Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry

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Amal M. Metak

Amal M. Metak

Amal M. Metak
Teesside University, UK


Over 25 years experience of leading scientific research spanning different fields of molecular sciences (biochemistry, molecular biology), particularly in relation to: Hazard characterisation, risk assessment, and regulatory aspects of chemicals and nanomaterials. experience in scientific R&D into safety of chemical substances and nanomaterials in consumer products to human health and the environment. Received my PhD in Molecular biology School of Science and Engineering, Teesside University ,UK 2013. I was a postdoctoral fellow and students director working to investigate the migration of nanomaterial in food matrices by ICP-MS techniques. Contributed in many local and international conferences around the world. MSc in Food and consumer Safety, Teesside University, UK and involved in many projects in consumers complains and food premises inspections. HACCP, CCP, GMP and regulations to comply with EU standards and international standards. I had my BSc in Food Science Tripoli University Libya1989 and I was a senior research in Tajura Nuclear Research Centre (TNRC), Libya 1989 -1996 working in the application of Nuclear techniques in Food supported by International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA) and the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). I am a consultant in Libyan National Centre for Standardisation and Metrology (LNCSM) since 2007 and a researcher with Health Unit Kingston Ontario, Canada. A member of Editorial Board of International Journal of Nutritional Health and Food Engineering and a peer reviewer in Journal of Food and Agricultural Sciences (JFAS)

Research Interest

Food Standards, Food Irradiation, Food packaging materials, Food Analytical Chemistry, Food Toxicology, Food Organic Chemistry, Food Supplements, Food contaminants, Food Analysis ,Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP), Food labelling, Food processing, Food Technology, Food Safety, Food Minerals, Food Colouring, Dietary supplements, Food fortification, Food preservation, Food Chemical reactions. Food and Water microbiology. Food Nutrition and healthy eating.

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