Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry

ISSN: 2472-0542

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Changes in Biochemical Criteria of Tilapia Fish Samples during Frozen Storage at -18??C for 180 Days and their Fried Products


Hassan Rabea Mohamed

Changes in values of biochemical criteria of Tilapia samples during frozen storage for 180 days at -18°C and their fried products were studied. Quality criteria of raw samples were 6.74, 6.2 pH; 10.64, 12.04 mg/100 gm TVB-N and 0.21, 0.23 mg/kg TBA for farms A and B samples, respectively. After frying values of TBA, TVB-N and pH increased in all fried samples prepared from frozen samples throughout storage periods. TVB-N and TBA values increased with the storage periods until the end the storage, while pH value of frozen samples decreased to 6.61 in farm A frozen samples, on other side pH values were increased to 6.53 in samples of farm A after 60 days of freezing. After that the values of pH were increased until the end of storage.


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