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Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry

ISSN: 2472-0542

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Analytical Techniques in Food Safety

The safety of the food is the first priority for industry holders, regulatory agencies and consumers. Innovative analytical approaches are being developed in response to emerging food safety issues. The improved analytical methods resulting in higher sensitivity for difficult-to-detect contaminants, detection of contaminants in new matrix classes for results. These advances have been made in the face of changing regulations, more rigorous method-validation standards and consumer demands for safe, quality products. Going forward, this spirit of innovation will continue to be crucial in industry’s efforts to ensure the safety of the global food chain.

One of the important reasons for analyzing foods both the consumers and the manufacturers standpoint is to ensure that they are safe.  it is important to use analytical techniques that have a high sensitivity, i.e, that can reliably detect low levels of harmful material.

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