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Comparison of Different Solvent and Extraction Methods for Isolation of Flavonoids Compound from Leaves of Clerodendrum Infortunatum Linn


Abhijit N. Daf*, Shekhar B. Waikar, Akshay N. Madavi, Akash S. Kapse, Shailesh B. Pise, Dhananjay G. Sawarkar and Dharmendra Mundhada

Clerodendrum infortunatum Linn leaves of the Verbinaceae Family and contains biologically active substances. The aim of the current research was to determine best methods for extraction in different solvents and evaluation of different extraction methods for best of flavonoid compounds. Clerodendrum infortunatum Linn leaves was extracted with four different solvents. Extraction of the plant material with various organic solvents in increasing order of polarity with the help of Petroleum ether (60-80°), Chloroform, Acetone and Methanol solvents to the find out the percentage (%) yield of all the extracts. Thin layer chromatography study of each extract to know the number of components present in them. Extraction of flavonoid rich fraction with the help of (80%) ethanol (N.R Fransworth) by using different extraction methods then comparative study of percentage yield of total flavonoids like Maceration, Hot Continuous Percolation (Soxhlet Extraction), Microwave assisted Extraction and Ultrasonic Extraction (Extraction using Ultrasonic waves) and collect the fraction using column chromatography and Identification of isolated compound with the help of UV spectroscopy either Quercetin, Rutin or any other suitable flavonoid marker.


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