Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry

ISSN: 2472-0542

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Antonello Santini

Professor of University of Napoli, Italy. Tel:081-2539317

Prof. Antonello SANTINI, Ph.D. University of Napoli, Italy, 1992, Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, 1993-1994, National Research Council Fellow, University of Naples, 1994-1995, Appointed to Faculty, University of Naples Federico II. Professor of Food Chemistry, Department of Pharmacy University of Napoli Federico II. 1994- Director, Virtual Laboratory of research and education in Food ( ), 1999- Director Net Learning Laboratory ( 2000-, University of Napoli Federico II. Visiting Professor, University of La Plata and University Buenos Aires, Argentina. His teaching activity includes Fundamentals of General and Inorganic Chemistry, General Chemistry, Chemisyty and Propedeutic Biochemistry, Laboratory of Chemistry NLL (FAD, E-learning course which used the ad hoc designed above mentioned proprietary web based platform). He has also been teaching Didactical aspect of Chemistry, Resources for Science teaching in Internet, Laboratory of Chemistry. He has worked in educational aspects of Chemistry, FAD, remote e-learning and web based communication/teaching/learning aspects in Chemistry based on online information delivery system developed on different online platforms. He is responsible of Erasmus agreements with Universities in Portugal, Lithuania, Romania, Ireland, Czech Republic and Turkey. He is Coordinator and Resposible of Institutional General Cultural Agreements between the University of Napoli Federico II and the Universities of Buenos Aires, Rio Negro, La Plata (Argentina), San Paolo (Brazil), Casablanca (Moroc), Peje (Kosovo).
Research Interest
Nutraceuticals, Food Chemistry, Food additives and contaminants. Food safety. Laboratory of Chemistry. Analytycal aspect and chemical analysis techniques and methodologies applied to biologically active molecules and foodstuffs; structure-biological activity relationships; chemical education and food education: development of web-based multimedia tools as a support to the permanent education; educational and research tools development on demand; promoting meaningful learning in college science teaching, assist students to store more information in a memorable, readily usable fashion, and facilitate the development of effective problem solving skills. Specifically, the role of interactive, computer-based multimedia packages/web platforrms can play in learning and how effective they are as tools to encourage the understanding of complex scientific processes and concepts is investigated.

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