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How About the Role of Circuit Analysis?

Imaging via Inverse Scattering Approach and its Resolution

Current Challenges in Scaling of MOS Technology

Variable Frequency Drive Importance in an LPG Plant: Case Study

Remote Calibration of Passive Wireless Microsystems: Challenge and Opportunity

Alternate Materials for Nanoscale MOSFET Substrates

Current Matching for High Efficiency Multi-Junction Solar Cells

Simulation of Dish Stirling Solar Concentrator by Greenius Software

Microwave Tomography for Biomedical Quantitative Imaging

Road Map and Challenges in 4G Wireless System

New Possibilities in Inrush Current Phenomena Analysis

Time-Mode Approach for Mixed Analog-Digital Signal Processing

Phase Change Memories

A New Approach for Torque Ripple Minimization in Brushless DC Motor Using SEPIC Converter

Design of Three-Dimensional Missile Guidance Law via Sliding Mode with Saturation Constraint

Non-Parametric Estimation of a Single Inflection Point in Noisy Observed Signal

Peculiarities of Propagation of Electromagnetic Excitations through Nonideal 1d Photonic Crystal

A Fluid-Based Approach for Modeling Network Activities

Challenges in Building a Trustworthy Network

Pulsed Inductive Discharge as New Method for Gas Lasers Pumping

Enhancement of Voltage Stability by using FACTS under Normal & Post-Fault Steady State Conditions

Knowledge Mobilization through Interdisciplinary Professional Communication

Cognitive Radio Systems: Multicarrier Modulation and Power Allocation Challenges

Array Signal Processing for Maximum Likelihood Direction-of-Arrival Estimation

Reactive Power Management using Firefly and Spiral Optimization under Static and Dynamic Loading Conditions

Mixed Signal Design Paradigms for Analog Circuit Design in Deep Submicron CMOS

Design Techniques for High-Speed I/Os: Challenges and Opportunities

Terahertz Time-Domain Spectroscopy and Imaging

Suppression of Fault Currents on DG Using Various Fault Current Limiters in Distribution Network

Electromagnetic Fields from Dental Devices and their Effects on Human Health

Electromagnetic Fields and Life

Detection of Magnetic Fields Created by Biological Tissues

Analysis of Effect of Variable Number of Subchannels on the Performance of Filter Bank Multicarrier Prototype Filter

The Necessity of Interdisciplinary Collaboration for the Improvement of the Electromagnetic Environment in Medical Settings

Impact of Signal and Image Processing, Communications and Networking

The Main Approaches of Studying the Mechanisms of Action of Artificial Electromagnetic Fields on Cell

An Electrically Tunable Liquid Crystal Lens for Fiber Coupling and Variable Optical Attenuation

Handling Electromagnetic Radiation beyond Terahertz using Chromophores to Transition from Visible Light to Petahertz Technology

Ultraweak Electromagnetic Wavelength Radiation as Biophotonic Signals to Regulate Life Processes

Optimal Placement of Distributed Generation Units for Constructing Virtual Power Plant Using Binary Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

BER Performance Analysis of Filter Bank Multicarrier Using Sub band Processing for Physical Layer Cognitive Radio

Fault Location in Underground Cables using ANFIS Nets and Discrete Wavelet Transform

Hybrid Approach for Placement of Type-III Multiple DGs in Distribution Network

Development of low power Dynamic threshold PCS System

Colpitts Oscillator: Design and Performance Optimization

Intrusion Detection System for Wormholes in WSN

Eye on Mobile Application Development Usage

Fast Approximation Based Combinatorial Optimization Algorithm

Online Tuning of Power System Stabilizers using Fuzzy Logic Network with Fuzzy C-Means Clustering

Design of Efficient Linear Feedback Shift Register for BCH Encoder

A Novel Voltage-Mode Lut Using Clock Boosting Technique in Standard CMOS

Stability Studies of the Nigerian 330 KV Integrated Power System

Modeling and Control of a Wind System Based Doubly Fed Induction Generator: Optimization of the Power Produced

Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation Based Indirect Vector Control of Induction Motor Drive

Electromagnetic Waves Propagation in Graphene Multilayered Structures

RFID Based Swipe Card and Draw Power in Indian Railways

Optimal Location of Ipfc in Nigeria 330 KV Integrated Power Network Using Ga Technique

Regenerative Braking-Methods to Efficiently Use Regenerated Energy

Application Analysis of Parameters for Wireless and Wire-Line Network with and without Load Balancer

Analysis of Power Reduction Techniques used in Testing of VLSI Circuits

Starting Time Calculation for Induction Motor

Methods of Image Edge Detection: A Review

Wind Energy Conservation with Grid Levelling for Transient Loads

Wearable Real Time Health and Security Monitoring Scheme for Coal Mine Workers

Optimal Choosing of Hybrid Renewable Source for Varying Condition for Effective Load Managemet

Design and Implementation of High Gain, High Unity Gain Bandwidth, High Slew Rate and Low Power Dissipation CMOS Folded Cascode OTA for Wide Band Applications

Online Signature Recognition Using Neural Network

Closed Loop Control of Zero Voltage Switching DC-DC Converter to Generate Three Outputs

A Study on Orthogonal Space-time Block Codes for Cooperative Function

Smart Vehicle Control System based on ARM and μC/OS-II

Analysis of Reflectance and Transmittance Characteristics of Optical Thin Film for Various Film Materials, Thicknesses and Substrates

A New Energy Efficient Clustering-based Protocol for Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks

Evaluation of Atomic, Physical and Thermal Properties of Tellurium Powder: Impact of Biofield Energy Treatment

Design and Development of a Prototype Signal-based Hospital Communication System

Expansion of Power System Corridors Using Tier-1 Technique for Reactive Power Compensation

Open-end Winding Induction Motor Drive Using Decoupled Algorithm

Optimization and Cost Benefit Analysis of a Large PV Installation in Delhi

Factors Affecting Solar Photovoltaic Power Output at Particular Location and Cost Estimation

Design of a Mobile Phone Controlled Door: A Microcontroller based Approach

Design of Multichannel Sample Rate Convertor

Analytical Study of Electron Mobility in Hemts Algan/Gan

Quantum Harmonics for Quantum Engineering

Speculative Study of Quantum Computing and Simulation of Feynman Gate using Quantum Dot Cellular Automata

The Review of Energy Storage Technologies Selection

Design of a Model-following Controller Using a Decoupling Active Disturbance Rejection Control Method

Electromagnetic Wave Theory for Calculation of Exact Magnetic Field in Case of BWO

Effect of Wind Energy Participation in AGC of Interconnected Multisource Power Systems

Realization and Characterization of Gold-Microcrystalline Silicon Schottky Diodes

Utilization of Gravitation for Generation of Electricity as an Additional Source

Comparative Study of Different Pulse Artefact Correction Techniques during Concurrent EEG-FMRI Using FMRIB

A 800 MHz-1.1 GHz 1.2 mW Delay Locked Loop with a Closed Loop Duty Cycle Corrector

Mammosite Brachytherapy Dosimetry-Effect of Contrast and Air Interface on Skin Dose

Chaotic Pulse Generation Induced by a Specific Class of Autonomous Oscillator

Presented a Novel Scheme for Hysteresis Current Control by Hysteresis Current Control Grid Connected PV Three Level Inverter with LCL FilterC

Analog Multiplier Based Single Phase Power Measurement

Remote Controlled Security Door

Gateway Redundancy Protocol

Microcontroller Based Smart Control System with Computer

Implementation of a New Compact Inverter Structure Controlled by Numeric Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation for Photovoltaic Applications

An Efficient Bat Algoritm for Series-parallel Power System Optimization

Aeronautical Lithium Cobalt oxide Battery Capacity Check and Safety Anticipation Method Study

Straightening Uniformly Folded Document Image

The Push to Continue the Progression of Moore’s Law

Scalable Nonmanufacturing of Nanoparticle Films: A Continuous Automated Langmuir-Blodgett Assembly and Deposition Method

Three Phase Shield Wire Schemes Unbalance and Voltage Fluctuation Reduction Using H-Bridge Cascaded Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM)

Implementation of LMS-ALE Filter Using Vedic Algorithm

HTTP/2 in Modern Web and Mobile Sensing-based Applications Analysis, Benchmarks and Current Issues

Analysis of Power Transmission Line Uncertainties: Status Review

The Power of Ethics to Create Greater Profits and Morale in Engineering Companies

From 2D to 3D Bifurcation Structures in Field Oriented Control of a PMSM

Designing a Dual Axis Solar Tracking System for Maximum Power

Cryogenic Train Levitation

Assess the Modeling Effects of PSS and Governor on Voltage Stability of Power System

Soft Computing Techniques Applications and their Comparisons with Traditional pq Theory Based Control Schemes for Filter in Aircraft System

Zone-Based Clustering Approach for Separated Wireless Sensor Network Fields

QPP-MAC: A Greener Algorithm for Single Sink Wireless Sensor Networks

An Electric Fence Energizer Based on Marx Generator

Power Quality Improvement of Constant Frequency Aircraft Electric Power System Using Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network Control Based Control Scheme

Construction of Information Ecosystem on Enterprise Information Portal (EIP)

Linear Quadratic Regulator for Impulse Uncontrollable Singular Systems

Nanotechnology-enabled Flexible Hybrid Electronics

Human Machine Interface

Editor’s Note: Journal of Electrical and Electronic Systems (JEES) (Volume 5, Issue 3)

A New Survey for Optimum Power Flow with Facts Devices

PSO Optimized Load Frequency Control of Two Area Power System in Deregulated Environment

The Implementation of the Electric Auto-Vehicle in North America: An Issue of Power Generating Capability and Power Quality

A Research on Dissimilar Categorization of Basic Electrical Generator

Very-Large-Scale Integration Design

Performance Investigation of an Advanced Robust Biomass Gasifier Operation for Drying Process at Hilly Region in India

Novel Loss-Voltage Sensitivity Factor for Capacitor Placement in Radial Distribution System Using Analytical Approach

Ac to Ac Frequency Changer THD Reduction Based on Selective Harmonic Elimination

Writing Research Paper: You Can Do It Too!!

A Concept for Molecular Addressing by Means of Far-reaching Electromagnetic Interactions in the Visible

Transforming Region-Detection, a One-Dimensional (1D) Problem to Point Detection, a Zero-Dimensional (0D) Problem

Exploratory Research on Microcontroller based Healthcare Monitoring Application

A Novel Type of Wireless V2H System with a Bidirectional Single-Ended Inverter Drive Resonant IPT

Single-Chip Implementation of Level-Crossing ADC for ECG Sampling

Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks using PART Rule and Decision Table Rule

Arduino Based MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Automatic Menu Ordering System Using Zigbee and Arm Processor

Smart Trolley using Smart Phone and Arduino

The Need for a Whole Life Framework in Electrical Power System Asset Management and the Problems with Individual Silo like Asset Management System Contributions

Optimum Design of the Volute Tongue Shape of a Low Specific Speed Centrifugal Pump

Effects of Magnetic Field on the Blood Flow in an Aneurismal Aorta

Performance Evaluation of Energy Detection in Spectrum Sensing on the Cognitive Radio Networks

Density based Traffic System and Collision Alert at Intersection of Roads

Time Synchronization Mechanism for Radio Interferometer Array

Highly-Flexible and Optimized, Area: and Energy-Efficient Matrix Decomposition Accelerators based on Givens Algorithms and CORDIC Rotations

Synergetic MPPT Controller for Photovoltaic System

GPS and GSM Based Self Defense System for Women Safety

A Real time Alternative to the Hilbert Huang Transform Based on Internal Model Principle

Analysis of Combined Motor Current Signature and Vibration-Monitoring Techniques in the Study of Broken Bars in Three-Phase High-Performance Induction Motors

Theories on the On-board Lithium-Ion Battery Electric Power Generator for Infinite Cruising Range Electric Vehicles

Quantitative Optimization of Highly Efficient Dedicated CORDIC Macros for SoCs in Deep-Submicron CMOS Technologies

Prospects of Electronic Systems

Novel Modeling of a Fast DC Breaker for a VSC-HVDC Transmission System Protection

Optimal Design of PID Controller for Deep Space Antenna Positioning Using Weighted Cultural Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm

Cloud Computing and Privacy

0 μ Magnetic Polarizer for 1.5-T MRI

Particle Swarm Optimization Application for Optimal Location of Multiple Distributed Generators in Power Distribution Network

A Comparative Study of Meta-heuristics Algorithms in evaluation of Economic Load Dispatch Problems in Power Generating Station with Matlab Codes

Design of an Automatic Windshield-Breaking Device for Abnormal Situations in Moving Vehicles

Comprehensive Design of Stirling Engine Based Solar Dish Power Plant with Solar Tracking System

Optical Fiber Review

Bit Error Rate Performance for Optical Fiber System

Highly-Efficient Number-Crunching-Performance SoC Macros for Singular Value Decomposition

Review Paper on Cognitive Radio Networks

Transformation of Ladder Based All Pass and Biquad Filters into Active All Pass and Biquad Filter using CFOA

Performance Analysis of a Branded and Locally Constructed Modified 1 KVA Sine Wave Solar Power Inverter for Domestic Electric Power Supply

Design and Implementation of Vedic Multipliers Using Reversible Logic Gates

Effective Harness of Wind Energy Turbines

The Aging Degree Analysis of EPR Cable Insulation Based on Hardness Retention Rate Measurement

Research of Efficiency of Functioning of System of Electro Supply of the Enterprise by Method Multi-Criterial Analysis

Design and Implementation of Arduino Microcontroller Based Automatic Lighting Control with I2C LCD Display

Modelling and Simulation of Line Start Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors with Broken Bars

Active Control of Surge Compressor System

A Dynamic Interconnected Cuboid Localization Algorithm in WSN using Projected Point Circle Method

Improving the Performance of a Synchronous Reluctance Machine through the use of Composite Magnetic Materials

Modeling of a Photovoltaic Array in MATLAB Simulink and Maximum Power Point Tracking Using Neural Network

Current Source Reconstruction with Independent Component Analysis in Sensor Array Measurement of Multi-Conductor Current

A Review of Volt Var Optimization Techniques

Proposed New Method to Measure Common-Mode Current on High Frequency Circuits

Image to Audio Conversion using Portable Camera

Frequency Analysis and Simulation of a Good Ground System to Protect Medical Electric Equipment Installed In Ilam Hospital

A Comprehensive Survey of New Different Protection Schemes For Micro Grid System

Automatic Detection and Correction the Fault in Electrical Power Feeders Based Microcontroller

Cellular Cluster Channel Allocation Using an Edge Weight Frequency Assignment Algorithm

ANN Based Broken Rotor Bar Fault Detection in LSPMS Motors

Modeling and Simulation of Renewable Energy Fed Brushless DC Motor Drive Using Improved DC-DC Converter For Reducing Vibration and Noise

Design and Performance Evaluation of a Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System for Rural Applications

Error Correction For Soft Errors

Pubmedinfo Crawler: Data Extraction System from PUBMED for Fast Research

Hardware Implementation of Low-Latency 32-bit Floating-Point Reciprocal

Future with Wireless Power Transfer Technology

Practical Channel Measurements and Models of 3-D Multi-User Distributed Massive MIMO Systems

Design and Simulation of Single-Phase Five-Level Symmetrical Cascaded H-Bridge Multilevel Inverter with Reduces Number of Switches

Design and Simulation of a 1kVA Arduino Microcontroller Based Modified Sine Wave Inverter Using Proteus

Influence of Arrester Parameters on Overvoltage Characteristics on Protected Transformer

Smart Net Energy Metering System

Predicted Thermal Stress in Flip-Chip and Fine-Pitch-Ball-Grid-Array Designs: Effect of the Underfill Glass Transition Temperature

Exam Hall Plan Monitoring System Using QR Code

Power Quality and Harmonic Analysis in Three Phase Systems

Cascaded Lifting Wavelet and Contourlet Framework Based Dual Stage Fusion Scheme for Multimodal Medical Images

An Advanced Protection Scheme to Avert Blackouts due to Transmission Network Overload

Effects of Distributed Generation on Electrical Power Network and Protection

Charging Lead-Acid Batteries

Review Paper on Vehicle to Vehicle Communication for Crash Avoidance System

An Overview of Methods of Reduction of Vibration for Diesel Generators

Harmonic Distortion Responsibility Attribution between Utility and Specific Low-Tension Costumer - Case Study

Modified Cable Insulation Characteristics Using Nano Composites for the Nuclear Power Plant

Research on the GNSS Augmentation System Based on the AIS

Variable-to-Variable Run Length Encoding Technique for Testing Low Power VLSI Circuits

Criteria of Radiation Safety Using the Neural Intelligence Systems in Electric Circuit Modeling in Gamma Camera

Deep Learning - An Overview

For How Long Should Effective Burn-in Testing Last?

Dummy Slots Effect on the Torque Ripple and Electromagnetic Forces for Small Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Motors

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