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Volume 10, Issue 2 (2021)

    Commentary Pages: 1 - 2

    Encounters of a Motivational Interview Delivered by a Robot: Qualitative Study

    Vanaspathi Batiya

    Robots are assuming a critical part in mechanization over every one of the segments like development, military, restorative, fabricating, and so on. In the wake of making some essential robots like line supporter robot, PC controlled robot, and so forth. We have built up this accelerometer based signal controlled robot by utilizing Arduino Uno. In this task we have utilized hand movement to drive the robot. For this reason we have utilized accelerometer which takes a shot at quickening. A motion controlled robot is controlled by utilizing hand instead of some other strategy like catches or joystick. Here one just needs to move hand to control the robot. A transmitting gadget is utilized in your grasp which contains RF Transmitter and accelerometer. This will transmit summon to robot with the goal that it can do the required assignment like pushing ahead, invert, turning left, turning right and stop. Every one of these assignments will be performed by utilizing hand motion. Here the most critical part is accelerometer. Accelerometer is a 3 hub increasing speed estimation gadget with +-3g territory. This gadget is made by utilizing polysilicon surface sensor and flag moulding circuit to gauge quickening. The yield of this gadget is Analog in nature and relative to the increasing speed. This gadget estimates the static increasing speed of gravity when we tilt it. Also, gives an outcome in type of movement or vibration

    Research Article Pages: 1 - 2

    A framework for bedside help that coordinates an automated bed and a portable controller

    Martin Sorbido*

    Parallel manipulators, due to its closed-loop structure, possess a number of advantages over traditional serial manipulators such as high rigidity, high load-to-weight ratio, high natural frequencies, high speed and high accuracy [1]. However, they also have a few disadvantages such as a relatively small workspace, relatively complex forward kinematics and the most importantly, existence of singularities inside the workspace [2]. Kinematics analysis of parallel manipulators separate in two types, forward kinematics and inverse kinematics. The inverse kinematics, which maps the task space to joint space, is not difficult to solve. On the other hand, the forward kinematics, which mapsthe jointspace to task space, isso hard to solve. Also, the existence of not only multiple inverse kinematic solutions (or working modes) but also multiple forward kinematic solutions (or assembly modes) is another problem in kinematics analysis [3]. The challenging problem is not to find all possible solutions but to directly determine the unique feasible solutions, the actual physical solution, in among all possible solutions starting from a certain initial configuration[

    Commentary Pages: 1 - 2

    Advanced mechanics and ophthalmology: Are we there yet?

    Sheik S

    We depicted in our first model “VHR-Basic Engineering” that there we need to extent our fundamental engineering aspect of Humanoid to Virtual Humanoid robotics domain [1,2]. Hence model divided into two broad chambers as Humanoid Chamber and to give virtual ability Virtualization chamber. As we can analyze from model for successful humanoid building we need advanced Humanoid robotics hardware’s which link to Bionic Brain as similar to human brain mimic in the form of UAI which further cascade to Advanced Humanoid second part of our first model. Its lucid and clear representation of concept in model diagram we considered three different possible modes viz. M1, M2 and M3 which may be increase in future with technological advancement and new methods of virtualization [5]. The mode M1 has highest priority to implement VHR where Humanoid hardware itself has ability to appear and disappear itself with self-control (Internal Control) which is only hypothesis right now [6-8]. The second mode M2 has possible and second priority Teleportation and lot research going on this Mode M2 by several premium university and institutions scholars (Figure 2). The last mode M3 is easiest one but not satisfactory where virtualization engineer using virtual and augmented reality [8]. Conclusion We have discussed two models and with the help of them try to Operating System and Communication Interfaces [3]. After successful engineering of first segment successful physical humanoid can build but to next level i.e. to convert physical humanoid into virtual and back from virtual to physical we doesn’t need to modify hardware but to strongly need to give extension to existed. Hence Virtualization chamber exhibits this regard in model (Figure 1). The virtualization chamber has two functional blocks to engineer Advanced Physical to Virtual Mode transfer Units and Light/Projection/Optical/Teleport interfaces Engineering [4].

    Short Communication Pages: 0 - 1

    Increased Robotics Dialog System for Enhancing Human???Robot Interaction

    Keithth Sundharn

    The project’s first activity was to study and determine the conditions under which robotics and 3D printing training flourishes within Europe. The partners therefore undertook different activities: Besides a web research on existing training opportunities in the field, the partners conducted an online survey targeted to SMEs, individuals and training providers. The survey was completed by 150 persons representing all target groups. Some of the first findings can be highlighted asfollows: Very few introductory or basic courses in general Elements of robotics and 3D printing usually offered as part of electrical or mechanical engineering courses; as a Master’s Degree at the second level at some universities, some VETs provide specializations for industrial robotics 

    Young Research Forum Pages: 0 - 1

    Hand collaborations: Integration of mechanical technology and neuroscience for understanding the control of natural and fake hands

    Yung-Yak Chin

    Conference Series Conferences proudly announcing Young Researchers Awards with an aim to recognize outstanding achievement and contribution of professionals and researchers in the area of medical, life sciences,physical sciences,healthcareandengineering. Young Researchers Presentation is a key session at “9th International conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Learning” which is scheduled during November 19-20, 2020 at London, UK. ROBO 2020 focused on the theme "Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Robotics". ROBO conference committee will be providing a platform for all talented young researchers, investigators, Post-graduate/Master students, PhD scholars to showcase their current research and innovation. 

    Volume 10, Issue 3 (2021)

      Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

      Mechanical Innovation in Medicine

      Jerry Tom Thomas

      According to another report by Credence Research, the overall clinical mechanical innovation market was regarded at $7.24 billion out of 2015 and is depended upon to create to $20 billion by 2023. A basic driver for this improvement is interest for using robots in irrelevantly meddlesome operations, especially for neurologic, solid, and laparoscopic procedure. Along these lines, a wide extent of robots is being made to serve in a combination of occupations inside the clinical environment. Robots invest critical energy in human treatment join cautious robots and recuperation robots. The field of assistive and supportive robotized devices is similarly broadening rapidly. These consolidate robots that help patients with reestablishing veritable conditions like strokes, empathic robots that guide the thought of more settled or genuinely/dimwitted individuals, and mechanical robots that take on an arrangement of routine endeavors, for instance, cleaning rooms and passing on clinical supplies and equipment, including drugs.

      Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

      Digital Fabrication and the Future of Architecture

      Jacob John Kenny

      What happens when robots and man-made consciousness meet design? We take a gander at the DFAB House, the main inhabitable house built by robots, to comprehend the fate of computerized creation. A planner's responsibility is to dream inside the universe of gravity. A craftsman can construct an unthinkable house and we may call it delightful, unconventional, or grievous when it tumbles down, however no one would be relied upon to live in it. At the point when a draftsman dreams, lives are in question. There is not anything heartfelt about a lodging code infringement. Man-made reasoning can help. The DFAB House in Switzerland is the result of this joint effort between the psyche of a planner and the computational force of calculation. The outcome is something like an associate that can sort out the words to disclose those difficult to-depict pictures of brief dreams. Envision a calculation that reenacts collapsing paper a great many occasions, until it obtains the surface and immovability of cement. Envision a machine that could pinpoint (in a real sense) the exact position of burden bearing loads, utilizing the specific measure of materials essential, and request a robot to move them into the spot they should be, inside millimeters. People receive the benefits of this interaction:

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      A Robot Human Machine Interface

      Evan Trowel Kith

      n a business plan, "HMI" is used to mean a touchscreen show with graphical gets that is used to encourage Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). There are firms that have worked in making current HMIs that are significantly adjustable. The most fundamental sort of HMI could be one that has just one catch that is adjusted to prompt the robot when to start or stop. Notwithstanding, it might be basically pretty much as eccentric as one that has a 3D laser camera equipped with a mouthpiece that can perceive body advancements. The rule justification a HMI should be, to empower you to control a particular machine: which for the present circumstance is a robot

      Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

      Basic Introduction and Economic Fields of Artificial Intelligence

      Robert James

      Present day data innovations and the appearance of machines fueled by counterfeit knowledge (AI) have as of now firmly affected the universe of work in the 21st century. PCs, calculations, and programming work on ordinary assignments, and it is inconceivable to envision how a large portion of our life could be overseen without them. Notwithstanding, is it likewise difficult to envision how most interaction steps could be overseen without human power? The data economy described by remarkable development replaces the largescale manufacturing industry dependent on economy of scales. At the point when we move the experience of the past to the future, upsetting inquiries emerge:

      Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

      Sharp Robot and Smart Materials

      Max Angelo

      What is a robot: What is an insightful material- How should these two muchly influence our future lives. In this article we will break down the certified capacity of cutting-edge mechanics, and fragile splendid, progressed mechanics explicitly. These advances are set to turn our impression of what a robot is, and how it can help us and the world we live in, upside down. As opposed to considering robots gigantic, resolute, and adaptable machines, we can consider future to be as phony mechanical living creatures that have properties duplicating, and unimaginably expanding, the capacities of customary living things. The epic properties of sensitivity and consistence make these machines significantly fit to collaborations with touchy things, including the human body

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