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Volume 6, Issue 1 (2020)

    Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 1

    Recent Discoveries in Pharmacognosy

    Lazari Diamanto

    It is an open access journal which provides a platform to everyone to see articles without paying any charge. The main aim of JPNP is to provide the current and latest development in the area of medicinal plant. The main highlights of this journal are herbal plants, artificial sweetener, lavender oil, natural products drugs, Organic herbs, phototherapy, allergens, Marine pharmacognosy etc.

    Research Pages: 1 - 6

    Factors Affecting the Use of Nutri-Medicinal Plants by Pregnant Women in Kyeizooba, Bushenyi District Western Uganda

    Kiconco Catherine*, Kamatenesi Maud Mugisha, Waswa Bright and Ogwang Patrick Engeu

    The use of nutri-medicinal plants is widely spread in the treatment of several ailments among pregnant women worldwide. In Uganda, different medicinal plants are used
    by pregnant women for treatment of different ailments. A cross sectional study was done on 135 women in Kyeizooba Sub county Bushenyi District from September 2016
    to November 2016. Factors associated with the use of medicinal plants were identified. Univariate, bivariate and multivariate analyses were done and logistic regression
    model was used to test for significant relationships. Level of significance was set at 5% CI and p=0.05. Distance (p=0.012), number of children to a mother (p=0.037) and
    income (p=0.025) were influencing use of medicinal plants by pregnant women. Women with low income [OR=0.02] living in long distance from health centers [OR=12.7],
    and mothers with many children [OR=1.45] were most likely to use nutri-medicinal plants than their counterparts. Any factors that affected women from attending to ANC
    increased their chances of using herbal medicines.

    Research Pages: 1 - 7

    Documentation and Phytochemical Screening of Most Commonly used Nutri-Medicinal Plants by Pregnant Women in Kyeizooba, Bushenyi District, Western Uganda

    Kiconco Catherine*, Kamatenesi Maud Mugisha, Waswa Bright, Ogwang Patrick Engeu and Ivan Kahwa

    Nutri-medicinal plants are widely used as a remedy for some ailments among pregnant women worldwide. There are different medicinal plants used by pregnant women in
    Uganda depending on the culture and knowledge of these medicinal plants. A cross sectional study was carried out on 135 women in Kyeizooba sub county Bushenyi District
    from September 2016 to March 2017. Medicinal plants used by pregnant women were identified and documented, and phytochemical screening of the frequently used
    nutri-medicinal plants was done and their effects were studied comparing with the available literature. Fidelity levels, Informant consensus factor and use values were used
    to obtain the most frequently used medicinal plants. Lamiaceae and Asteraceae families presented the highest number of medicinal plants used by pregnant women. The
    phytochemicals analyzed in the herbs were saponins, alkaloids, flavonoids, reducing compounds, phenols and steroids which were found to exist in some nutri-medicinal
    plants with varying intensities. Herbal medicines contain important phytochemicals which if standardized and the dosages prescribed could present therapeutic advantages
    to the users.

    Research Pages: 1 - 7

    Identification and Management of Vaginitis Prevalent Causal Agents using Herbal Aqueous Extracts

    Mai Abdalla Ali*, Intisar Kamaleldin Izzeldin, Awad Mohamed Abdel-Rahim, Yasir Mohamed Hasan and Ivan Kahwa

    Vaginitis is defined as a spectrum of conditions that cause vaginal and sometimes vulvar symptoms, such as itching, burning, irritation, odor, and vaginal discharges. This study aims to identify and isolate the most prevalent causal agents associated with vaginitis at Gezira area – Sudan, evaluating the antimicrobial activity of the commonly used herbs like Commiphora myrrha, Solenostemma argel, Azadirachta indica, Salvia officinalis and Eucalyptus camaldulensis against the isolated causal agents and comparing the herbal effects at different concentrations with a known commercial vaginal washer. 50 subjects of high vaginal swabs were collected, to identify and isolate the target organisms during the period from January to May 2015, and then aseptically cultured on sterile and appropriate media. A total number of 31 bacterial isolates were represented by 4 different species of bacteria; 17 (34%) Staphylococcus aureus, 7 (14%) E. coli, 6(12%) Streptococcus pyogenes and only 1(2%) Pseudomonas aeruginosa whereas 14 (28%) yeast isolates were represented by Candida albicans. 11 aqueous extracts were prepared from each of the five herbs with concentrations of 5%, 15%, 25%, 35%, and 45%. The aqueous extracts of  C. myrrha, E. camaldulensis and A. indica respectively achieved the highest means of inhibition zones (12.1, 11.5 and 10.4 mm) when compared to the others and showing non-significant differences when compared to each other (p value 0.08, 0.2 and 0.7). The combination of (S. argel, A. indica, and E. camaldulensis) showed relatively strong antimicrobial activity with inhibition zone range between (18.5–24 mm) in its different concentrations (25%, 35%, and 45%) when comparing the effect of this extract (mean=15.2) with the impact of the commercial washer (mean=9.9), it was found that the herbal extract has top influence, although, the difference was statistically non-significant (p value ± 0.07).

    Volume 6, Issue 2 (2020)

      Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 1

      New Innovations in the World of Pharmacognosy

      Samineh Jafari

      Journal of Pharmacognosy and Natural Products is an open access journal which provides everyone with a forum to read articles without paying any charge. JPNP's main purpose is to provide current and latest medicinal plant growth. Herbal plants, chemical sweetener, lavender oil, natural food medicines, organic herbs, phototherapy, allergens, marine pharmacognosis, etc. are the main highlights of this journal.

      Awards 2020 Pages: 1 - 2

      Prestigious Award for Young Research???s at DRUG FORMULATION CONGRESS-2020-Discovering New Exploration in Drug Formulation Congress-2020 Field

      Bhargava Karumudi

      Drug Formulation Congress-2020 Conference Committee is glad to announce 36th International Conferences on “Pharmaceutical Formulation and Drug Delivery” during December 01-02, 2020 Kyoto, Japan. The Drug Formulation Congress-2020 theme has broad interests, many aspects and describes drug design is the approach of inventing revolutionary medicines. Drug design and Drug formulation defines the design of molecules that are corresponding in form and price to the bio molecular target with which they interact and consequently will bind to it.

      Research Article Pages: 1 - 9

      Ethanol Leaf Extract of Moringaoleifera Mitigates Glycerol-Induced Acute Kidney Damage in Rats through down Regulation of KIM-1 and NF-?B Signaling Pathways

      Adeolu Adedapo1*, Oluwatosin Asunloye1, Iyanuoluwa Ogunmiluyi1, Olufunke Falayi1, Ademola Oyagbemi2, Temidayo Omobowale3, BisiAdeoye1, Oluwafemi Oguntibeju4 and Momoh Yakubu5

      Background:Acute kidney injury is a serious medical condition that usually results in sudden loss of renal function and high mortality rate in the world. The efficacy and the mechanisms of ethanol leaf extract of Moringaoleifera in promoting recovery from glycerol induced acute kidney injury (AKI) in rats was investigated in this study. Methods: Thirty-five adult male Wistar rats were randomly sorted into five groups of seven animals each. Control received distilled water alone, Untreated group received single glycerol (4 ml/kg) intramuscularly, two groups were pretreated orally with 50 and 100 mg/kg of Moringaoleifera respectively for seven days and then injected with a single glycerol (4ml/kg) subcutaneously on day eight. Another group received oral administration of Moringaoleifera alone at 100 mg/kg for seven days. The animals were later sacrificed through cervical dislocation twenty-four hours after glycerol was administered. Results:Serum and renal homogenate analysis revealed that glycerol induced significant increases in creatinine kinase renal band, nitric oxide, malondialdehyde, protein carbonyl, myeloperoxidase, advanced oxidative protein products alongside a decrease in superoxide dismutase, reduced glutathione, glutathione peroxidase and an increase in the expression of Kidney Injury Molecule-1 (KIM-1) and Nuclear Factor Kappa Beta (NF-kB) using immunohistochemistry. Treatment with Moringaoleifera at both doses used brought on a reversal of these. Conclusion: These results support the hypothesis that oral administration of methanol stem extract of Moringaoleifera is effective in abrogating oxidative stress, attenuating inflammation, and enhancing nephrogenic repair after glycerol-induced AKI.

      2020 Conference Announcement Pages: 1 - 2

      16th International Congress on Advances In Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals & Neurocognition scheduled on June 22-23, 2020 at Zurich, Switzerland

      Samineh Jafari

      Conference Series LLC fosters research excellence and leadership by recognizing the outstanding researchers, exceptional graduates or early academicians who have distinctive enthrallment towards the conference themes. Nominees are judged on past accomplishments, research excellence and outstanding academic achievements. Researchers throughout the world who have been credited with outstanding achievements can make a significant contribution to the advancement of their field, thereby having a positive influence on the society.

      Awards 2020 Pages: 1 - 2

      Global Pharma summit Awards

      Bhargava Karumudi

      The purpose of Scientific Service Achievement Award awards is to recognize outstanding research achievements in the area of Pharmaceutical sciences .The applicants should have minimum of 20+ years of experience in the relative field in public or private sector. The applicants are expected to enhance the quality of research should take lead in researching the current trends and developments towards the related subjects. The applicants can be nominated through online.

      Volume 6, Issue 3 (2020)

        Editorial Note Pages: 1 - 2

        Future of natural products obtained from herbal plants

        Samineh Jafari

        Pharmacognosy is the study of naturally occurring medications. It forms an important part of research and development in pharmaceutics. Pharmacognosis requires drug recognition, physicochemical analysis, history, extraction, planning, quality assurance, and biological assessment. The key highlights of this journal are herbal plants, chemical sweetener, natural medicinal products, organic herbs, phototherapy, allergens, marine pharmacognosis, etc.

        2020 Conference Announcement Pages: 1 - 1

        Natural Medicines, Nutraceuticals & Neurocognition scheduled on June 22-23, 2020 at Zurich, Switzerland

        Samineh Jafari

        Nutraceuticals or 'bioceutical' is a pharmaceutical elective which cases physiological benefits. Nutraceuticals are items gotten from nourishment sources that are implied to give additional medical advantages, notwithstanding the fundamental dietary benefit found in nourishments. Contingent upon the locale, items may profess to forestall interminable ailments, improve wellbeing, defer the maturing procedure, increment future, or bolster the structure or capacity of the body.

        Image Article Pages: 1 - 2

        Modification of Plant Components into Medicine

        Zeljan Males

        Chemistry is the art of creating and knowing molecules, what they do. Each day a lot of chemists around the world produce and invent new molecules. Fungi, plants, insects and bacteria produce thousands of chemical compounds and many of these compounds are bio-active, it means that they interact with living matter to cause disease or, even cure disease.

        Image Article Pages: 1 - 2

        Benefits of Herbal Supplements

        Niyati S. Acharya

        Products made from botanicals or plants used to treat disease or preserve health are referred to as herbal products, botanicals, or phytomedicines. An herbal supplement is a drug made from plants which is used solely for internal use. The FDA considers foods to be herbal supplements, not drugs. As such, they are not subject to the same standards and regulations for testing, manufacturing, and labeling as drugs.

        Image Article Pages: 1 - 2

        Medicinal properties of Different Aconitum Species

        Zeljan Males

        Aconitum L. is a large genus of the Ranunculaceae family containing more than 300 species spread around the world. Many of them emerge naturally in the northern hemisphere, at high altitudes. A total of approximately 76 of all aconite varieties cultivated in China and the far-eastern and Asian countries are used for various medicinal purposes.

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