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Ekant Veer

Ekant Veer

Ekant Veer
University of Canterbury, New Zealand


Dr. Ekant Veer is a Senior Lecturer of Marketing at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand. His research draws on multiple methods of inquiry to understand how consumers’ identities impact their attitudes and subsequent behaviour. His work focuses specifically on the role that marketing plays in improving consumer wellbeing. Dr. Veer also works in the realm of online identities and the role that Social Media plays in expressing identities that may be considered stigmatised by mainstream society. His work has been published in numerous international journals, including the Journal of Marketing Management, Marketing Letters, European Journal of Marketing, Advances in Consumer Research and Journal of Consumer Behaviour. He is also the current Editor for the Journal of Research for Consumers (, a Green Open Access Journal.

Research Interest

His interpretivist research focuses on understanding how consumers use online technology to cope with identity dissonance, especially when a consumer feels his/her idealised identity is stigmatised by mainstream society.


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