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Molecular and Genetics aspects of COVID-19 (2021)

    Review Article Pages: 1 - 11

    Determination of the Effectiveness of Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatment of COVID 19

    Insignares-Carrione Eduardo, Bolano Gomez Blanca, Andrade Yohanny, Callisperis Patricia, Suxo Ana Maria, Arturo Bernardo Ajata San Martin and Camila Ostria Gonzales

    Introduction: The aim of this review is to determine the Effectiveness of Oral Chlorine Dioxide in the Treatmentof COVID 19.
    Methods: Research on the mechanism of action of chlorine dioxide on viruses, on the oral consumption ofwater-solubilized Cl02 and on its toxicity was reviewed; a quasi-experimental investigation wasconducted on the use of oral water-soluble chlorine dioxide in the treatment of 20 patients withactive COVID19 infection, compared to a control group of 20 patients not treated with chlorinedioxide.
    Results: To compare the effect in the experimental group versus the control group, a test of comparison of proportions and their confidence intervals was performed for the general symptoms, and for the VAS and Likert criteria, a paired test using the Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney test (α: 95%) was performed . When comparing the experimental group with the control group on the seventh day after symptom manifestation, a significant difference was found in the experimental group with respect to the control group for the symptoms Fever (p: 0000), Cough (p: 0.0000), Chills (p: 0.0000) and Dyspnea (p: 0.0006). When performing the visual analogous comparison of pain in the control group and in the experimental group, it was found that in all the items that make up the scale decreased significantly in this group with respect to the control group (p: 0.0000; p:00017). On day 14 post-demonstration the difference was greater (p:0.000 ; p:0.0043). When evaluating both groups (Control and Experimental) in the laboratories, a difference was found for the values of the parameters PC Reactive on day 7 (p: 0.0001) and DH Lactate (0.0036), with higher scores for the experimental group; Dimero-D on day 7 (p: 0.0194) and on day 14 (p:0.0029) ; difference was found in all parameters. The results overall (p <0.05) demonstrate the hypothesis that chlorine dioxide is effective in the treatment of COVID19.
    Conclusion: Chlorine dioxide is effective in the treatment of COVID19 and the mechanisms of action by which it acts to achieve it are proposed in this work. We recommend doing more research. We recommend conducting double-blind studies and delving into studies of toxicological safety and therapeutic efficacy of chlorine dioxide in pathologies of epidemiological impact in the near future.

    Review Article Pages: 1 - 7

    Seroconversion for SARS-Cov-2 in Rheumatic Patients on Synthetic and Biologics Disease Modifying Anti-Rheumatic Drugs in Sao Paulo, Brazil

    Santana FM, Lopes JB, Perez MO, Campana G, Levi JE, Lopes FPPL, Gebara OE, Cobra JF and Figueiredo CP

    There is a lack of information on how immunomodulatory drugs for autoimmune rheumatic diseases (ARDs) impair humoral immune response following SARS-CoV-2 exposure.
    Methods: A prospective study was performed with ARD patients on synthetic or biologic DMARDs (sDMARDs or bDMARDs) classified into three groups (antimalarial monotherapy, antimalarial plus bDMARD, antimalarial plus sDMARD) and a fourth group (control). All patients underwent a clinical baseline interview, anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM tests at baseline and three months later, monitored for incident respiratory symptoms at follow-up, with rRT-PCR in suspected cases.
    Result: One hundred patients were included. Fewer than half who turned IgG positive(42.8%) remained asymptomatic. All three positive rRT-PCR patients showed seroconversion for anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG. There was also a trend for significant association for more frequent use of bDMARDs in IgG-positive patients (42.9% vs. 19.8%, p=0.056). Although patients on bDMARDs were also on antimalarial drugs, most of the patients who
    were not on bDMARDs were also on antimalarial drugs (group 1 and 3). Hence antimalarial use was widely present in both comparator groups. On the other hand, none of the patients on non-antimalarial sDMARD had detectable anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG compared to 35.4% of the remaining sample (0.0% vs. 35.4%, p=0.050).
    Conclusion: Although anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG positivity was quite common (14% incidence), half evolved asymptomatically. Temporally withholding bDMARD therapy in ARD patients during the pandemic based on possible humoral response impairment seems not suitable. sDMARD was associated with a lower incidence of anti-SARS-CoV-2 IgG positivity, although the study was not properly designed to clarify this matter.

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 4

    Association by Polymorphism of the IL22 Gene in Situations, Rs867810424 (A/G) and Rs1390124543 (A/G) With A Risk of Infertility in Women

    Farideh Orooji, Sirous Naeimi and Mohammad Mehdi Moghani Bashi

    Infertility is a growing and effective social disease in family relationships. The importance of controlling and measuring patient risk is determined by the individual's predisposing factors to infertility, genetic and acquired background. Inflammatory disorders are seen in many diseases, and cytokines, including IL22, play a role. IL22 is a precursor cytokine and has a dual role in causing inflammation and tissue protection. The secretion of IL10 increases in gestational dehydration and plays an important role in regulating the safety of the pregnant uterus. IL22 levels are associated with increased egg fertility and the expansion of fetal growth. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of two variants rs86781042 and rs1390124543 in IL22 on female infertility in southern Iran and compare it with healthy individuals. In this case study, evidence was used to study the polymorphism of the IL22 gene in the blood of 200 infertile and healthy patients in Shiraz hospitals, for DNA extraction and purification, using Salting Out and Proteinase K methods, followed by electrophoresis and PCR ARM was used. The results were analyzed using SPSS software and Hardy Weinberg equilibrium. According to the results, it seems that the expression of two polymorphisms of IL22 gene is directly related to infertility in women in southern Iran and by using this relationship, it can be used as a biomarker for screening infertile women and diagnosing the disease.

    Review Article Pages: 1 - 3

    Applications of Chitosan in the Field of Biomedicine and Cosmetics

    Mozhdeh Haddadi, Soheil kianirad, Mohammad Javad Saghafi and Mostafa Adibi

    Chitosan has special physicochemical properties such as short-term biodegradability, biocompatibility with human tissues, antibacterial and antifungal activity and non-toxicity, so it has high potential in various industries. In addition, biological properties such as bioadhesion, anti-cancer, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, antioxidant, blood coagulant and cholesterol-lowering distinguish it from other biological polymers. It has been used as a safe compound in drug formulations for more than a decade. Different samples of chitosan can be prepared with different molecular weights as well as different degrees of deacetylation. In this way, it took advantage of the multi-stage de-acetylation process. In this case, the reaction temperature, reaction time and number of reaction steps are considered as effective parameters. Molecular weight and percentage of deacetylation play a decisive role in the biological properties of chitin, chitosan and their derivatives. So far, various derivatives of chitin and chitosan have been obtained. By manipulating the extraction steps (removing mineral and protein compounds), higher purity derivatives can be prepared. In other words, changes in the structural properties of the material are very effective on the final characteristics of the product.

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