysis for text classification and document summarization

Automated classification of a tropical landscape infested by Parthenium weed (Parthenium hyterophorus)

Two New Algorithms, Critical Distance Clustering and Gravity Center Clustering

Symbiosis of Virtual and Physical Worlds under Spatial Grasp Technology

Editorial on Data Science

Editorial Note on Data Mining and Techniques

Editorial Note on Computer Science Attitudes Instrument

Editorial on Digital Organism

Inhibitory Potential of Phyto-Constituents from Sorghum Stem on Neuro-modulatory Enzymes: A Computational Approach

Artificial Intelligence Accurately Detects Lung Cancer in Scans

Editorial on Advantages and Applications of Nano-computing

Editorial on “On Going Research Information Technology”

Editorial on Learning to ‘Internet of Things’ Devices

Editorial on Toppling Problem of a Hexapod

Editorial on Application of Biosensors in Tissue Engineering

Editorial on Bayesian Statistics

Architects Make Hybrid Chips with Processors and Memory to Run AI on Battery-Fueled Devices

"Liquid" AI Framework Adjusts to Changing Conditions

The Gut Microbiome versus COVID-19

Editorial on Virtual Reality Causes Measure Weakness to Stretch

Editorial on Robots Stretchy 'Skin' Sensor for Human Sensation

Editorial on Secure Mobile Contact Tracing

Editorial on Tactile Detecting Framework Impersonating Human Tactile Perception

Editorial Note on Cloud Storage

Editorial Note on Hazards of Computer Viruses

Editorial Note on Formation of Wireless Sensor Networks

Editorial Note on Improvement of Robotic Manipulation

Editorial Note on High Performance Computing

Mathematical Model for Transmission Dynamics of HepatitusA Viral Disease with Optimal Control Strategies

Robots Can Be More Aware Of Human Associates

Artificial Intelligence Could Break the Language of Cancer and Alzheimer's

Editorial Note on Silicon Chips Utilizing Quantum Computing

Based on Photos the New Artificial Intelligence Tool Calculates Materials Stress and Strain

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