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Recent Discoveries on Acmella Oleracea: A Review


Fathima Rabwa*

The genus Acmella Rich. (Asteraceae) comprises 30 species and 9 additional intraspecific taxa that are mainly distributed in the tropical and subtropical regions around the world. One of the most distinct and recognizable members of the genus is Acmella oleracea. In particular, this species is famous as a traditional remedy for toothache and for throat, gum infections, that’s why it is known in the English nickname, “toothache plant.” The whole plant is used as a medicinal remedy in various parts of the world. It is suggested that the origin of A. oleracea is linked to the cultivation of Acmella alba. However, in some cases, its nativity has been attributed to Brazil, where the plant is called jambù and is grown as an ornamental or medicinal plant. Even though its origin is unclear, it is certain that it is cultivated throughout the year, and is widespread as a crop in the world.


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