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Amadi HN

460114, FUTO, Imo State Owerri West

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    Design and Performance Evaluation of a Dual-Axis Solar Tracking System for Rural Applications
    Author(s): Amadi HNAmadi HN

    Most rural dwellers in developing countries do not have access to adequate and regular supply of energy and most of these estimated two billion people are poor with no sustainable means of livelihood and therefore rely on wood fuel for their cooking and heating needs. And due to lack of energy, including electricity, socio-economic development is either absent or at abysmally low level. To foster rural development and improved living conditions among this populace, there is need for a reliable, low cost and environmentally risk-free source of energy. This work designed, implemented and evaluated the performance of a dual axis solar tracking system (DATS) using LDR sensors, DC motors and microcontroller to make it capable of uninterruptible electricity supply for rural applications. Results of the experiment show that the proposed system is more cost-effective and produces 31.4% more e.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000275

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