Pet Food Issues

Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry

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Editorial - (2021) Volume 7, Issue 1

Pet Food Issues

Babiker Mohamed*
*Correspondence: Babiker Mohamed, Department of Food science and Technology, Bayero University, Iran, Email:
Department of Food science and Technology, Bayero University, Iran

Editorial Note

As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, one thing is clear: Many of us are turning to pets to help us brave this challenging time in history. In fact, as people continue stuck at home, the appeal for adopting or fostering pets, particularly dogs, has risen worldwide, from Canada to India. Between March and September 2020, the number of advance pets in U.S. homes increased by 8 percent, give to PetPoint, which collects industry data on pet adoption. Return- on-investment (ROI) calculations in manufacturing applications generally focus on analyze the cost of an investment against the expected positive impact of that investment, such as an increase in construction, decrease in downtime or reduced labor. These apparent, actual benefits often tip the scale in support of execute a precious amount of capital to a new solution. Many capital contribution also offer less apparent cost savings, improved flexibility and other hidden ROIs that can vary depending on the processing application.

Tampa, Fla., said the company has optimized its extrusion systems to reduce product loss and transition times. “Automated startup and shutdown action are very effective in minimizing product loss,” Delemazure said. “Clextral has also becoming to run smaller batches and a large number of product references. Extruders that offer brief screw access for changes, quick die changes and automated production procedures are very effective in helping boner achieve a good ROI when running multiple products.” Wenger Manufacturing, Sabetha, Kan., has discovered that in addition to the many formulation factors that improve product palatability, a combination of process parameters has a greater effect on palatability than previously known. Calculating the ROI of palatability is difficult to quantify but is particularly important in pet food.

“There are several factors that affect hidden, or non-traditional, process criterion of ROI in discharge cooking and assemble of pet food whether using a single screw, ideal parallel shaft, conical shaft or high-volume melting extruder,” said Andy Hollister, product marketing director, Wenger Manufacturing. “One hidden benefit is an raise in palatability, via relocation roasting, increased mixing intensity and low discharge SME (specific mechanical energy) input that has been replaced by thermal energy. There are several studies that have accepted this approach and that is the reason for the Wenger patent on the process that involve our convection roasting CVR pre-dryer in association with low SME (below 10 SME via the Thermal Twin-Screw) and our High Intensity Pre-Conditioner (HIP).”

Wenger supports addition in extrusion applications through research achieve with third-party companies and clients in the Wenger Technical Center looking at traditional process guideline of an ROI, while also exploring new variables that could provide products and operations anasset in a competitive market.

Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) metrics that provide clarity upstream and downstream from a piece of equipment allow boner — and the suppliers of that equipment — to confidently and exactly diagnose issues when they occur, which represents consequential savings. “These kind of OEE metrics allow you to identify issues not just more easily but with consequential that you have located the problem because you have data to map over the series of time,” Hanrahan said. “It gives you a good piece of inquiry to really delve in and solve the issue. COVID is transport to light the concern of systems that help processors classify problems, or fix them before they happen, or facilitate service technicians to remotely troubleshoot an issue, or to provide efficient brace without traveling to a plant. People are starting to see the acute value of that.”

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