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Volume 7, Issue 2 (2018)

    Commentary Pages: 1 - 2

    Encounters of a Motivational Interview Delivered by a Robot: Qualitative Study

    Vanaspathi Batiya

    Robots are assuming a critical part in mechanization over every one of the segments like development, military, restorative, fabricating, and so on. In the wake of making some essential robots like line supporter robot, PC controlled robot, and so forth. We have built up this accelerometer based signal controlled robot by utilizing Arduino Uno. In this task we have utilized hand movement to drive the robot. For this reason we have utilized accelerometer which takes a shot at quickening. A motion controlled robot is controlled by utilizing hand instead of some other strategy like catches or joystick. Here one just needs to move hand to control the robot. A transmitting gadget is utilized in your grasp which contains RF Transmitter and accelerometer. This will transmit summon to robot with the goal that it can do the required assignment like pushing ahead, invert, turning left, turning right and stop. Every one of these assignments will be performed by utilizing hand motion. Here the most critical part is accelerometer. Accelerometer is a 3 hub increasing speed estimation gadget with +-3g territory. This gadget is made by utilizing polysilicon surface sensor and flag moulding circuit to gauge quickening. The yield of this gadget is Analog in nature and relative to the increasing speed. This gadget estimates the static increasing speed of gravity when we tilt it. Also, gives an outcome in type of movement or vibration

    Commentary Pages: 1 - 2

    Advanced mechanics and ophthalmology: Are we there yet?

    Sheik S

    We depicted in our first model “VHR-Basic Engineering” that there we need to extent our fundamental engineering aspect of Humanoid to Virtual Humanoid robotics domain [1,2]. Hence model divided into two broad chambers as Humanoid Chamber and to give virtual ability Virtualization chamber. As we can analyze from model for successful humanoid building we need advanced Humanoid robotics hardware’s which link to Bionic Brain as similar to human brain mimic in the form of UAI which further cascade to Advanced Humanoid second part of our first model. Its lucid and clear representation of concept in model diagram we considered three different possible modes viz. M1, M2 and M3 which may be increase in future with technological advancement and new methods of virtualization [5]. The mode M1 has highest priority to implement VHR where Humanoid hardware itself has ability to appear and disappear itself with self-control (Internal Control) which is only hypothesis right now [6-8]. The second mode M2 has possible and second priority Teleportation and lot research going on this Mode M2 by several premium university and institutions scholars (Figure 2). The last mode M3 is easiest one but not satisfactory where virtualization engineer using virtual and augmented reality [8]. Conclusion We have discussed two models and with the help of them try to Operating System and Communication Interfaces [3]. After successful engineering of first segment successful physical humanoid can build but to next level i.e. to convert physical humanoid into virtual and back from virtual to physical we doesn’t need to modify hardware but to strongly need to give extension to existed. Hence Virtualization chamber exhibits this regard in model (Figure 1). The virtualization chamber has two functional blocks to engineer Advanced Physical to Virtual Mode transfer Units and Light/Projection/Optical/Teleport interfaces Engineering [4].

    Volume 2, Issue 2 (2013)

      Research Article Pages: 1 - 2

      A framework for bedside help that coordinates an automated bed and a portable controller

      Martin Sorbido*

      Parallel manipulators, due to its closed-loop structure, possess a number of advantages over traditional serial manipulators such as high rigidity, high load-to-weight ratio, high natural frequencies, high speed and high accuracy [1]. However, they also have a few disadvantages such as a relatively small workspace, relatively complex forward kinematics and the most importantly, existence of singularities inside the workspace [2]. Kinematics analysis of parallel manipulators separate in two types, forward kinematics and inverse kinematics. The inverse kinematics, which maps the task space to joint space, is not difficult to solve. On the other hand, the forward kinematics, which mapsthe jointspace to task space, isso hard to solve. Also, the existence of not only multiple inverse kinematic solutions (or working modes) but also multiple forward kinematic solutions (or assembly modes) is another problem in kinematics analysis [3]. The challenging problem is not to find all possible solutions but to directly determine the unique feasible solutions, the actual physical solution, in among all possible solutions starting from a certain initial configuration[

      Volume 6, Issue 3 (2017)

        Short Communication Pages: 0 - 1

        Increased Robotics Dialog System for Enhancing Human???Robot Interaction

        Keithth Sundharn

        The project’s first activity was to study and determine the conditions under which robotics and 3D printing training flourishes within Europe. The partners therefore undertook different activities: Besides a web research on existing training opportunities in the field, the partners conducted an online survey targeted to SMEs, individuals and training providers. The survey was completed by 150 persons representing all target groups. Some of the first findings can be highlighted asfollows: Very few introductory or basic courses in general Elements of robotics and 3D printing usually offered as part of electrical or mechanical engineering courses; as a Master’s Degree at the second level at some universities, some VETs provide specializations for industrial robotics 

        Volume 10, Issue 2 (2021)

          Young Research Forum Pages: 0 - 1

          Hand collaborations: Integration of mechanical technology and neuroscience for understanding the control of natural and fake hands

          Yung-Yak Chin

          Conference Series Conferences proudly announcing Young Researchers Awards with an aim to recognize outstanding achievement and contribution of professionals and researchers in the area of medical, life sciences,physical sciences,healthcareandengineering. Young Researchers Presentation is a key session at “9th International conference on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Machine Learning” which is scheduled during November 19-20, 2020 at London, UK. ROBO 2020 focused on the theme "Applying Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Robotics". ROBO conference committee will be providing a platform for all talented young researchers, investigators, Post-graduate/Master students, PhD scholars to showcase their current research and innovation. 

          Volume 10, Issue 3 (2021)

            Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

            Mechanical Innovation in Medicine

            Jerry Tom Thomas*

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            Commentary Pages: 1 - 1

            A Robot Human Machine Interface

            Evan Trowel Kith*

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            Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

            Sharp Robot and Smart Materials

            Max Angelo*

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            Robotic Rehabilitation (2021)

              Volume 10, Issue 1 (2021)

                Editorial Pages: 0 - 1

                Human-Robot Interaction through remote and proximal: An Overview

                Bernd Schwandtner

                Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) may be a field of study dedicated to understanding, designing, and evaluating robotic systems to be used by or with humans. Interaction, by definition, needs communication between robots and humans. Communication between an individual's and a automaton might take many forms, however these forms ar for the most part influenced by whether or not the human and therefore the automaton ar in shut proximity to every different or not. Thus, communication and, therefore, interaction will be separated into 2 general categories
                Editorial Pages: 0 - 1

                A General Overview on Robotics and its Emerging Technology

                Minnich Alois

                Robotics is an interdisciplinary discipline that integrates computer technology and engineering. Robotics includes design, production, operation, and use of robots. The intention of robotics is to design machines which can help and assist humans. Robotics integrates fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, information engineering, mechatronics, electronics, bioengineering, computer engineering, manipulate engineering, software program engineering, arithmetic, among others. Robotics develops machines that could substitute for people and replicate human movements. Robots can be used in lots of situations and for plenty functions, however nowadays many are used in risky environments (consisting of inspection of radioactive substances, bomb detection and deactivation), production processes, or where humans cannot live to tell the tale (In space, underwater, in excessive warmness, and clean up and containment of risky materials and radiation). Robots can tackle any shape however a few are made to resemble people in look. This is stated to assist within the popularity of a robotic in positive replicative behaviors usually carried out with the aid of people. Such robots try and replicate taking walks, lifting, speech, cognition, or another human hobby. Many of cutting-edge robots are stimulated via nature, contributing to the sphere of bio-inspired robotics
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                Applications of Surgical Robotics: A Critique Analysis

                Barasa Azibo

                If an expert uncovers to you that you need an operation, you mayfeel overwhelmed and concerned. You are likely worried aboutwhether the operation will be productive, how much torture you mayhave and how long you will miss from work. Luckily with moves incautious development, you can expect a by and large extraordinaryoperation experience at UCLA. Mechanical operation is by and byfinished with the usage of the da Vinci™ cautious system, anexcellent plan of headways that consolidate specific "arms" forholding instruments and a camera, similarly as an enhanced screenand a console. To work using the Mechanical structure, your expertmakes little section focuses in your body and implants downsizedinstruments and an unrivalled quality three-dimensional camera, andsometimes skin cuts are not required in any way shape or form. Bythen, from a nearby help, your expert controls those instruments toplay out the movement.

                Editorial Pages: 1 - 1

                An Overview on Robotics and its Advancements in the Era of Industry 4.0

                Antonia Francisca

                Manufacturing plants, human laborers are not powerful anythingelse on numerous reasons, for example, their abilities and actuallimits influencing creation execution, creation cost, and so forthSubsequently, modern robots which are machines with computerizedwhat's more, inserted insight and abilities are needed to improve theassembling cycle.

                Editorials Pages: 1 - 1

                Food Technology and Robotics: An Analytical Perspective

                Abdul Malik

                Food items with various dietary benefit and flavor are normallycirculated everywhere on the world relying upon environment andnatural conditions. Some food items rely upon occasionaltemperature and stickiness, so these kinds of food items requirecapacity to be burned-through in different periods of the year. Alltogether to give food sources all through the entire year, foodvarieties are being put away in right now accessible capacityconditions which are needed to protect the nourishment of the fooditems.

                Volume 10, Issue 4 (2021)

                  Short Communication Pages: 2 - 2

                  Representative Model of a Collaborative Workstation

                  Varun Gopinath

                  A model of a robotic workstation will be presented where an operator and an industrial robot are expected to collaborate to carry out manufacturingoperations such as assembly tasks. Such workstations are also referred to as Collaborative workstations. The model is the result of an analysis of two laboratory workstations what was developed to demonstrate safety strategies for collaborative workstations

                  Commentary Pages: -2 - -2

                  Counterfeit Neural Networks Overview

                  Luciana Zeena

                  Counterfeit neural organizations (ANNs) are measurable models straightforwardly propelled by, and incompletely displayed on natural neural organizations. They are fit for demonstrating and handling nonlinear connections among information sources and yields in equal. The connected calculations are important for the more extensive field of AI, and can be utilized in numerous applications as talked about. Counterfeit neural organizations are portrayed by containing versatile loads along ways between neurons that can be tuned by a taking in calculation that gains from noticed information to improve the model. Notwithstanding the learning calculation itself, one should pick a suitable expense work. The expense work is the thing that's utilized to get familiar with the ideal answer for the issue being addressed. This includes deciding the best qualities for the entirety of the tunable model boundaries, with neuron way versatile loads being the essential objective, alongside calculation tuning boundaries, for example, the learning rate. It's generally done through enhancement procedures like slope plummet or stochastic inclination plunge.

                  Editorial Pages: -2 - -2

                  Effect of Robotics in Manufacturing

                  Bushra Qayyum

                  Automated assembling frameworks might be a generally new idea for certain pieces of the assembling area, albeit the innovation has existed for quite a long time. By joining customary creation techniques with higher types of innovation, industrial facility chiefs and entrepreneurs can dramatically expand their creation rates and lift their primary concern. Robots have changed assembling in a horde of positive ways. The effect of computerized fabricating spreads all over, improving efficiency and accomplishment for the whole organization. At the point when human representatives are liberated from undertakings that robots can undoubtedly perform, they can stretch out a greater amount of their energy to contributing genuinely necessary information and thoughts inside higher hierarchical jobs

                  Editorial Pages: -1 - -1

                  Mechanical Programming

                  Banzan Wangmo

                  Mostofmechanicalarrangementoriginatorsarefosteringtheirframeworks dependent on the utilization of reproduction and programming previously createdbytherobotproducersthemselves.Inreality,robotmakers,for example,Fanuchaveexecutedprogrammingthatworkswiththeutilization oftheirrobotsandpermitdiversemechanicalclientstocontrolthemwithout anyproblem.TheFanucHandlingProprogrammingisutilizedtomake, program and re-enact the 3D robot's way in disconnected mode. The productatthatpointsendsthedatatotherobotthatcanexecutethepre-arranged way. Undoubtedly, robot makers plan their product applications forawiderangeofventuresanddon'tmodifythemtomeetthespecific necessitiesofspecificapplications,incorporatingcomplexapplicationswith highmechanicalprerequisites,forexample,theassemblingofairplane motorparts.Weseeafewexemptionsofspecializationwithadditional itemsmadeforprogrammingplannedforhugepartsofcomputerizationlike artwork, welding or handling.

                  Commentary Pages: -1 - -1

                  Increased Use of Autonomous Mobile Robots in Manufacturing and Logistic

                  Adrianna John

                  Self-governing Mobile Robots (AMRs) are the most recent development that have been changing customary robot errands through expanded adaptability and differentiated applications, including their one of a kind capacity to explore in an uncontrolled climate with a more significant level of comprehension. As online business grows, there's a more noteworthy requirement for fast satisfaction. It's hard for organizations like Amazon and Wal-Mart to recruit sufficient individuals to guarantee customers get their items on schedule, particularly during the Christmas season. The developing interest can't be met without robotizing. AMRs additionally keep the inventory network moving quicker in assembling offices, and are assuming an expanding part in retail conditions for undertakings like rack filtering and floor cleaning.

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