Journal of Electrical & Electronic Systems

ISSN: 2332-0796

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T. J. Dos Santos Moraes

Department of Electrical Engineering, Universtiy of Lille, Lille, France

  • Research Article   
    Attenuation of Vibro-Acoustic Noise in a Multi-Phase Machine
    Author(s): Michel Hecquet*, G. Despret, T. J. Dos Santos Moraes, H. Zahr, J. Korecki and B. Mohamodhosen

    This paper studies the electromagnetic noise behaviour of a 5 phase interior permanent magnet machine with fractional slot concentrated winding designed. A numerical model is used for analysing the torque characteristics and electromagnetic forces. The vibroacoustics and mechanical resonance of the model are then investigated analytically. The purpose of both analyses is to identify the source of electromagnetic noise within the machine. A sonogram is also carried out on the existing prototype to correlate it with the numerical results. Finally, the choice of the appropriate method to attenuate noise for this case study is elaborated... Read More»
    DOI: 10.37421/2332-0796.2023.12.46

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