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    Public Health Significance of Foodborne Helminthiasis: A Systematic Review
    Author(s): Mahendra Pal, Yodit Ayele, Angesom Hadush, Pooja Kundu and Vijay J JadhavMahendra Pal, Yodit Ayele, Angesom Hadush, Pooja Kundu and Vijay J Jadhav

    Foodborne diseases, caused by biological as well as chemical agents, have an impact in both developing and developed nations. The foodborne diseases of microbial origin are acute where as those caused by chemical toxicants are resulted due to chronic exposure. Amongst various microbial agents of foodborne diseases, parasitic infections have been recently identified as an important public health problems having considerable economic impact in terms of morbidity, loss of productivity, and health care costs. The risk factors for acquiring foodborne helminthic infections are overcrowding, unhygienic living conditions, scarcity of water, contaminated food and water, under nutrition and other poverty-related factors. According to the World Health Organization, there are 32 important foodborne pathogens, of which 10 are helminthes. Several foodborne and waterborne helminthic diseases such as.. Read More»

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