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Articles On Prothrombosis

Thrombophilia is considered as a condition predisposing to the development of thrombosis. Arterial thrombosis normally occurs after the destruction or ruptures of an atherosclerotic plaque and also occurs through platelet-mediated thrombi, can cause ischaemic injuries mainly in tissues with a station vascular bed. The Prothrombin time test is essential and performed by adding calcium and thromboplastin, an activator of the extrinsic pathway, to the blood sample then measuring the time (in seconds) required for fibrin clot formation. Cancer could increase thrombotic risk by releasing tissue factor to initiate coagulation, by shedding procoagulant lipid microparticles or by harming blood flow. Age is the strongest risk factor for thrombosis. Clinically it would be most preventable to identify patients at danger of recurrence, only male sex and a previous unwarranted thrombosis are established determinants.

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