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Andrzej Brodziak

Faculty of Medical Sciences, Univesity of Applied Sciences, Nysa, Poland · Institue of Nursing Ph.D., M.D., Sc.Dr, professor

He applied for the announced competition for  the  post of  the head of  Teaching  Department  and Hospital Ward of  Internal Diseases of  Silesian Medical University.  In next years he was organizing  the  medical services, the teaching activity and  scientific activities of   this new unit  working on basis of  Municipal Hospital in Bytom. During 30 years of  the work there he have formed the  experienced  team of doctors.  He was the tutor  for  the procedures of  training to become the specialist of   general  (internal)  medicine  for  ~ 40  physicians  and also the  procedures  for  Ph.D. degree for ~   30  physicians.

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