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Development of Gastric Varices


Mohammad Asif Senawi

Gastric varices are an important Porto systemic collateral pathway, occurring in ~20% of patients with portal hypertension. They are considered distinct from oesophageal varices in that they have a propensity to haemorrhage at comparatively lower portal pressures, and are also associated with higher mortality rate with hemorrhage. The patients with cirrhosis or high portal blood pressure are highly prone to gastric variceal bleeding than the patients with splenic vein thrombosis (SVT). The bleeding leads to heavy loss of blood, which should be compensated by blood transfusion to regulate the blood circulation and to maintain the hemoglobin level 7-8 g/dL. This technique is a recovery approach to lower the risk of rebleeding and mortality. Gastric varices are treated by primary prophylaxis and secondary prophylaxis. The primary treatment includes drug therapy.


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