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    Essential Oils of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants as Botanical Biocide for Management of Coconut Eriophyid Mite (Aceria guerreronis Keifer)

    Hadiza Fadel

    The eriophyid parasite (Aceria guerreronis Keifer) is an infinitesimal creature that stays under the perianth of the coconut and has been one of the genuine vermin of coconut throughout the previous thirty years in significant coconut developing nations. These little bugs total in states in the internal and external bracts and under the tepals and feed on the meristematic tissues on the nut surface. Because of bug assembly and taking care of the meristematic tissue underneath the perianth becomes chlorotic and afterward breaks. A. guererronis pervasion prompts surface scars, decreased organic product development, and untimely organic product fall. The announced yield misfortune brought about by A. guererronis was discovered to be 34% in India. In the previous few years, a few examinations have zeroed in on the expected utilization of fundamental oil details in natural control of different bug and illnesses. The fundamental oils which get more quickly corrupted into the climate than substance compounds have been read for their activity against different bug of put away items. Late examinations have exhibited the antilarval and antifeeding, postponed grown-up rise and egg mortality, arrestant and repellant activities of fundamental oils. The current examination has been expected to utilize these characteristic subordinates as an option ecofriendly intends to control the eriophyid bugs (A. guererronis Keifer), one of the genuine bugs of coconut.              

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      In Vivo Effect of Medicinal Plants on Some Serum Biochemical Parameters in Laying Hens

      Muhammad Mushtaq*, Naila Chand, Sarzamin Khan, and Umer Saddique

      Effect of medicinal plants on overall performance and serological parameters were explored in the laying birds. Forty weeks old 210-egg type birds were used as tested criteria. Birds were randomly alienated to 7 experimental groups with 3 replicates, consisted of 10 birds/replicate. Data were recorded for serology and haematology of laying birds. Serum hepatic, lipids, kidney function parameters, serum antibody titre against Newcastle disease and haematological parameters were estimated at the end of trial. Significantly lower egg yolk and serum cholesterol was recorded in group Bl-1. Medicinal plants supplementation significantly lower the triglycerides level over the control group. Significantly improve/high level of high density lipoprotein was recorded in Tg-1, Bl-1 and Ta-1, while low level of low density lipoprotein was recorded in Bl-1 and Ta-1.  Haematological parameters significantly improved in medicinal plants treated groups except haemoglobin and red blood cells counts. Hepatic biomarkers ALT and AST were recorded non-significant in all treated groups, while serum ALP and total protein was significantly altered in groups Bl-1 and Ta-0.5. Non-significant observations were recorded for nephro-protective effect of medicinal plants in laying birds. It is concluded from the results that medicinal plants possess hypolipidemic, haematological and hepato-nephro protective effects.

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