Journal of Food & Industrial Microbiology

ISSN: 2572-4134

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Isolation and Detection of Listeria monocytogenes in Minced Meat, Frozen Chicken and Cheese in Duhok Province, Kurdistan Region by using RT-PCR


Ahmed SS, Tayeb BA, Ameen AM, Merza SM and Sharif YHM

Listeria monocytogenes (L. monocytogenes) is the food borne pathogen responsible for listeriosis, which is considered a serious public health risk and are the most important pathogens which can be spread through food products consumption. The disease that can be serious and fatal to human and animals. The objective of present study was carried out to detect, isolate and identify L-monocytogenes from frozen chicken, minced meat and cheese in duhok province. Within a period of six months from march to October 2015, a total of 150 samples were collected including 50 samples of minced meet, 50 samples of frozen chickens and 50 samples of cheese. Biochemical and microbiological test with Real time PCR technique by using specific primer was performed to determine the prevalence of the L-monocytogenes in the samples. Detection of such bacteria in different kinds of food product is crucial to safeguard public health due to it is potential hazard in human and animals. Out of 150 samples 20 samples displayed garish and black colonies with black halos on Oxford and Palcam agar. From the total of 20 suspected Listeria 12 isolate of L. monocytogenes identified by PCR. L. Monocytogenes were detected in 1(2%), 7(14%), and 4(8%) isolates from cheese, minced meat and frozen chicken respectively. The PCR technique has demonstrated to be a rapid and reliable method appropriate for the routine analysis of different types of food.


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