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Advanced mechanics and ophthalmology: Are we there yet?


Sheik S

We depicted in our first model “VHR-Basic Engineering” that there we need to extent our fundamental engineering aspect of Humanoid to Virtual Humanoid robotics domain [1,2]. Hence model divided into two broad chambers as Humanoid Chamber and to give virtual ability Virtualization chamber. As we can analyze from model for successful humanoid building we need advanced Humanoid robotics hardware’s which link to Bionic Brain as similar to human brain mimic in the form of UAI which further cascade to Advanced Humanoid second part of our first model. Its lucid and clear representation of concept in model diagram we considered three different possible modes viz. M1, M2 and M3 which may be increase in future with technological advancement and new methods of virtualization [5]. The mode M1 has highest priority to implement VHR where Humanoid hardware itself has ability to appear and disappear itself with self-control (Internal Control) which is only hypothesis right now [6-8]. The second mode M2 has possible and second priority Teleportation and lot research going on this Mode M2 by several premium university and institutions scholars (Figure 2). The last mode M3 is easiest one but not satisfactory where virtualization engineer using virtual and augmented reality [8]. Conclusion We have discussed two models and with the help of them try to Operating System and Communication Interfaces [3]. After successful engineering of first segment successful physical humanoid can build but to next level i.e. to convert physical humanoid into virtual and back from virtual to physical we doesn’t need to modify hardware but to strongly need to give extension to existed. Hence Virtualization chamber exhibits this regard in model (Figure 1). The virtualization chamber has two functional blocks to engineer Advanced Physical to Virtual Mode transfer Units and Light/Projection/Optical/Teleport interfaces Engineering [4].


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