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Credit Crisis with Focus on Level Three Valuations and FAS 157: Analysis and Recommendations for Change

On Teaching Marketing Strategy: Looking to the Future

Polarization of Marketing Theory: Fueling the Quest for Scientific Marketing Truth

Application Driven Theory: Rigorously Combining Applied and Basic Research Relevant To Accounting and Marketing

Hybrid Systems and Adaptive Foraging Multi-Agent Approaches Towards Strategic Marketing Decision-Making

Changes in Accounting Rules Call for Rapid and Reliable Source of Information

Participatory Decision Support Systems, Marketing and Sustainability

The Quality of IFRS Financial Reporting

Internet Growth & the Accounting Profession

Impact of Organizational Change on Corporate Performance: The Case of Spin-Offs

Stock Return Predictability: Risk Premium or Dividend Growth?

A Different Coding of Assessment Scales

Marketing-Accounting-Finance Interface: The Role of Chief Marketing Officer

Can Marketing & Accounting Coexist in Harmony?

Management Accounting Change in Developing Countries

Communication about Environmental Information: What Drives the Effect on Income Smoothing as Proxy of Earnings Quality?

Economists’s Social Responsibility

Marketing Costs in Accounting Measurements

Making Better Marketing Decisions Faster with Accounting Data

The 21st Century Trade Union Challenges in India

Healthcare Spending and the Affordable Care Act

Earnings Management and Myopic Marketing Management: Differential Metrics and Emphases

Research Opportunities in the Bond Market

Challenges of IFRS in GCC Countries: Issues of Adoption and Compliance

Management Control System Style and Management Accounting Techniques Adoption

How the Libyan Context can Shape Corporate Social Responsibility Disclosure in Libya

From Business Strategy to Accounting and Marketing Practice

Time-Series Properties of Earnings and Reporting Strategy of Earnings Surprise

Exploring the Disclosure of Intellectual Capital in Ghana: Evidence from Listed Companies

Detecting Fraud in Accounting and Marketing

The Growth of the Automobile Industry

The Effect of Fundamental Determinants on Voluntary Disclosure of Financial and Nonfinancial Information: The Case of Tehran Stock Exchange

The Effect of Country of Origin Image on Purchase Intention: A Case Study on Bahir Dar University Instructors

Price Elasticity of Electricity Demand in Iran Based on Computable General Equilibrium Model

Why Indian E-Retailing Market is Still a Partly Success and a Partly Failure Story?

Corporate Social Responsibility towards Employees (Case of Kingfisher Airlines and Jet Airways)

The Impact of Positive Word-of-mouth on Store Brand Purchase Intention with Mediated Effect of Store Image and Perceived Risk towards SBs

Does Positive Word of Mouth Influence on Regular Customers when Buying Store Brand?

Electronic Commerce: Future Research

International Financial Reporting Standard (IFRS): Prospects and Challenges

Do Small Capital Markets Recognize Differentiated Corporate Governance Structure? Evidence from the Indonesian IPOs

A New Approach of Measuring Earnings Quality in Islamic Banks

Study of the Impact of Knowledge Deployment and Appetite for Change on Work

Theory of Conservatism and Value Relevance of Accounting Information

Introducing the Semantic Organization Model for the Assessment of Social Media: Accuracy and Relevance of On-line Reviews

The Study on Female Undergraduates' Attitudes and Perceptions of Entrepreneurship Development (Comparison Public and Private Universities in Ethiopia)

The Effects of Sarbanes-Oxley on Reporting Profits

Examining the Impact of Add-on Product Features as an Inferential Cue

International Financial Reporting Standards: A Frame Work

Service Quality Gap Analysis: Comparative Analysis of Public and Private Sector Banks in India

Audit Committee Effectiveness: Relationship with Audit Committee Characteristics and Interaction with the Internal Audit Department: Case of Egypt

Portfolio Management

Accounting for Goodwill and Manipulation

A Comparative Analysis of Male and Female Consumer Behaviour Factors for their Cosmeceutical Products Types

Marketing Ethics Practices of Small Businesses and their Effect on Consumer Purchase Intention: An Empirical Investigation from Addis Ketema Sub-city

Medical Devices Service Life Cycle Cost Management in Al Karak Hospital as a Case Study

Financial Stability of Islamic Banks in the MENA Countries during Financial Crisis and Political Uncertainty: An Emperical Investigation

A Review of Corporate Social Responsibility: SingTel Touches Lives

Contemporary Developments in Business and Management Steel Industry

Research Study on Impact of Effective Management on Growth of Small Firms: A Study of South Punjab (Pakistan)

Impact of Akaki Small-scale Irrigation Scheme on Household Food Security

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) Adoption on Financial Decisions

Painful Barbie in a Global Marketing Perspective

The Analysis of Marketing Milk Factories and Effects on Customers Behaviours Mechanism

An Investigative Model of Marketing Expansion Strategies: PPL Shipyard, Singapore

XBRL: Towards an Unified Taxonomy

Success Measure for Statistical Failure of IT Projects No Cure, No Pay

A Study on the Socio Economic Profile Performance of Micro Enterprises Runs by Women Self Help Groups in Madurai, Ramnad and Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu

A Study on SMEs in Turkey with Alternate Financial Sources from Developing Countries

An Empirical Study of Changing Behavior in the Jewellery Market

The Role of Innovation in the Segmentation Process

Standardized Versus Localized Strategy: The Role of Cultural Patterns in Society on Consumption and Market Research

An Empirical Analysis on Asset Quality of Indian Banking Industry - Nonperforming Assets to Advances

Corporate Governance and Financial Performance of Listed Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

Book Review - How to use the Internet to Earn US Dollars in Your Pajamastm

Book Review Cara Mudah dapat Pinjaman Bisnes (Malay Version)

Humanity Diffusion

The Credibility of the Somali Central Bank: Independence, Transparency, and Accountability

Changed Scenario for Managers

Enhancing Accounting Information Systems to Facilitate Supply Chain Management between Supermarkets/Suppliers: The Case of Saudi Arabia

Influence of Pharmaceutical Marketing on Prescription Behavior of Physicians: A Cross-sectional Study in Bangladesh

Marketing of Tourism Services and Employment Generation in MaduraiRegion: A Study

Performance of Entrepreneurs and Enterprise Involvement Runs by Women Self Help Groups in Madurai, Ramnad and Dindigul Districts of Tamil Nadu - A Study

Gold and Oil Prices Versus Stock Exchange: A Case Study of Pakistan

Stock Volatility Consequences when Using the Equity Method in Parent Company

Exchange Rate Exposure of Indian Firms Using Capital Market Approach

Impact of Financial Performance and Growth Opportunities on Success or Failure of Companies: Evidence from Tehran Stock Exchange

A Study on: Attitude of Indian Customers towards Smartphones of Android and Windows Version

How to Make India a Financially Literate Country Strategies

Managerial Time Management

Marketing of Financial and Banking Products: An Example fromBangladeshi Bank

Social Capital and International Business Networks: The Case of a Fair Trade Organization

The Delicate Interface between Management Accounting and Marketing Management

How Advertising Intensity and Promotion Costs Effect Operating Profit in Four Type Indonesian Banking Industry

Blue Ocean Strategy in Saudi Arabia Telecommunication Companies and Its Impact on the Competitive Advantage

International Trade Unions: Political View and Changing Face of People Management

Effects of Terrorism on the International Business in Nigeria

Factors Influencing Tax Stamp Purchases in Ghana: A Case of Twifo-AttiMorkwa Sub-tax District

Significance of Foreign Direct Investment in the Economic Development of Pakistan and Afghanistan

Perception of Social Values and Its Role in Controlling Corruption Geniein Peshawar Region

The Impact of the Audit Quality on that of the Earnings Management: Case Study in Tunisia

Lack of Security: A Major Phenomenal of Brain Drain in District Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

The Timeliness of State and Local Governments by GASB: An Evaluation of Efficacy of Financial Reports

Are All Bank Acquisitions Equal? The Impact of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions around the 2007-2009 Financial Crisis: Evidence from TARP

Outsourcing In-bound Call Centers: Impact on Customers’ Service Experience

Accounting in the System of Market Economic Mechanism

Place of Accounting in Providing Economic Safety to the Enterprises (Company)

Consumer Acceptance of Online Shopping in Cameroon: ComparingDifferent Types of Product.

Internet Banking, Customer Perceived Value and Loyalty: The Role of Switching Costs

A New Marketing Paradigm for Creating Global Efficiency and Competitive Advantage of Countries

The Impact of Electronic Word-of-Mouth on Online Impulse Buying Behavior: The Moderating role of Big 5 Personality Traits

Internationalization Strategies for Global Companies: A Case Study of Arla Foods, Denmark

Marketing Problems Encountered by First Generation Entrepreneurs - A Study with Reference to Madurai in Tamilnadu

Impact of Oil and Gold Prices on the Stock Exchange of Bombay: An Evidence from India

An Empirical Study on the Dynamic Relationship between Crude Oil Prices and Pakistan Stock Market

City Marketing and City of Tangiers: Case of National Film Festival in Tangiers – Morocco

Adoption and use of IFRS: Evidence from Brazil

The Success of CRM

The FIBRAs as a Tool for Investment Diversification in Mexican Hotel Sector the Case of FIBRA Inn

The Failure of Neoliberalism: Unfounded Assumptions And the “Colombo’s Egg”.

The Impact of Consumer Confidence and Store Attributes on Store Satisfaction and Store Loyalty

Statistical Analysis of the Core Determinants Influencing the Consumers Brand Preference in Generalization of Bath Soaps

Effects of Debt on Value of a Firm

The Impact of Unprofitable Customer Abandonment on Current Customers’ Exit, Voice, and Loyalty Intentions: An Empirical Analysis

Impact of International Oil Prices on the Stock Exchange of Malaysia and Turkey

Marketing Future and Future Markets

Vive La Difference!

Dynamics of the Exchange Rate in India

The Causal Relationship between Inflation and Economic Growth in Nigeria

Effect of Terrorism on the International Business in Pakistan

Neojiba: The Steam Boat Model and a Lesson in Operational Learning

Impact of Human Resource Management on Organizational Performance

Do Growth Opportunities Influence the Relationship of Capital Structure, Dividend Policy and Ownership Structure with Firm Value: Empirical Evidence of KSE?

Impact of Workload and Job Complexity on Employee Job Performance with the Moderating Role of Social Support and Mediating Role of Job Stress: A Study of Travel agencies in Rawalpindi, Islamabad and AJK

The Impact of Relational Dynamics on Students’ Loyalty and the Mediating role of Students’ Satisfaction in Higher Education Sector

City Marketing and City of Tangiers: Case of National Film Festival in Tangiers Review

Financial Reporting Practices in the Insurance Company in Bangladesh: An Evaluation of the Implementation of IFRS 4, Insurance Contract

The Effect of Social Media on Tourism Consumer Adoption Intention: Evidence from Urumqi

Examining the Differential Effects of the Influence of Print and Electronic Advertising on Purchasing Decisions of Tertiary Students in the Cape Coast Metropolis

Effect of Interest Rates on Business Investment Performance of Selected Commercial Banks in Kisii Town, Kisii County, Kenya

Change in Bank Equity Stakes before Merger Completion

The Impact of Brand Awareness on the Consumers’ Purchase Intention

ATTITUDE: An International Threat

Role of Technology Business Incubators to Nurture Entrepreneurship: A Study on Pakistani Universities

The Impact of Terrorism on Foreign Direct Investment in Jordan

Performance Evaluation of Iranian Banking Industry through CAMELS Framework

Customer Experience Two Incidents and One Lesson

Management Accounting Systems in New Zealand Regional Family Businesses: Organisational Identity and Strategic Alignment

Claims of Global B-Schools: A Stethoscopic Study

Marketing Strategies and Nigerian Nation’s Development: A Study of Pipelines & Products Marketing Company Limited (1997- 2015)

The Importance of Training and its Impact on the Performance of Employees in Banking Sectors of Abu Dhabi, Dubai - UAE to Raise Efficiency: A Field Study on UAE banks

A Study on Factors Affecting Purchase Decision Based on Awareness, Affordability, Adoptability and Availability of FMCG products in Rural India

Reducing Complexity in an Accounting System by Using the REA Data Model to Design a Relational Database

Developing Personal Financial Planning as an Academic Discipline

Online Shopping Behaviours on Apparel Products in a Cameroon Context: Understanding the Relationships between Shopping Orientations, Gender, Online Information Search and Online Purchase Behaviour

Assessing the Impact in the Growth of Social Media in Cameroon and User Experience: The Case of Facebook

The Paradox of Variables’ Effects on Channel Type

A Study of the Socio-Cultural Factors That Influence Algerian Consumer Attitude towards Insurance Products

Activity-Based Costing: Helping Small and Medium-Sized Firms Achieve a Competitive Edge in the Global Marketplace

Impact Of Perceived Risk On Online Impulse Buying Tendency: An Empirical Study In The Consumer Market Of Pakistan

Fidelity Behaviour of Very Small Craft Enterprises Customers

The Effect of Emotional Intelligence on Employee’s Job Performance: the Moderating Role of Perceived Organizational Support

The Impact of Perceived Effectiveness of Celebrity Endorsement on Perceived Brand Personality

Panel Researching in Study of the Competitive Environment in Clothing Market

Brand Avoidance Motivators Stimulate to Brand Equity in the Mediating Role of Brand Hate: A Case of Smartphone Industry of Pakistan

Auditor’s Professional Specialization Role in Reducing the Potential Negative Effects of Mandatory Audit-Firm Rotation on Audit Quality

The Positive Effect of Contradictory Information: The Effect of Verbal/ Nonverbal Discrepancy on Brand Attitudes in the Short Term and the Long Term

Factors Affecting the Acceptance and Functioning of Foreign Subsidiary Performance: Examining Environmental Conditions and Corporate and Ethical Legitimacy

Investigation the Effect of Country-of-Origin on Consumer Perception and Purchase Intention of Luxury Brands: Case Study - Luxury Branded of Switzer Watches

The Mediating Role of Product Familiarity in Consumer Animosity

Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Turnover Intentions: The Role of Organizational Commitment and Perceive Organizational Support

Nigerian Shoppers/Consumers Preferences for Foreign and Domestic Products: Case Study of Clothes and Shoes

Analysis of Trends in the Effect of Online Marketing on the Traditional Kirana Stores and Their Tackling Strategies

Economic Trend: A Quest of Development and Growth

Managing the Stress of Caregiving: A Guide for Consumers and Financial Advisors

Effect of Tax Evasion on Economic Development of Yobe State, Nigeria

A Comparative Study on Corporate Diversification and Firm Performance across South Asian Countries

Understanding the Top of the Mind Awareness/Brand Preference Congruence in Prospective Hospital Patients through Discriminant Analysis of Aaker’s Brand Equity Model

Editor s Notes on Volume 6, Issue 4

The Asymmetric Effect of Sex Role Orientation on Japanese Family Purchase Decision Making

Approval and Introduction of the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) in Georgia: Challenges and Perspectives

Consumer Skepticism towards Advertising on Television Media

The Impact of Management Ethics on Stock Performance in Malaysia

Investigating the Relationship between Over-Valuation Stock Price and Debt Costs of Companies with Financial Health Based on Black, Scholes and Merton (BSM) Model

Does International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSS) Adoption Affects Banks’ Asset Quality in Nigerian Banks?

Determinants of Capital Adequacy Ratio of Deposit Money Banks in Nigeria

Role and Significance of FDI (Outward) in Indian perspective An Analysis: Post Demonetization Period

The Effect of Environmental and Social Corporate Governance on the Financial Performance with Special Focus on the Egyptian Private Sector Companies within Egx30

Role of Digital Marketing in Retail Fashion Industry: A Synthesis of the Theory and the Practice

Does Organizational Culture Effect on Association Between Intellectual Capital and Cost Characteristics?

The Antecedents of Category Management towards Customer Enhanced Services and Effects on Customer Satisfaction in Pharmaceutical Retailing: A Study with Special Reference to Medical Shops (Drug Stores) at Kanchipuram Town

Cost Control: A Fundamental Tool towards Organisation Performance

A Conceptual Study of Marketing Strategy and Development of SME

Impacts of ATM Services on the Customers Saving/Withdrawal Rate in the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Akaki Branch

The Calculation of the Remaining Results of Operations of Statements Financial and Cooperative Performance on KSP Usaha Jakarta Branch Office

Marketing Research: Personal/Face-to-Face Interviews and Computer-Assisted Personal Interviews

The Cultural Aspect of Differences in Company Performance across Countries: Gray’s Accounting Values Contribute more than Hofstede’s Original Cultural Dimensions

Work as Motivator

Siemens Healthineers - A Risk Assessment

Effects of Accounting Information System Adoption on the Financial Performance of Commercial Bank in Nigeria

Jaguar Landover: A Traditional English Car Manufacturer in Indian Hands-A good deal? An Evaluation

Consumer's Beliefs and Attitudes toward Green Marketing in Bangladesh

The Emissions Scandal in 2015/16 and its Impact on the World’s Biggest Automobile Manufacturer, Volkswagen AG

Data Privacy Issues and Possible Solutions in E-commerce

Measuring Level of Voluntary Disclosures of Banks Listed in Bahrain Bourse

Empirical Study of Impact of Promotion of Store Brands (Private Labelled) in Chain Stores in Pakistan

How Does Firm Characteristics Affect the Choices Dividend Payout? Evidence of Firms Listed in the Tunisian Stock Exchange

The Role of Internal Control System in Mitigating Embezzlement and Payroll Fraud in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMES) in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State

Online Brands and Social Media Communities How Brands Can Engage and Establish Relationships with Customers via Online Brand Communities

Influence of Brand Attitude on Purchase Intention of Modular Kitchen in Chennai City

Strategy of Action of Uzbekistan on the Development of Export of Textile Products

The Identity of Brand with its Influenceable Character on Client Choices of Predominant Restaurants Accra as the Lens

The Effectiveness of Artificial Credit Scoring Models in Predicting NPLs using Micro Accounting Data

Predicting Trend of Stock Prices by Developing Data Mining Techniques with the Aim of Gaining Profit

The Characteristics of the Board of Directors and their Impact on the Delay of the External Auditor's Report by Applying to Companies Listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange

Impact of Product Level Factors (Negative Past Experience, Unmet Expectations and Perceived Deception) on Brand Avoidance and the Mediating Role of Brand Hate

Stock Market Reaction to Impairment Announcement of Listed Manufacturing Companies in Sri Lanka

The Evolution of Non-Performing Credit Limits During Crisis Period, Using Unique Accounting Data

Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities, Issues and Applications in Accounting and Auditing in Nigeria

Behavioral Aspects of it Employees towards Problems and Prospects of Activity Based Costing (ABC)

A Comparative Study of Online Marketing Factors Affecting Online Consumer Buying Behavior of Differently Oriented Shoppers

The Digital Sales Transformation Featured by Precise Retail Marketing Strategy in China

Outside and Family Governance Power for Firm Performance: Why Organizational Capabilities Matter?

Economic Evaluation of Innovativeness and Effectiveness of Management Decisions in Developing Countries of the World

Choice of Location among Entrepreneurs in MSMES: A Comparative Study with Special Reference to the Northern and Southern Regions of Kerala

Foreign experience of using marketing strategies of the fashion industry in Uzbekistan

Editor Note Journal of Accounting & Marketing

Editorial note on Journal of Accounting & Marketing

Editorial note on Business development

Association between Intellectual Capital and Cost Characteristics

Marketing Strategy and Development of SME

Marketing a Strategy for Startups

Accounting principles in Marketing Industry

How does marketing effects the regular customers based on the daily life activities

Editorial Note on Marketing and Accounting

Specialization, and Banksâ?? Discretionary Use of the Loan Loss Provision

Impact of Customer Service Techniques on Customer Satisfaction in Retail Bank

Marketing strategies in Latin America in this Pandemic

Factors Influencing the Choice of Herbal Products

The Impact of Advertisement, Price and Brand Endorser on Consumer Brand Switching- A Study on Cosmetic Products: Evidence from Pakistan

Understanding How Cooperatives Use Financial Reports to Make Decisions. Evidence from Agricultural Cooperatives in Rwanda

Hellenic Winery: The prospects for growth through new management and marketing strategies and the potential for permeation into international markets: The case of â??Ktima Gerovassiliou Wineryâ?? as a typical example of the new era

Forerunners and outcomes of brand loyalty: A study of young consumers in Pakistan

Rating Scale Definition

A study of the determinants of Effective Relationship Marketing Practices on Organisational Growth in the Medium Sized Hotel Industry of Pakistan

Prediction of Bank Indonesia Interest Rates By Analyzing Inflation Rate in Indonesia From 2003 �?? 2016

Does Word of Mouth Enthuse Customer Satisfaction? A Casual Dining Restaurant Perspective

Tax Payersâ?? Perception towards tax complexity and tax efficiency in Ethiopia; the Case of Non-Incorporated Category â??Aâ? Business Profit Tax Payers in Gondar Town

Role of Accountancy in the Country Economy

Essentials of E-Retailing

Indirect effect of knowledge hiding in the relationship between abusive supervision and employee creativity

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