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Jayabharata S

Nandha Engineering College,
Erode, Tamil Nadu

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    Wearable Real Time Health and Security Monitoring Scheme for Coal Mine Workers
    Author(s): Jayabharata S and Marimuthu CNJayabharata S and Marimuthu CN

    This paper deals with implementing a supervision system for coal mine and underground workers, which is essential to avoid the workers illness and death. The proposed recovery system consists of all primary aspects of the coal mine and underground areas. This system incorporates a sensor array, GSM, RF and controller modules. ARM7 (LPC2148) Microcontroller is fully automated measuring system. ARM7 processor is used for measuring the environment parameters with high reliability and accuracy and smooth control by using sensor networks. Consequently, advance detecting crucial conditions the microcontroller starts alerting the mine workers by the alarm system and sends the alert messages to fire and ambulance services by using GSM modem. In addition, the observed parameter’s value will be displayed on a PC by using RF (CC2500) module, which is at the control station. At the hazardou.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000152

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