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Plants as our most renewable natural resources are indispensable within earth's biosphere, especially for food security. Providing food security during a times requires an ever-increasing understanding of how plants, and their products, answer changes within the environment. Crop science involves the appliance of biological, chemical, and physics principles to the cultivation of those plants. The use of biotechnology and agricultural engineering within the agriculture industry is becoming increasingly important as nations’ economies come to increasingly depend upon each other and therefore the prospect of genetically engineered foods becomes more acceptable. Well, additionally to tastier, juicier strawberries, you'll expect to ascertain more math-, physics-, and engineering-related course matter.

As an agronomy and crop science major, you’ll be immersed in biotechnology, cell biology, plant physiology, genetics, turfgrass science, crop quality, chemistry, computing, animal sciences, botany, agricultural economics, entomology (that’s the study of bugs), plant pathology, and the conservation and improvement of natural resources. Get set to research the expansion and behavior of crops, the event of latest plant varieties, and therefore the soils and nutrients that serve them best. You’ll also study the assembly of quality seed, different soil environments, and control of weeds, insects/pests, and plant diseases.

By the time you graduate, you ought to have a solid understanding of the interrelationships among the physical and biological factors inherent to crop production. Armed with this data, you’ll be able to craft cutting-edge solutions to all or any manner of modern-day agricultural problems. This major offers a good sort of career paths—agronomy and crop science majors are highly wanted in today’s economy. Another plus is that agronomists and crop scientists are ready to spend an excellent deal of your time outdoors and in cool laboratories (i.e., not behind desks).

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