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James R Forcier

James R Forcier

James R Forcier
Hult international Business school, USA


James Forcier is professor of economics and business strategy at Hult International Business School and managing director of Bay Analytics, a business consultancy which serves such firms as AT&T, Cisco Systems, and VISA.Former CEO of the Holtz Company, Alion Pharmaceuticals, and GNS Security, Dr. Forcier is a member of the American Economic Association and the National Association for Business Economics. His research centers around strengthening decision-making effectiveness through the use of economic tools, with particular emphasis on maximizing factor productivity. Dr. Forcier’s work has been cited in The Boston Globe, BusinessWeek online, InformationWeek and Reuters, and he has appeared on CBS News, Fox News, NBC Nightly News, and NPR’s “All Things Considered” and “Morning Edition” programs. Dr. Forcier received his master’s and doctoral degrees from the University of Southern California and his bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Los Angeles.


Research Interest

Economic strategist with three decades of experience in business analysis, development, and positioning.


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