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Akinwole OO

The Federal Polytechnic,

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    Design and Implementation of Arduino Microcontroller Based Automatic Lighting Control with I2C LCD Display
    Author(s): Akinwole OO and Oladimeji TTAkinwole OO and Oladimeji TT

    The project uses closed loop control system to automatically operate a lighting system. It employed Light Dependent Resistor LDR to sense the illumination level and compare the measured signal with the reference voltage realized through the usage of a potentiometer forming a potential divider. It highlights how an operational amplifier can be used as a comparator. This idea was transferred into Arduino Microcontroller. The latter is used to compare the signals using Arduino programming functions. The Arduino is multitasked using millis() to sound alarm at system switch-On or Reset. An i2C is used to interface a Liquid Crystal Display with an advantage of using two analog pins A4 and A5 instead of four or eight I/O pins for four and eight LCD modes respectively. The innovation will allow those I/O pins dedicated to other tasks plus its attendant simplicity. The usage of i2C scanner in .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2332-0796.1000258

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