Prevalence and effect of the consumption of energy drinks

Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry

ISSN: 2472-0542

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Prevalence and effect of the consumption of energy drinks

3rd International Conference on Food Chemistry & Nutrition

May 16-18, 2018 | Montreal, Canada

Fatima Faris Al-Moli

Hamad Medical Corporation, Qatar

Posters & Accepted Abstracts: J Exp Food Chem

Abstract :

There are major health issues related to energy drinks although there is a strong marketing campaign for their functional and social benefits. Research on the prevalence on the consumption of energy drinks in Qatar is not available as well as the unavailability of data if the caffeine content on the labels of these drinks is accurate. This study was aimed at the analysis of the caffeine content in energy drinks and the analysis of the consumption patterns of energy drinks among students in Qatar University and to analysis the knowledge of the apparent benefits and side effects amongst these students. Methods: In the first phase of study, samples of the different available energy drinks in Qatar were purchased from the local market and were analyzed for their caffeine content and compared to the label. In the part two of study, questionnaire about rate of energy drink consumption, motivation behind use, negative aspects experienced and awareness on energy drinks was circulated among the university students in the university campus. Results: A total of 150 students responded and about 50% students consumed energy drink. The mean age first use was 17 years. Most students did not have a fixed frequency of use. The most common motive for first consumption was reason and the second was due to friends. The students both male and female reported a many side effects which included increased urination, stomach pain and abnormal heart palpitations followed by nervousness and crash after high energy. Conclusion: A substantial percentage of students at Qatar University use energy drinks, they have stated that a number of attributes that they viewed as beneficial to them as well as others that were side effects to the consumption of energy drinks.

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