Accounting & Marketing

ISSN: 2168-9601

Open Access

A Comparative Study of Online Marketing Factors Affecting Online Consumer Buying Behavior of Differently Oriented Shoppers


Prachi Goyal and Bhumija Chouhan

Online retail has become part and parcel of lives while talking about shopping and mobile shopping applications are gaining more and more importance. The research is a Comparative Study of online marketing factors affecting online consumer buying behavior of differently oriented shoppers. Online marketing Factors are similar to 4 P’s of marketing along with Technology, Service and security. Shopping Orientation is need based, trail based or combination of both. When studied which online marketing factor affect what type shoppers is interesting; Only “Promotion” and “Technology” were found to have a prominent affect on buying behavior of customers. For all the other factors namely Product, Price, place, Service and security no difference was found in buying behavior of customers with respect to their shopping orientation. Therefore differently oriented shoppers perceive Promotion and Technology differently in building buying behavior while all other factors are perceived by all the customers in a similar manner.


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