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Pancereatic Diseases

Pancreas is a gland that is situated behind the stomach and is surrounded by intestines, liver and gallbladder and plays a vital role in the digestion process by secreting Pancreatic juices. Pancreatic juices and secreted hormones help in breakdown of the food and in regulating Blood sugar levels.

Diseases associated with Pancreas are Pancreatitis which is characterized by inflammation of Pancreas this can be categorized into acute, Chronic Pancreatitis and hereditary pancreatitis. Pancreatic Cancer, Cystic Fibrosis etc. Pancreatic Diseases are often difficult to diagnose due to its inaccessibility as they are deeply situated in the abdomen. Some of the radio graphic tests employed in the diagnosis are computed tomography (CAT), endoscopic ultrasound and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging).

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