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Barry G. Evans

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    Cognitive Radio Systems: Multicarrier Modulation and Power Allocation Challenges
    Author(s): Ahmed Sohail, Mohammed Al-Imari, Pei Xiao and Barry G. EvansAhmed Sohail, Mohammed Al-Imari, Pei Xiao and Barry G. Evans

    The rapid development of modern communication services results in high data rate requirements from the end user. It is challenging to meet high data rate requirements because of prevailing issues such as spectrum scarcity and spectrum underutilization due to fixed spectrum assignment policy. Cognitive Radio (CR), being the enabler of dynamic spectrum management techniques, has the capability to tackle these issues by proficiently implementing spectrum sharing schemes using Multicarrier Modulation (MCM) techniques. In CR system, where the Primary User (PU) and the Secondary User (SU) co-exist in the same frequency band, mutual interference (i.e., from SU to PU and vice versa) is a limiting factor on the achievable capacity of both the PU and the SU. Power allocation in MCM based CR systems aims to dynamically control the transmit power on each subcarrier of the SU in order to reduce th.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000116

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