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Milena Persic

Milena Persic

Milena Persic
Professor, Facility of Tourism and Hospitality management
University of Rijeka, Croatia


Milena Persic is doctor of economic sciences and full professor in tenure, at the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management Opatija (FMTU), University of Rijeka. She is Author or co-author of a large number of books, papers in journals and conferences proceedings, scientific and professional projects.She is the Head of Accounting Department (course Accounting, Responsibility Accounting, Strategic Accounting, Environment Accounting ), Assistant to Dean for LLL programs, Head ofInterdisciplinary postgraduates specialist study "Health Tourism" (which jointly organize FMTU Opatija, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Philosophic Rijeka, at University of Rijeka), Vice president of the Scientific Council at the Referral center for health tourism and medical programmed holiday of Croatian Ministry, the President of the Kvarner Health tourism Cluster Board as well as the Member of Lions club Opatija & Skal club Kvarner.She is also the member of various professional bodies and editorial board of scientific and professional journal (more information is available at her website)

Research Interest

Accounting, Cost Accounting, Accounting Information for Decision Making


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