Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry

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Toshiyuki Toyosaki

Toshiyuki Toyosaki

Toshiyuki Toyosaki
Dept. of Foods and Nutrition
Koran Women's Junior College
Yokote Minami-ku Fukuoka, Japan


1990, Department of Foods and Nutrition, Koran Women’s Junior College. It arrives as a lecturer, an assistant professor, and a professor engaging and now. Currently, I have appointed the department chair. 1994, Department of Applied Chemistry, Kinki University of Science and Enginering. Awarded the degree of PhD in Science.

Research Interest

My research field is broad lipid nutrition. In an era graduate Formation Mechanism of lipid peroxidation in vivo is the center, it is the elucidation of the mechanism and the effect of antioxidants together. With companies in the study, we are trying to approach from the point of view medium-chain fatty acid-containing oil (MCT) nutrition. We also consider the nutritional characteristics of silky fowl eggs.

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