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Omer Faruk Farsakoglu


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    Comprehensive Design of Stirling Engine Based Solar Dish Power Plant with Solar Tracking System
    Author(s): Omer Faruk Farsakoglu and Adil AlahmadOmer Faruk Farsakoglu and Adil Alahmad

    As solar energy is an important source of renewable energy resource. Sun radiation is being used as renewable energy, a combination of solar collector dish type and a Stirling engine is generally referred to the solar power. In this type, Stirling engine is depending on sunlight as source of heat to providing the input energy. This project presents different components and various configurations alongside with the feasibility of using solar energy as a source of heat for a Stirling engine. In addition to this, calculation of different components of Stirling engine and parabolic dish like sun heat calculations, Stirling torque calculations, generator calculations, and calculations for following and tracking the light intensity to get maximum solar power. This paper addresses issues which we saw during design and development of solar Stirling engine with generator to be sufficient accep.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000248

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