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Clinical Gastroenterology Journal (formerly Journal of Colitis & Diverticulitis) is a peer reviewed, open access journal considering research on all aspects of digestive system, gastrointestinal diseases, liver, bilary tract, pancreas, diseases of related organs Ulcer medicine, Colitis, Diverticulitis and associated disorders and their treatment. The Journal aims to provide a platform for the exchange of scientific information addressing clinical research and practice of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.

Clinical Gastroenterology Journal accepts original manuscripts in the form of research articles, review articles, Clinical reviews, commentaries, case reports, perspectives and short communications encompassing all aspects of Clinical Gastroenterology and Hepatology for publication in open access platform.

This peer reviewed journal includes following topics but are not limited to: Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Digestive Diseases, Pancereatic Diseases, Gall bladder and bilary tract, Esophageal diseases, Gastrointestinal infections, Bowel endometriosis, Clinical infectious diseases, Celiac Disease, Colon Disorders, Colitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Crohns Disease, Gastrointestinal bleeding, Intestinal Blockage, Appendicitis, Diverticulitis, Ulcer etc. Contributions across the globe from all types of professions encompassing Researchers, Clinical Practicioners, Doctors are therefore encouraged.

The editorial office of the journal promises a peer review process for the submitted manuscripts for the quality of publishing. All the manuscript published by Journal of Clinical Gastroenterolgy are available freely online immediately after publication without any subscription charges or registration.

Submit manuscript at https://www.scholarscentral.org/submissions/clinical-gastroenterology-journal.html or as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at   [email protected]

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