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Brett A Collins

Brett A Collins

Brett A Collins
Associate professor Marketing
AUT University, New Zealand


Dr. Brett A Collins is working as an Associate Professor at AUT university. He taught on Executive, MBA and postgraduate programs in Asia and Australia, completing his PhD in Finance in 1995. In 2000 Brett joined AUT’s Faculty of Business and Law, Auckland, New Zealand. His current teaching is centred on marketing strategy, and marketing analytics. From 2005-2007 he was Deputy Director of Knowledge Engineering Discovery Research Institute (KEDRI), being involved with commercializing neural network applications. He serves on the editorial board of European Marketing Journal, Industrial Marketing Management, and Journal of Business Market Management. Brett has published across disciplines in European Marketing Journal, Journal of the Institute of Actuaries, Labour Economics and Productivity, Australasian Marketing Journal, European Management Journal, The Investment Analyst, and Journal of Business Finance and Accounting.

Research Interest

Brett’s research interests are evaluating marketing strategy options and firm performance, valuation of marketing assets and investments, and business applications of evolving connectionist systems.


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