Marketing Management with Global Perspective

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Editorial - (2021) Volume 10, Issue 8

Marketing Management with Global Perspective

Iqbal Shaukat*
*Correspondence: Iqbal Shaukat, International Institute of Marketing, Pakistan, Tel: +9204237582428, Email:
International Institute of Marketing, Pakistan


Marketing Management is the importance part of our life. Without marketing management we cannot achieve the target of sales. Marketing is the only way which provides the way of progress to the entire world. With the passage of time marketing management increase his credibility in the world profession. The concept of marketing management was present in the man naturally. Everybody wants that his product should be sold on the reasonable price; therefore we can say the marketing is the integral part of world. Economy When we study the marketing management first we should consider the concept of segamentation.Segamentation is the vital part of our marketing segmentation we examine the product with demographically. When we study the demographically concept Segmentation concept provides which product is suitable for people of other country. Marketing segmentation give the awareness and guidance how the produce can be successful in region. The second concept of marketing management product product cycle we generate the idea and scanning of mind. Allocate the Budget, Research and Development is the important part of product cycle. With the help of research and Development we can measure the effectiveness of product. If the research is not giving good result, we can make the further steps for the improvement in the product. With the help of marketing management we can reach the good result of the product development. Commercialization is the important part of marketing management with the help of commercialization of product we can achieve the target of sales. Marketing management guide which can be situation in the marketing regarding the launching of product. There are lot of situation are faced in the marketing. Perfect competition in perfect competition every one want to achieve the market with the help of manipulation of price, this situation is very important for seller, because he want gain in the market. Second phase of marketing competition is monopolist competition, in monopolist competition some seller are agree on such settlement, in monopolistic competition not allow others to enter in the market. Very important thing is that antidumping which some body enter in the market with the reduce the price which is very comparatively low as compare to the other sellers. Very important part of the marketing management is that promotion of sales. Marketing management provides the tools how to increase of sales through Advertising, promotion and Marketing Management provide the way how the product can be promoted through various ways. Marketing Mix is the importance concept of marketing management. Product, place, price promotion. These are very viable tools of marketing. When we adopt this approach we can get the success in the marketing regarding the achievement of sales and promotion. Thus we can say that the marketing management is the important part of our life. If can get the achievement we can adopt the good marketing strategy and models. Marketing Management is the very fine tool for everybody.

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