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    Gateway Redundancy Protocol
    Author(s): Sairam P, Srikanth YM, Sundeep M and Ravikumar CVSairam P, Srikanth YM, Sundeep M and Ravikumar CV

    When there is a packet loss in given network, it cannot change the route all by itself. Administrator manually have to configure the given network and thereby provide access to the router which has efficient route to the client. By using Hot standby routing Protocol (HSRP), it automatically configures the router (also called auto redundancy) which is facing user traffic, with router which has highest priority after active router. It is enabled through HSRP. It reduces network congestion and enables soft operation. We use Open short path first (OSPF) protocol in this project as it has higher convergence rate which leads to very less packet loss. Based on the IP address present in the IP packet header, OSPF transmits the packets. Our main agenda of the project is to reduce packet loss and provide efficient transport of information to the clients who expect more accuracy round the clock .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000185

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