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    Difference between Existing Improving Line Layout and Improved Line Layout

    Erica Buffey*

    DOI: 10.37421/2169-0316.2022.11.163

    A well-planned layout facilitates numerous financial and non-financial activities for both suppliers and users. As a result, the goal of this study is to rearrange the layout to increase sewing production line productivity. As a result, production suffers and time, effort, and time are lost. Due to a poor layout, production costs and time are wasted, making the business unprofitable and causing customer dissatisfaction. Because the layout wasn't right, the workers needed a lot of energy and time to make the less production that was already there. In this manner, the review was directed to further develop productivities of the organization by decreasing tedious interaction and variables influencing creation pace of the organization utilizing information from DBL( Bangladesh possessed creation) fabricating plc to deliver legitimate spread out. The researcher compared the efficiency, production, and cycle time of the existing and new layouts. thus, the improved lay out efficiency of 24.14 percent, production 1546, and cycle time correspond to the existing efficiency of 21.82 percent, production 1387 per day sample 3 blocks, and cycle times, respectively. A well-planned layout facilitates numerous financial and non-financial activities for both suppliers and users. As a result, the goal of this study is to rearrange the layout to increase sewing production line productivity. As a result, production suffers and time, effort, and time are lost.

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      Hadoop Security and Privacy in Big Data

      Hadiqa Amjad*, Nimra Jamil, Amna Azeem, and Saba Majeed

      Big Data means the large amount of data. Data is rapidly increasing day by day. So, there’s a big issue how to secure the large amount of data. Securing information is become a priority as data is a most important asset in today’s world. In this paper we will discuss the challenges of Hadoop and provide the solutions for securing it. Some security challenges of Hadoop include Data Security, Network Security, Access Control Security etc. We have brief discussed about Hadoop framework, some security management modules and different approaches i.e. Kerberos technique, Bull Eye Algorithm, encryption techniques etc. in securing the Hadoop Ecosystem.

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      Importance of Error Management in Occupational Safety: A Case Survey Conducted in Manufacturing Set-ups

      Skanda Moda Gururajarao*

      Human failures in workplace may lead to accidents which will affect the individual as well as to the organization. Attribution of human error as the cause of accidents and incidents is common in accident reports. In order to improve the safety aspects of the organization, time and financial resources are being spent. In spite of safety policies, rules and regulations, many accidents, and incidents are being reported from different sectors. The current study focuses on the errors management in medium and small scale manufacturing setups. Authors argue that it is important to view errors as a positive feedback and having a growth mindset towards errors can improve the safety culture thereby improving the overall productivity and efficiency of the organization. Questionnaire on error management culture of the manufacturing setups is prepared and distributed among the medium and small scale industrial operators of the manufacturing setups situated in the Mysore city. Statistical reliability analysis of error management questionnaire is carried out and it is found that instrument is reliable and can be used to assess the error management culture of the organization.

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        A Case Study on Optimal Mix Electricity Generation & Demand Calculation of Bangladesh By 2042

        Nahinur Rahman*

        DOI: 10.37421/2169-0316.2021.10.300

        Bangladesh has demonstrated strong economic fundamentals with a consistent GDP growth rate over 7 percent in last few years. With this rapid economic growth, the demand of electricity will also be increased. Since the development of power sector is dependent on many factors, the power sector of Bangladesh is very challenging. In this case study, a brief discussion on Power sector of Bangladesh has demonstrated with recent information and data including power crisis of the country. Future plans and programs of Power sector has been discussed too. A detailstudy on power demand and production is also calculated. Our main objective was to provide a genuine power scenario of Bangladesh and calculate the upcoming demand by 2042 which will be followed by some recommendations through which the Power sector of Bangladesh can improve. The forecasting was calculated by multiple regression analysis using GMDH Streamline software.

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        Supply Chain Management and its Tools used by McDonald’s in India

        Ajay Kumar Pagare*

        DOI: 10.37421/2169-0316.2021.10.290

        McDonald’s is largest fast food chain in world, it is also known for its speed of operation. It is present in 118 countries with 36900 outlets. It is very crucial task to satisfy every customer where their expectation are very high, all they want is hygiene, taste, cleanliness, reliable price, fast delivery and many more. In India there is 250 eating outlets covering 40 cities and they add more outlets every time. McDonald’s entirely outsourced its service and managed quite long supply chain network in India. It uses various models like HUB and SPOKE model and different software like SAP SCM, RAMCO ERP with COBRA. The explanation will help to understand the flow of supply chain management and its tool in India.

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          Improvement of line rearrangement or line lay out in garment department

          Wintana Solomun and Berihun Negash*

          Proper lay out gives relief a lot of financial and non financial activates for both users and suppliers. Thus, the propose of this research is to improve the productivity of sewing production line through the layout rearrangement. So that, time, energy and less production gets crashed. The production losing and time consuming due to un proper lay out leads to company unprofitable and customer disaffection. The workers took high energy and time consuming to produce the existing less production because of un proper lay out. Thus, the study was conducted to improve productivities of the company by reducing time consuming process and factors affecting production rate of the company using data from DBL( Bangladesh owned production) manufacturing plc to produce proper lay out. The researcher’s analyzed existing lay out and new lay out to compare based on their efficiency, production and cycle time. so, that the existing lay out efficiency is 21.82%, production1387per day sample 3 blocks, and cycle times respectively for the improved lay out efficiency is 24.14%, production 1546 and cycle time.

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