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    Stability Studies of the Nigerian 330 KV Integrated Power System
    Author(s): Omorogiuwa Eseosa and Samuel IkeOmorogiuwa Eseosa and Samuel Ike

    The Nigeria 330 KV integrated power network consisting of seventeen (17) generating stations, sixty four (64) transmission lines and fifty two (52) buses is studied, to investigate the time limits of stability before, during and after occurrence of a three phase (3-θ) fault on the largest generating station (Egbin) and to determine also the most affected generating stations and buses in the network.Theswing and torque equations expressed in time domain was used for the study and the network was modeled in ETAP transient analyzer environment. Transient stability time limit of the system was set to operate at maximum value of ten (10) seconds. Before the fault (between 0.000secs-0.0006secs), the system dynamics was not affected and the peak values of terminal current, rotor angle, frequency,mechanical and electrical power obtained were observed to be within stability region. Howeve.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000140

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