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Robotic Tumor Tracking Techniques in Radiation Therapy

Importance and Benefits of Open Access Journal

Brief Review on Nano Robots in Bio Medical Applications

Training in Robotic General Surgery: The Next Challenge

Sun-Tracking System in Solar Energy Application

Engineering Demand for Smart Alarm Management in Large-Scale Industrial Processes

EMG-based Robot Control Interfaces: Past, Present and Future

Development of Computer Control Vibration Unit

Reasoning about Space and Images

Recent Research Advances in Upper-extremity Rehabilitation

Robotic Pancreaticoduodenectomy: Fad or the Future?

Non-Imaging Focusing Technology for the Application in Concentrator Photovoltaic System

Mechanical Part Design of Vibration Platform

Advanced Control Methodologies in Parallel Robotic Systems

Robotic Surgery-A New Paradigm in Head & Neck Surgery

A Study of the Underactuated Mechanisms with Compliance

A Venture to the Latest Robotic Technological Research: A Review

Robot-Assisted Splenectomy: Technique and Indications

What is Industrial Engineering (IE)?

Design an Arm Robot through Prolog Programming Language

Bounded Coordination Control of Second-order Dynamic Agents

Recent Information Security Development in Hong Kong

Artificial Neural Network Based Forward Kinematics Solution for Planar Parallel Manipulators Passing through Singular Configuration

Dynamic Modelling of Differential-Drive Mobile Robots using Lagrange and Newton-Euler Methodologies: A Unified Framework

e_GRASP: Robotic Hand Modeling and Simulation Environment

Robotic Pyeloplasty: Step by Step Surgical Technique

Developing Serpentine Robot Control to use Lateral Affordances

Attitude of the Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) towards Information Security

Closed-Form Inverse Kinematic Solution for Anthropomorphic Motion in Redundant Robot Arms

Self-Sufficient Energy Harvesting in Robots using Nanotechnology

Development of a Versatile Robotic System with Multiple Training Modes for Upper-Limb Rehabilitation Study

A Computational Algorithm for Corona Power Loss in Grid

Use of Robotics for Minimal Invasive Surgery

New Trends in Robotic Colorectal Surgery

Information Security Controls

Recent Advances in Robot-Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

Acquisition of Contact Force and Slippage Using a Vision-Based Tactile Sensor with a Fluid-Type Touchpad for the Dexterous Handling of Robots

Reconfigurable and Flexible Industrial Robot Systems

Trends of Automation of Integrated Microfluidics

Basic Principle of Information Security

A Survey of Techniques for Sequence Similarities Matching in Compression

How to Set Security Policy for Electronic Commerce Services?

Medical Robot with Electronic Health Record System

Modeling and Simulation of Three Level Piezoelectric Transformer Converters

Synthesis of Custom Hardware from ADA with Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Asymmetrical Performance and Abnormal Synergies of the Post-Stroke Patient Wearing SCRIPT Passive Orthosis in Calibration, Exercise and Energy Evaluation

High-Level Synthesis: A Practical Perspective

Stereo-Vision Mobile Robotics Navigation through Metric-Topological Learning

Ergonomics of Field Machines

Criteria, Use Cases and Effects of Information Technology Process Automation (ITPA)

Resilient Micro Energy Grids for Continuous Production in Oil and Gas Facilities

Risks Affecting Data Security

Trends of Inference Considering Extended Fuzzy Logic (FLe)

Use of Robotic Surgery for Teaching Anatomy, Clinical Anatomy and Surgical Anatomy to Medical Students in the Operating Room

Modelling of a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

An Overview of Application of Artificial Immune System in Swarm Robotic Systems

Remote Control of Educational Mobile Mini-Robot via Wireless Communication

Robotic Pyeloplasty and Synchronous Removal of Many Kidney Stones: A Piece of Cake with Robotic Surgery

Let the Machines Aware that they are Working Side by Side with Humans

An Analysis for a Novel Path Planning Method

A Robotic Path Planner Contender

A Dynamic Manipulation Strategy for an Intervention: Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Singularity-free Workspace of Parallel Robots

Robot Assisted Pulmonary Resection

Object Detection and Tracking for Wireless Motion Control using MATLAB and Irobot Create

Motion Analysis of Hexapod Robot with Eccentric Wheels

Robotics in Surgery - Past, Present and Future

Totally Robotic Distal Pancreatectomy with Preservation of Spleen and Splenic Vessels

The Current Scope of Robotic Surgery in Colorectal Cancer

Robotics in General Surgery: Update and Future Perspectives

Development of an Autonomous Mobile Health Monitoring System for Medical Workers with High Volume Cases

Modeling and Control of a Dragonfly-like Micro Aerial Vehicle

Place Recognition using Multiple Feature Types

Robotic Pancreatectomy: What is the Current Evidence?

How is Germany Approaching Industrie 4.0 and What Influence is it having on Other Regions?

Incidental Fallopian Tube Adenocarcinoma Managed using Robotic Staging Surgery

Robot Safety: Overview of Risk Assessment and Reduction

Review on Issues Related to Material Handling using Automated Guided Vehicle

Automation in Fabrication Technique of Printed Circuit Boards [PCB]

Performance, Modeling, Measurements and Simulation of Energy Efficient for Heat Exchanger Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Optimal Strategies for Virus Propagation

A Novel Method for Contrast Enhancement with Colour Preservation

Contactless Medium Scale Industrial Robot Collaboration

Cooperation of Two Robot Tractors to Improve Work Efficiency

Enhanced Cell Controller for Aerospace Manufacturing

The Generalized Architecture of the Spherical Serial Manipulator

Use of Internet of Things in a Humanoid Robot - A Review

Industry Monitoring Robot using Arduino Uno with Matlab Interface

Young Patients and Robotic Radical Prostatectomy: The Only Way is Up

Nine Year Retrospective Review of Surgical Treatment of Vesicoureteral Reflux: Comparison of Three Approaches

Development of Modular Robotic Design Concepts for Hot Cell Applications

Variable Admittance Control for Climbing Stairs in Human-Powered Exoskeleton Systems

A Successful Robotic Hysterectomy in a Patient with Multiple Previous Pelvic Surgeries and Failed Laparotomy

The ∫Γ3λI Statistical Convergence of pre-Cauchy over the p- Metric Space Defined by Musielak Orlicz Function

Implementation of PID Controller by Microcontroller of PIC (18 Series) and Controlling the Height of Liquid in Sources

Survey of On-line Control Strategies of Human-Powered Augmentation Exoskeleton Systems

Hand-assisted Robotic Approach for Ovarian Cancer Management

A Liquid Handling Robot for Robust and Reproducible Preparation of Standard and Quality Control Samples in Bioanalysis

A Novel Technique for Removing Jagged Edges of Image Due to Aliasing

Brain-Swarm Control Interfaces: from the Control of One to the Control of Many

Modeling of an Autonomous Underwater Robot with Rotating Thrusters

Top Robotics Market Majorly Driven by the Growing Adoption of IoT and AI

Full Covered Path Planning Algorithm for Portable Back Massage Robot

Research on Hierarchy Structure Generation Method of Ontology Knowledge Pan-concept in Agriculture

Multiple Mobile Robot Dispatch Strategy for Cooperative Applications in Confined Space

Ultra Artificial Intelligence (UAI): Redefining AI for New Research Dimension

Study on Tracked Combine Harvester Dynamic Model for Automated Navigation Purposes

Robotics and 3D Printing Training Flourishes within Europe

Robot Assisted Nephron Sparing Surgery in a L-Shaped Fused Ectopic Pelvic Kidney: Reproducibility of the Procedure and Technical Considerations

How Electricity has Handicapped Robots: Reliance on Electricity has Made Robots Into Rollbots

Omni-Chassis Robotics: A Paradigm Shift in Thinking

Security System with Three Way Authentication

A Brief Review on Robotic Exoskeletons for Upper Extremity Rehabilitation to Find the Gap between Research Porotype and Commercial Type

Cooperating Robot Force Control for Positioning and Untwisting of Thin Walled Components

A Low Cost Outdoor Service Robot

Comparison of Repetitive Control Schemes for a DC Servo Motor

Stochastic Geometry Analysis of Throughput for Wireless Body Area Networks

Data Acquisition for Wind Turbine Design and Analysis using Arduino

Design and Implementation of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) with PTFE

Analysis of Data from Software Sensor for Smart Airbags Deployment

Industrial Robot Trajectory Accuracy Evaluation Maps for Hybrid Manufacturing Process Based on Joint Angle Error Analysis

Algorithm on Converting a 2D Scanning LiDAR to 3D for use in Autonomous Indoor Navigation

A Mobile Robotic Platform for Crop Monitoring

Wrist Movement Detector for ROS Based Control of the Robotic Hand

Design of Low Cost Self-Navigation Rover Based on IOT

Gesture Controller for Robotic Vehicle

Defining Virtual Humanoid Robotics with Modeling

Use of Robotics in Agricultural Field and Its Applications: Short Commentary

Hybrid Gravity Gradient Inversion-PSO algorithm for Motion Planning of Mobile Robots

A Micro-Robot with Camera to Track and Follow Objects

Editorial :Journal of Advances in Robotics & Automation

Encounters of a Motivational Interview Delivered by a Robot: Qualitative Study

A framework for bedside help that coordinates an automated bed and a portable controller

Advanced mechanics and ophthalmology: Are we there yet?

Increased Robotics Dialog System for Enhancing Human�??Robot Interaction

Mechanical Innovation in Medicine

Digital Fabrication and the Future of Architecture

A Robot Human Machine Interface

Basic Introduction and Economic Fields of Artificial Intelligence

Sharp Robot and Smart Materials

Robots and Computerized Advertisers

Mechanical Neurorehabilitation: Advancements and Challenges

New Tools for Stroke Patients' Therapy

Treatment Robots are Machines

MIT MANUS and In Motion ARM Robots

Human-Robot Interaction through remote and proximal: An Overview

A General Overview on Robotics and its Emerging Technology

Applications of Surgical Robotics: A Critique Analysis

An Overview on Robotics and its Advancements in the Era of Industry 4.0

Food Technology and Robotics: An Analytical Perspective

Representative Model of a Collaborative Workstation

Counterfeit Neural Networks Overview

Effect of Robotics in Manufacturing

Mechanical Programming

Increased Use of Autonomous Mobile Robots in Manufacturing and Logistic

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