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Editorial for Industrial Engineering & Management Journal

Financial Distress Prediction: The Way Forward

Multi Objective Optimization and Engineering Management

The Global Exchange of Knowledge for Industrial Engineering and Management

Six Sigma: The Time to Act is Now

A Possibilistic Programming Approach for Vehicle Routing Problem with Fuzzy Fleet Capacity (FCVRP)

Industrial Engineering and Management:Increasing Integration and Convergence

Advertising Response Models for Marketing-OM Interface Research

Hybrid Simulation in the Enterprise and Model-Based Systems Engineering

Advancing Service Operations: The Changing Role of Industrial Engineering

Patient Safety and the Safety Culture

Reconfigurable Manufacturing Systems-What can Industrial Engineering and Management do?

Using Fuzzy Set Theory in an Optimization Setting

Industrial Engineering & Translational Medicine: The Role of Modeling

Evaluation of Continuous Improvement Approach in Selected Manufacturing Industry of Punjab

An Ergonomic Case Study of Scale-Pits in Transportation

Human Factors in Research: M-Commerce Case

Mathematical Modeling for Minimizing Costs in a Multilayer Multi-Product Reverse Supply Chain

A Mixed Integer Programming Model for Coordination of Multi-Product Two-Echelon Supply Chain Using Meta-heuristic Solu

An Unpretentious View of Technical Drawings – Historic Evolution (Managerial Approach)

Fault Diagnosis of Spinning Industrial Systems by Using Wavelet Analysis and Soft Computer Classifier

The Reorganization by Processes and its Effect on the Organizational, Physical and Cognitive Ergonomics: A Case Study

Structural Properties and vulnerability of Iranian 400kv Power Transmission Grid: a Complex Systems Approach

An Enhanced QFD Approach for Improving Water Tanks Sustainability at a Local Water Distributor

Effect of Excluding Travel Time Variations in Urban Areas on Emissions

Neural Network Control Chart Architecture for Monitoring Non-Conformities in a Poisson Process

Cost Effective Strategies to Reduce CO2 Emissions in the UAE: A Literature Review

Hesitant Fuzzy Sets and Hesitant Fuzzy Preference Relations

Optimization Solution to Supply Chain Network Architecture Using New-PSO Algorithm

Using Theory of Constraints to Control Manufacturing Systems: A Conceptual Model

Some New Trends in Multiobjective Programming Problems Under Uncertainty

Data Mining for Industrial Engineering and Management

Reporting Culture Prediction on Safety Performance by an Error Taxonomy System

Virtual Comfort Evaluation as a New Paradigm of Health and Safety in Industrial Engineering

Analysis of Accuracy and Formulation of Criterion for Comparing Two Variants of Trilateration Method of Acoustic Location

Policy for Rearranging Workers for a Self-Balancing Production Line with Worker Learning

Technology Readiness of School Teachers - An Empirical Study of Measurement and Segmentation

Probabilistic Graphical Models for the Medical Industry Developed Using Enhanced Learning Algorithms

Automatic Train Protection Systems

Dynamic Industrial System Approach to the Industrial Sustainability Development Based on National Economy- With a Case of Taiwan

Importance of Measuring Supply Chain Management Performance

A Review on Measurement of Agility

FEM Simulation of a FML Full Scale Aeronautic Panel Undergoing Static Load

The Mediating Effect of Agility: IT's Impact on Firm Performance among U.S. Manufacturing Firms

The Importance of Ergonomics in Industrial Engineering

The Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle of Value Addition

On inverse problem of Choquet integral

Decision Making Using Engineering Economic Tools: A Real Case Study

Challenges and Solutions for Location of Healthcare Facilities

A Coordinated Control Strategy of Voltage Regulation in Power System based on Multi-Agent System

Shortest Path Problem under Fuzziness

Artistic Demonstrations by Euclidean Geometry: Possible in 2D but Impossible in 3D

Wonders of Human's Cerebrum via Art

Artistic Demonstrations by Euclidean Geometry: Possible in 2D but Impossible in 3D

The Phenomenon of Perspective via Art

Quality Improvement Approaches and Models in Healthcare

Reporting on Internationalization of Operations, GLOBOP: Design and Management of Global Supply Chains

The Biomechanics of Women in Combat

Remaining Useful Life and Performance Reliability Online Assessment

From Hierarchy of the Levels of Theoretical Inquiry to Full Type 2 Fuzzy System Models

RFID Modular System for the Internet of Things (IoT)

A Study on Implementation of IT Tools in SME'S in India

Simulation of the Effects of Turbine Exhaust Recirculation on the Composition of Flue Gas for a CO2 Capture Unit

An Application of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) Process to Assess Risk in Cement Industries in Bangladesh

What is Mass and it's Conservation Law

Statistical Quality Control and Process Capability Analysis for Variability Reduction of the Tomato Paste Filling Process

A Genetic Algorithm-based Study on the Optimization of Scheduling of Project Development

Is it Possible to Maximize Return on Investment and Achieve Adequate Market Share at the Same Time?

Gravitational Force - A Powerful Boon

The Use of Artificial Intelligence on Construction Products Research

Identifying Optimum Supply Unit Using an Integrated Fuzzy TOPSIS and MCGP Approach in Apparel Industry Sector

Optimal Process/Reprocess Production Mix for Multiple Orders in Multiple Periods

A Fuzzy Probabilistic Maximum Technique to Optimize an Unconstrained Utility Based Multi Objective Model

A Model for Taking Decision for Rejuvenation of Machine Tools

The Phenomenon of Zoology via Art

Newton's 2nd Law

Effect of Biofield Treatment on the Physical and Thermal Characteristics of Aluminium Powders

Customer-Defined Quality and Quality-Based Product Portfolio A Theoretical Framework on Quality

Designing and Installation of Low-cost Optimized Wind Monitoring System

Machine Vision of Clustering Identical Parts in Cellular Manufacturing

An Optimization Model for Scheduling Tour of Service Personnel in afterSale Service Process with Additional Side Conditions of Responsiveness and FCFS Service Policy

Design for Supply Chain: An Analysis of Key Risk Factors

Managing the Bullwhip Effect in Multi-Echelon Supply Chains

The Illusive Alpha and Useless Beta Mathematical Elegance without Market Relevance

Sequential Lifting of General Integer Variables for Integer Programs

Lean Thinking: An Overview

Fatigue Crack Growth by FEM-DBEM Approach in a Steam Turbine Blade

Studies of the Atomic and Crystalline Characteristics of Ceramic Oxide Nano Powders after Bio field Treatment

Supplier selection of foreign trade sourcing company using ANP-VIKOR method in hesitant fuzzy environment

Recycling of Rice Husk into a Locally-Made Water-Resistant Particle Board

Application of Value Stream Mapping in Pump Assembly Process: A Case Study

Impact of Biofield Treatment on Physical, Structural and Spectral Properties of Antimony Sulfide

Decision-making under Uncertainty using Point-Cloud

Impact of Biofield Treatment on Atomic and Structural Characteristics of Barium Titanate Powder

Study Based on Servqual Dimensions in Service Industry - A Literature Review

The Localization of the Japanese Convenience Store FamilyMart in Taiwan

Outward Foreign Direct Investment of Chinese Enterprises: Review and Analysis

Evaluation of the Impact of Security Threats on Operational Efficiency of the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA)

Microwave-assisted Liquefaction of Cork - From an Industrial Waste to Sustainable Chemicals

Research on the Measurement Uncertainty of Blade Surface Measured by Coordinates Measuring Machines

Wind and Geothermal Energy in Desalination: A Short Review on Progress and Sustainable Commercial Processes

Lean Manufacturing Achieved by Implanting Kanban at Supplier End

Prospect of Swarm Intelligence (SI) Techniques for the Charging Optimization of Electric Vehicles

Evaluation of Thermal and Physical Properties of Magnesium Nitride Powder: Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment

Four Layers Approach for Developing System Thinking Assessment Tool for Industrial and Systems Engineers

Minimization of Defects Percentage in Injection Molding Process using Design of Experiment and Taguchi Approach

Importance of Taguchi's Method in Optimization of Various Problems in Service Sector

Example of Arresting Crack Growth in Welded Parts

Life Prediction of a Spindle CNC Machining Centre Using Natural Frequency Method of Vibration

Distance Constrained Location Problems

Non-Gaussian Random Generators in Bacteria Foraging Algorithm for Multiobjective Optimization

A Message for Going Green Can We Make Our Planet Sustainable and Living one Forever?

The Use of Artificial Intelligence in Forest Product Manufacturing: A Lowcost Improvement in Competitiveness

Can Nanofluids Lead to Commercial Usage in Solar Engineering

Mining SCADA Data Offers a New Roadmap of Wind Farm Operations and Management

Review of Recent Developments in Ergonomic Design and Digital Human Models

A Self-Diagnostic System for Photovoltaic Based Highway Signage Boards and Warning Devices

Distribution of Inventory Level on a Repairable Parts System under Performance-Based Contract

Adoption of Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle among Malaysian Consumers

The Permutation Flow-Shop Scheduling Using a Genetic Algorithm-based Iterative Method

Characterization and Evaluation of the Potential of Limestone Jebels Bent Saidane, Bou Garnine Raous and Bridge of Fahs (North East Tunisia)

Safety Performance of Complex Systems: Lesson Learned from ATM Resilience Analysis

Introduction to Technology Management

Forecasting System Monitoring under Non-normal Input Noise Distributions

Integrated Component Reliability Modeling for Helicopter Service Industry

An PSO Algorithm for Multi Objective Optimization of Multi-Echelon Supply Chain Network Architectures

Quiet Heroics at the Back End: 7-Eleven Holds Its Neighborhood Edge

The Beauty in Design - Aesthetics and Functions Caused by Combining Analogue with Digital Processing - Case Studies of Fashion Engineering and Automotive Design

EE-(m,k)-firm: Operations Management Approach In Enterprise Environment

A Review on Dicationic Ionic Liquids: Classification and Application

Construction Performance Control in Steel Structures Projects

Biomass Direct Liquefaction - Can This Process Become Fully Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly?

Modelling of Enablers for Maintenance Management by ISM Method

Management of Radiation Exposure Photoelectric Properties of the Double-Barrier Structure Based on Silicon

Economic Advantages of Utilizing the Integrated Quality Software Development Model

Statistical Quality Control of Chemical Compositions of Rolled Products: A Case Study of the Light Section Mill of Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited

Productivity Improvement by Work Study Technique: A Case on Leather Products Industry of Bangladesh

The Optimization of Query Processing in Sea Base Cloud Databases Based on CCEVP Model

On the Development of Software and Information Support for Traffic Monitoring in the Cities of Ukraine

Reduce Defects by Controlling the Spraying Process via Images Compare and Revamping Lean Six Sigma Toolbox

Footwear Industry in Bangladesh: Implementation of Six Sigma Methodology

The Roles of TQM and JIT For Basic Metal Industries Global Competitiveness

Environmental Performance Evaluation of Polycarbonates Production Processes


Textile Bio Processing Using Aloe Gel

Deadlock-Detection via Reinforcement Learning

Lagrange Multiplier Method for Drilling Oil Reservoir

Application of “TQM” and “TSM” in UAE Construction Safety Management

Impact of Agile Methodologies on Cost Estimation Techniques in Software Industry of Pakistan

Integrated Fuzzy PROMETHEE and Fuzzy Linear Program for Functions Evaluation in Convergent Products: Case for Digital Products

Lean Leadership Practices-A Literature Review

Obtaining Reliability Insights during a Product’s Conceptual Design Process through Bayesian Network Modeling

Performance Analysis of Manufacturing Industries for System Improvement

A Rigorous Mathematical Approach to the Economic Rate of Return (ERR) and its Application to Economic Analysis

An Investigation on the Dependency of Bursting Strength of Knitted Fabrics on Knit Structures

Analysis of Wage-Gender Discrimination in Connection with Higher Education in the Bahamas

Reduction of Excessive Trimming and Reject Leather by Integration of 7 QC Tools and QC Story Formula: The Case Report of Sheba Leather PLC

Selection of Best Supplier by Using AHP Approach for Managing Risk Factors in Logistics: A Case of Leather Products Industry

An Effective Harmony Search Algorithm for Solving a No-Wait Hybrid Flow Shop Scheduling Problem with Machine Availability Constraint

Flexibility In Construction Building Structures- A Case Study

Asset Management System Processes: Implementation of Sensor and Artificial Intelligence

Assessing the Practices of Total Quality Management Principles at Frontiers Printing and Publishing Limited

Impaired Asset Management and the Optimal Timing of Write-Down Decisions

Preparation and Mechanical Properties of Jute Fiber Reinforced Epoxy Composites

Multi-Objective Build Orientation Optimization for Powder Bed Fusion by Laser

Goldbach: A New Conjecture

Optimum Design of Impulse Ventilation System in Underground Car Parking Basement by Using CFD Simulation

On the Transformation of Enterprise Operation Mode in the Era of Crossborder E-commerce: Taking Sam’s Club as an Example

Using Game Theory to Develop Sustainability Strategies in an Era of Resource Depletion

Numerical Analysis of the Shock Efforts on the Stress Level in the Dental Prosthesis Elements

Quality Cost in Saudi Arabia Plastic and Glass Industry

Financial Reporting Practices and Investment Decisions: A Review of the Literature

Overview Success Criteria and Critical Success Factors in Project Management

Study on Influence Factors of zinc layer thickness via Response Surface Method, Taguchi Method and Genetic Algorithm

A Review on Corrosion Resistant of Cu-Al Joints

The Effects of Zinc Oxide on the Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Direct Synthesis Hydroxyapatite

Sintering of Incorporated Shape Memory Alloys into Functionally Graded Materials

Influence of Waste Glass Powder on Compressive Strength of Sulfate Resistance Portland Cement

Improving PSD of PPM-IR for UWB Signal Using Turbo Encoder

Preparation and Investigation of Corrosion and Biocompatibility Properties for Functionally Graded Materials (NiTi)

Use Bagging Algorithm to Improve Prediction Accuracy for Evaluation of Worker Performances at a Production Company

Deep Sea Water: Potential of Vietnam

Experimental Analysis of Process Parameters of Robot Onboard AGVS for Material Handling in Plant Layouts with and without Split Loads

Benefits of Kaizen to Business Excellence: Evidence from a Case Study

Identification of Competitiveness Variable for Manufacturing Industries with SEM Model Approach

Study on the Mechanical Properties of Pellets Produced from Blends of Itakpe and Agbaja Iron Ore

Development of an Inspection Optimization Model Using Semi-Markov Process and Delay Time Concept

Improve Productivity by Implementing a Quality Management Cycle (Case Study: Internet and Financial Services Company)

Technology for Management of Labor Productivity at the Enterprise Level

Employment of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for the Optimum Way of Enhanced Oil Recovery

Requirements of Knowledge Management Implementation in Istanbul Aydin University

Determinants of Overhauling Failures: Evidence from OEM Intensive Maritime Capital Projects

Framework for Part Family Formation Based on Setup Similarity

A Study on Application of Activity Based Costing in Sheet Metal Industry at Belagavi, Karnataka

Occupational Whole Body Vibration Transmitted from Feet to Head in Indian Forging Unit

Management of Efficiencies of Mining Equipment

Shift Working in Democratic Republic of Congo

Deep Learning Based Modeling in Computational Advertising: A Winning Formula

Optimizing a Hierarchical Location: Allocation Problem Using the M/M/M Queue Model and Solving It Employing a Genetic Algorithm

Implementation of Control Chart for Statistical Process Control Considering Temperature and Humidity Effect in Synthetic Staple Fiber Industry

Using Lean Techniques and Simulation to Improve the Efficiency of Engineered Wood Production: A Case Study in a Small Factory

Statistical Forecasting Modeling to Predict Inventory Demand in Motorcycle Industry: Case Study

India’s Saddlery and Harness Sector: Exports and Its Challenges

Construction Project Management in Moroccan Small and Medium Enterprises: Exploring the Practices

Design of Industrial Lifting Crate Rated for 1 Tonne Load

Design of a Conveyor Belt Turning Frame

Design of a 10T Flake Pile Roller Stand

Factor Analysis in Fault Diagnostics Using Random Forest

Loan Cycle Time Analysis for Industrial Project Financing of Development Bank of Ethiopia

A Review on Performance Management System (PMS) Methods for Employees Appraisal in an Organization

Stability and Risk in Recreational Development of the Coast of the Cheboksary and Kuibyshev Reservoirs

Minimizing Safety Equipment Cost in Manufacturing Systems Using Transportation Simplex Method

Optimization in MIG Welding by Using Six Sigma Tools

Impact of Climate Change on Agriculture and Indian Economy: A Quantitative Research Perspective from 1980 to 2016

Root Cause Analysis of Construction Oil and Gas Project Delays from Engineering and Construction Management Point of View Using Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP): A Case Study for National Iranian Oil Company Projects

Editorial Note for Industrial Engineering & Management

Developing a Maintenance Management System based on Integrated Approach of ISO 9001:2015 and TQM Philosophy

Automation and Robotics 2018: Advances in machine learning for intrusion detection Jon C Haass- Embry-Riddle University, USA

Automobile Europe 2018: Decision and motion planning at intersection for urban automated driving Koungsu Yi- Seoul National University, South Korea

Automobile Europe 2018: Platform thinking is the future of aftersales business in the automotive industry Joffrey Mabuma Teamwille, Germany

Automation and Robotics 2018: Power steering system body-modeling and analysis of its vibrations subsystems Andrzej Buchacz- Silesian University of Technology, Poland

Automation and Robotics 2018: Multi time-series mining for medical, engineering, and smart maintenance purposes in order to figure out critical system statuses Petra Perner- Institute of Computer Vision and Applied Computer Sciences, Germany

Automation and Robotics 2018: Motion spy- vibration energy harvesting sensor can track train passengers using machine learning techniques Marzieh Jalal Abadi- Data61, CSIRO, Australia

Editorial Highlights for Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM)

Establishing reference intervals for thyroid associated hormones and evaluating the prevalence of thyroid diseases by data mining- Yutong Zou, Peking Union Medical College Hospital, China

Cumbersome task: data science in the old industry- Katharina Glass, Data scientist at Aurubis AG, Europe

A Big Data Knowledge Computing Platform for Intelligence Studies- Wen Yi, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Automated classification of a tropical landscape infested by Parthenium weed - Zolo Kiala, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

Surge-Adjusted Forecasting in Temporal Data Containing Extreme Observations - Smaranya Dey, Walmart Labs, Bangalore, India

Vibrating Dual Bent-Share Cultivator

Industrial Engineering:



Method engineering

Design and Operation of Low Energy Consumption Passive Human Comfort Solutions

The Convergence of Technologies, Generates Convergence in the Regulations

LP Modelling Framework to Evaluate Lean Implementation Effectiveness

How Groundwater Level can Predict Under the Effect of Climate Change by Using Artificial Neural Networks of NARX

Improvement Analysis of Production Planning and Control System

Tool Life And Tool Wear For CBN And Alumina Based Ceramic Tools

Evaluation of MEMS Used in Manufacturing Areas of the Aerospace Industry of Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Analysis of Basic Fitness Parameters for Females at Workplace

Non-conformities against ISO/IEC 17025:2017 in Pakistani labs: A study based on Auditing Body Reports

ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Lab Management System Effectiveness Verification by Using Quantitative Approach

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