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Dr. Andrzej Brodziak

Dr. Andrzej Brodziak

Professor, Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health


Andrzej Brodziak is working in the Institute of Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health. The below mentioned subjects are the most important, realized courses of teaching:
1. Medical interview and physical examination
2. Conversation with patient on his personal psychological and societal problems (elements of clinical psychology, behavioral medicine and holistic approach).
3. Computer sciences for medical students
4. Genetics
5. My teaching activities in the State High Vocational School in Nysa are related to the nursing study.

Apart of the teaching of internal diseases, he often gives lectures from the realm of genetics, philosophy and ethics, clinical psychology, interpersonal communication and methodology of scientific research.

Research Interest

Humanan psychological, Behavioral, Social and Geopolitical conditions

Relevant Topics

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