Advances in Robotics & Automation

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Encounters of a Motivational Interview Delivered by a Robot: Qualitative Study


Vanaspathi Batiya

Robots are assuming a critical part in mechanization over every one of the segments like development, military, restorative, fabricating, and so on. In the wake of making some essential robots like line supporter robot, PC controlled robot, and so forth. We have built up this accelerometer based signal controlled robot by utilizing Arduino Uno. In this task we have utilized hand movement to drive the robot. For this reason we have utilized accelerometer which takes a shot at quickening. A motion controlled robot is controlled by utilizing hand instead of some other strategy like catches or joystick. Here one just needs to move hand to control the robot. A transmitting gadget is utilized in your grasp which contains RF Transmitter and accelerometer. This will transmit summon to robot with the goal that it can do the required assignment like pushing ahead, invert, turning left, turning right and stop. Every one of these assignments will be performed by utilizing hand motion. Here the most critical part is accelerometer. Accelerometer is a 3 hub increasing speed estimation gadget with +-3g territory. This gadget is made by utilizing polysilicon surface sensor and flag moulding circuit to gauge quickening. The yield of this gadget is Analog in nature and relative to the increasing speed. This gadget estimates the static increasing speed of gravity when we tilt it. Also, gives an outcome in type of movement or vibration


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